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Algerian blogger. Technical Adviser in Communications , Interested in the technology community and religion, Codifies irregularly in a blog Daily Mail , With expertise in the areas of : Communications , Networks , Servers ,Web design dynamic and customized solutions, Lennox systems and open source software.

Post your thoughts.. You talk in politics “Code Hammoud Studio” Pink with them

Article published in the Code of Hammoud Studio on 14 January 2007 This article dear brother Essam “Code Hammoud Studio” Thread has moved me and I responded to him and to you the article with pink below the wonders of things Amadgadtha that frustration and distress caused to the Arab country became so attached tongues and opinions of ordinary citizens'.. A friend who knew about my blog not surprised this while researching ... Read More »

Some pictures of the partial eclipse, which appeared in Aldzaúrepettarich 16 Ott 2008 On 11 L.

لقد كنت مشغولا و نسيت أمر الخسوف ولكنني بعد أن تذكرت سارعت لالتقاط هذه الصور اضغط على الصورة لرؤيتها بالحجم الكامل Read More »

My feeling when surfing any government site…..

Perhaps many of you feel the same way as me …..Sure, sometimes, while I am wandering around the Internet, I come across Arab government websites, and I say to myself, let's take a look at their content, hoping that I might find something useful as soon as I read some of the words on the site … Read More »

A reached their insolence to this extent ! ” Women “

بينما كنت البارحة وكالعادة في محلي دخل ثلاثة شبان بينهم شابة جميلة تبدو حسب لكنتها من الغرب الجزائري قام الشابان بشراء بعض الرصيد للهاتف عادي ومن ثم خرجا وبينما انا انتظر تلك Read More »

“Knights of the Holy” In the month of Ramadan to choose the best reciter

Islamic version of the “Star Academy” In Algeria heroes keepers Quran Source:Arabiya Algeria- Ramadan Belamra initiated Algerian Television Corporation, in coordination with the Ministry of Religious Affairs, the launch of an Islamic version of the famous program “Star Academy” But instead of singing competition, participants will compete six centuries, during the month of Ramadan, in the recitation of the Koran to be in the end choose the best reciter… Read More »

je t'aime mon pere This is what I found in the paper and coin category 200 DA “جديد Money-mail “

I have called this kind of literature Pal cash courier or Money-Mail This new paper and grandmother today and where the word love you dad je t'aime mon pere, and I've liked so I wanted to share with you the hope of those who liked the picture to comment on it and has such pictures on the banknotes Fleurzlea us the following e-mail but not the title bears the words :Money-Mail Read More »

Site daily El Khabar back to life, but unlike the old Modern System expected

Re-opening of the Algerian daily news site about a week after stopping and after threats against her by one of hackers was the news go down a new look for its location but now the opposite is expected back the old-look which apparently safer Read More »

GIA = CIA This is what I found in a securities cash Algerian

Read More »

Piracy by Algerian Hacker :Database official website answer exposed to piracy also

Without comment the pictures better statement Read More »