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Piracy by Algerian Hacker :Database official website answer exposed to piracy also

Without comment the pictures better statement

Recipe entry to the database

Page access to the database

A database tables

A database tables

As you can see then it is very dangerous Valemteman see in the pictures that the hacker was able to access the sites hosted database with the answer and can eradicate it altogether………….


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  1. Saqr former hacker

    Algerian hacker live hawks ground anti-Semitic and secularism must always I will give you a location to destroy it …..Copt is a site mocking Islam and the Prophet pairs PBUH …Here Destroyed my brothers mercilessly……………………..
    hack the planet!!!!!!!!….

  2. Long live Algeria and Algerians
    Amalai Mohammed Secretary of Algeria
    The city of Sidi Bel Abbes
    Sidi lhsn

  3. the hacker avenger

    My brother handed over your hands together for the development of the Algerian hacker

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