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Special Forces US Army intervenes in the Algerian territory depth

Caught my attention entitled US report that US Special Forces since 2006 Until 2016 It intervened and carried out military operations in 70% From the countries of the world, it took me curious to browse the report and the internal conviction that Algeria is not interested in such operations because our country does not allow any foreign interference within its territory

But I was surprised by graphical map showing that Algeria is among these countries Almstbahp by US Special Forces

I took in the report looking for any reference to Algeria and found that the only reference in the paragraph is talking that the presence of these forces to see the emergence of these countries in a report on the attack on human rights issued by the US administration

Perhaps this was the presence in the form of military cooperation in the fight against terrorism

But we do not know the truth and must the Algerian state to respond to this report and to clarify the situation well

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