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Algeria gained independence day 19 Young 1965 And not in 5 July 1962 !

In the name of God the Merciful Today I read the text of the Convention on the Evian 18 March 1962 Which paved the way for self-determination and Algerians vote for independence

What caught my attention in the second quarter was a ” Algerians who Agdon civil law General” Where it did not understand exactly intended specifically?

After reading the articles that concern them I think that meant was what we know black feet “black feet”


Amazing thing is the amount of powers and privileges stipulated in the agreement for the benefit of these and France generally so conclude that this surrender agreement, and not the independence and sovereignty of the Convention

When you read a little bit of thinking and historical events that followed independence a good understanding of the late President what are you Bomudbn revolutionary and correcting everything that followed after the restoration of national sovereignty

Only now I understand why …

the event


Revolutionary patch, the introduction of the Revolution Council under the chairmanship of Houari Boumediene 19 June 1965
Nationalization of mines 06 May 1966
The organization of the first local elections 05 February 1967
The evacuation of French troops from the bases of Reggane and Bashar
May- June 1967
The evacuation of French troops from the large marina 1 February 1968
Nationalization of hydrocarbons
24 February 1971
The referendum on the draft National Charter 27 June 1976
The referendum and the ratification of the draft second Order Algerian 19 November 1976
Selection Houari Boumediene President of the Algerian Republic 10 December 1976
The death of President Houari Boumediene 27 December 1978

Source : The text of the Evian agreements Presidency of the Republic

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