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Axis of evil in the Egyptian media and the Algerian

In the name of God the Merciful, let her have it skunk and has been certified, which does not speak of Hui beloved Muhammad, peace be upon him . Will now declassified for my sword to cut off the curtain, which has long hid behind rioters tribulations of phishers in troubled waters for reasons that go beyond being purely a marketing and profitability of their owners turned magically into patriots are free and Hallelujah changer conditions 12

I just want to put some points on the letters :

  • There is certain about the riots of the Egyptian and Algerian sides. They are not angels and everyone knows this ,But separated in this business are the authorities and no one else, and the authorities must assume full responsibility
  • If there are deaths and I do not wish it was rumored Valouhad responsible for this is to eliminate and be treated as dealing with any criminal case without expansion to other things
  • The authorities must in both countries all media is fair and which contributed to blatantly evil in accounting and inflame feelings of hatred between members of the two peoples

I will cite here the list of the media, which was a big reason for the crisis

  • Algerian daily Al-Shorouk and its website
  • Algerian newspaper the day and its website
  • El Khabar and its website
  • El Hadaf journal
  • The seventh day of the Egyptian site
  • Modern Sport Channel
  • Dream TV
  • Neil Sport Channel
  • Egyptian today

هذا جزء يسير من شرذمة الإعلام المغرض و غير المسئول الذي يجب أن يحاسب بشدة لأن هؤلاء ناس يزعمون أنهم محترفون في هذا المجال لذلك لن تغفر مثل هذه الأفعال الخبيثة التي تسببت في إشعال نار الفتنة بين شعبين مسلمين شقيقين أمام مثل هذه التصرفات لن نستغرب مستقبلا تضييق الحكومات على حرية التعبير و زج الصحفيين في السجون و لن نستغرب غلق مؤسسات إعلامية أبدا على الشعبين المصري و الجزائري أن يعلموا أن توجههم هذه المنابر الإعلامية وعليهم أن يعلموا أنهم إخوة و أن نتيجة هذه المباراة الملعونة لن تؤثر أبدا في علاقاتنا الودية ولن تؤثر في حياتنا العادية علينا أن نكون أكثر ذكاء و لا نترك مصائرنا بيد من لا يهتم بمستقبلنا علينا أن نتقي الله و نطيعه و علينا أن نراقب أنفسنا قبل كل شيء وعلينا أن نتحرى العدل و الصدق في علاقاتنا وعلينا أن نقر بالحقيقة و لو كانت مرة من كان لديه معلومة عن مصادر إعلامية تتسبب في هذه الفتنة فليضعها في التعليقات مشكورا لمن يريد مساندة مشاعر المودة بين الشعبين على تويتر هذه صورة يمكن وضعها مكان الصورة الشخصية لنظهر اتحادنا أمام من يريد الفتن wearemuslims250These links to sites and Mddonat contributed to the sanity campaign : Algerian writer, is the author Bafrensawi Aqsa initiative brings us together Koura Inflatable When we dress pile One Egyptian Atguetl one Algerian Atguetl An Egyptian citizen involved in the initiative Egyptian blog post in love Egypt and Algeria De Egyptian blogger bound to the initiative Popular Front Althaas where are we going ?! God forbid A media battle

Oh the glories of Arabs.. GloriesHate war between brothers ... Okhmduha

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  1. Hah axis of evil in the name of misplaced.
    God bless you brother.

  2. You are my father and my mother….Oh national know
    If it will not be an Egyptian ACM….To be good to be from Ivory Coast

  3. Abu Lamech
    Hhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha my son, you say your words walker de each a piece?
    The Prophet Tigi Twitter

  4. Greetings to the Holy Algerian people
    Here personally
    God regret what has happened on both sides
    The sedition cursed God slept awakened

    I hope that you listen to the song Ahmed Mekki new response to what is happening where Larry full saner and I hope that appeal to you

  5. O Khaled received Eidak
    The same logic and content when a lot of people from your brothers in Egypt and htlaekaya in Sudan Elly on the brink of a well lost

    I do not know me only Islam ……. Homeland Morocco and the Nile Valley Sian
    All that mentioned the name of God in the country ………….. Counted from the core of the homelands of deferred

    Abu Dah mother named like that, my uncle Khaled Takhaddha as an insult does not need uniform mana understood the first time Shuf comment les

    Since Nawara stayed here remains what Ansac before they walk a Abarbh her Barbstein

    Barbh Barbh O Nawara O mother tongue long Aaoz Qsou Bs Hnaml ADL Amaal genes remained and God

  6. God bless you .. This is what we really need it … A call to unite and renounce hatred and fanaticism and ignorance trivialities .. And not to give the opportunity to the advocates of sedition and strife drag us to fake wars .

    Egypt and Algeria as Morocco, Palestine, Qatar and Bahrain ….. All in the heart and eye .. And fall to the advocates of the band and tyrants rule .

  7. Hahahahaha Abu Lamech lol

    We collected Islam, uh, how we separate us football?

    Nsil God guide us all to the right path

  8. Hahahahaha Abu Lamech lol

    We are a nation of Islam we have collected, how we separate us football?

    Nsil God guide us all to the right path

  9. I wish oversees my humble blog and showing about local events to get

  10. Hard God bless you hard.. Oh and national know

  11. Greet on the beautiful professor Khaled O your initiative
    Bs possible tell a simple comment is your presence Qaal Les We are Muslim brothers.
    We are supposed to mesh brothers and salvation regardless of religion
    I am a Muslim saying that uh Bs Ehna two brothers
    Whether Muslims or Christians

  12. Aaoz publish your words for each of them tricked into these Thugs journalists in Egypt and Algeria !!!
    God bless you my brother

  13. May Allah reward you, our brother Khaled on your initiative, which I call the good God to circulate .. And to mount the voice of reason and love the madness of hatred and intolerance .

    God bless you, and in every voice unites brothers and put things in perspective and exposes the strife and dissension rioters .

  14. and the rest who isn’t muslim should get rid of each other =( it should be more like, we’re brothers or something like that, this just gives a bad impression.

  15. Death is coming to Sudan, we lost the battle I did not lose the war
    Victory or martyrdom

  16. God bless you my brother we are brothers homeland, religion and religion and the homeland collected God will not separate us, and I hope that the game is to collect all the media that sparked discord between the brothers and shamed. Not deprive us of God from our brothers in Algeria and beloved of all our people in the nation

  17. Independent Channel

    Launches campaign to tackle to spread the feelings of tension and hatred between the two brothers
    Egypt and Algeria

    It also monitors the award 3000 The best hair Abyat dollars to address this topic

    Channel frequency on Nilesat
    Affection channel site on the net as possible we see him live broadcast

    With news Lessa New strange assault on the bus of the Egyptian mission in Sudan by some fans

  18. Khalid … I wish kiss me as a friend p Facebook
    And God willing we work group who omitted fix broken on Ed's failed governments and media thugs

  19. I wish your presence is shown to the drawing has a caricaturists Egyptians

  20. God do not know to say to your presence AT
    The problem is that Ehna Mandnac policy accepts defeat

    و مش عارف بصراحة ليه الموضوع انحدر بالشكل ده 🙁

    يعنى ما انتوا طول عمركوا بتلعبوا كورة و احنا طول عمرنا بنلعب كورة … I honestly do not heard Ankoa Ankoa That is too Ammeltoa any country Tani .. Not Ehna violin work with any keda Tani country Elly Ehna Bnlaabhm

    I'm hilarious that the teams won .. Exactly like what you Htafrh your presence if your country team won .. Only one who byehsal de Baboz de joy and somber Baiqlbha
    General as long as we got Bs Day Match Elly football affects the relationship between the two peoples or two keda
    America remains the right to enter Iraq .. And Israel's right to demolish Al-Aqsa Mosque .. و تقتل فى الفلسطينيين كل يوم .


  21. Oaaah if we all gather at the heart of one man…

  22. God reward you, I hope my brother and beloved in God to publish this excellent invitation to return to the mind and the rejection of the band, I am with you, my brother, Long live Algeria. Long live Egypt and the death of traitors.
    Your brother from Egypt

  23. God and my brother Khaled I do not know what to say if it was possible to form a mixed team between Algeria and Egypt to play in the World Cup dreaded for the better ….In fact, this crisis has revealed the Arab pettiness in more Mdahirha manifestation ….
    Long as you are okay * Jijel Rayi / Algeria

  24. Forgive me, my professor Khaled I worked on modifying a simple banner Beck
    Because it is a beautiful Aowoy not for you brothers in confined only to Muslims
    Look new banner will do I publish

  25. Add the owners of the ignorant initiatives of personal interests
    Accept traffic

  26. Our Lord Akram
    Algerian sisters and we are all Muslims and Arabs
    I agree with you in every word

  27. Peace be upon you ..

    Let her also said they skunk peace be upon him,

    This is the freedom of expression that pays lip service to everyone, this is the freedom of the press unsung everyone !

    What I am thinking of words is telling the Arab traveler Ibn Battuta “Arabs will not only stick”

    Arabs are not suitable for them freedom of expression, and the guide as you noticed, everyone says anything anywhere without taking into account the feelings of others or to the result of what its words lagging !!

    God and yes agent, God and yes agent

  28. Peace be upon you, O God birthmark Khalid

    I agree with you in much of what I said, in the heart the bitterness of what is happening. I am Egyptian blogger writing in English, but usually in front of this farce has participated to express what is happening in Arabic. In general this is intriguing for those who do not know how to strife occur.

  29. God save the Arab and Muslim world from the evil of discord and from the evil of Satan and the company . Amin, O Lord of the Worlds .

    Appeal to all fanatics in play, appeal to all wise people, to ponder the words of Almighty God for the facilitator : In the name of God the Merciful . But the devil wants to sign among you enmity and hatred in alcohol and gambling, and hinder you from the remembrance of Allah and from prayer: will ye Menthon . Surah verse 91

    O fanatics in football, O wise, it's a game like any other games predicted enmity and hatred among you, every man or group or sect or people have Alomutir to win his team than the spirit of selfishness and spar and bickering and envy and hatred among peoples shows .

    كم من الأموال تهدر في لعبة كرة القدم ؟ كم من الوقت يهدر في لعب كرة القدم ؟ كم من الحقد زرعت كرة القدم ؟ كم هي شعوبنا مغيبة بسبب لهوها بكرة القدم ؟ من إخترع كرة القدم ؟

    Did not see that football has become similar to the facilitator is Turahn upon and predicted enmity and hatred between brothers and repel from the remembrance of Allah and from prayer

    Rsoual Allah peace be upon him : Teach your children swimming, archery and horse riding . They did not say or raced or competed organized sports tournaments, only Teach your children .

  30. Congratulations to you qualify for the World Cup, O Khaled

    It is important Arab team… We wish you and play Musharraf and good results

    A. Congratulations hard

  31. First I thank the Egyptian and Algerian brother, the owner of this Alambardh and that you lost any confidence in any official limit in Egypt or Algeria, I think, and God knows they are the first and last beneficiary of this mess destructive

    * Only with greetings to your presence and every citizen Sharif in Jazair or dismissive in Egypt, he drifts Laura sedition stupid of this kind I like to draw the attention of your presence is something I think not easy, and I hope you understand me and appreciates what I would like to assure him .. Abu Dhabi TV sports noticed that more than one Algerian player and many cases of Algerian fans describe the victory in a football match with Egypt as a victory for the Jewish Zionists !! . Unfortunately, your presence regardless of the context of the subject and away from the idea of ​​excess enthusiasm associated with football matches .tsourat many Algerians for the Egyptian people oppressed the helpless become distorted dramatically Jaddaa and become more than just individual cases , The real crisis succeeded enemies of Arabism enemies of Islam unprecedented success of the match in the transplanted into the hearts of many Algerians and I think it must be a popular campaign against the axis of evil media Elly I mentioned your presence but in addition to a campaign of this kind I think it is needed very urgently an intensive campaign to raise public awareness Algerian because if things were left without urgent treatment will increase the Arab situation and fragmented well aware of Think more is the only beneficiary if I consulted the spirit of hostility in this form


  32. Thank you to all our brothers the Egyptians and Algerians who helped calm the situation, God bless you in your efforts

  33. Congratulations to the Algerians Okhozh
    But what we hear in the news now is really sad
    So why the game (legally) earned your anger on the bridle you envisage innocent Egyptian fans in Sudan?!!

  34. I can not say only …..
    Sorry Gaza …… The Arab world is busy
    Sorry, my maximum ….. Valjldh being blown left behind Alhlavi and insane that the first follow-up is not how all Arabs – Except those whom Allah has given His mercy – Hlavi and crazy like someone running behind those that hit foreskin blown shoes at every second

    Brothers, I am a Palestinian student finished high school last year and did not qualify me to study the general rates of medicine in Gaza Vtkdmt to the Ministry of Education and soil in Sudan, and got them on a scholarship but …..
    Egyptian security prevented me from traveling without reason when he opened the Rafah crossing note that ( Brothers ) In the Egyptian government Beetmnnoa We Bevtho land crossing every month or two for hours …..
    While …. More than twenty or even fifty thousand backward allowed to travel without any hindrance to watch the match Galda Inflatable
    In short means allowed to lag behind the mirage Agthein travel to watch the match duration of an hour and a half caused strife as much as entertainment has achieved a million times and I am a student of science to study medicine for a period of six years prevented from traveling

    God is enough and yes, the agent ….. God suffices us in the government and the Egyptian security
    God suffices us all can not grant victory to his Muslim brothers
    Allah suffices us from the demons Mutes … He said peace be upon him Saket right dumb devil
    O Arabs …. Slept
    Ayako Ngamadoa eyes Rotana Cinema and then beware beware and then beware
    Otherwise, will not Thanoa will Tzlo if you woke up
    So I sleep Rotana and mbc, but a way of Luxor to reach the ultimate objective which is the humiliation and indignity and Wallowing filed under the sons of Zion

  35. Brother Khaled
    What is your comment on the behavior of the mob from the public Algerian team in Sudan after the game ??
    Please declaration of your situation because one hand can not clap
    And it will remain Mbdoia … I will not hate Muslims because it is an Algerian, but spoil them shall be exposed and disowned him

  36. Abdullah Algerian

    There is no power but from God ………………………..God and I did not see God in my life baseness Ksvalh Arab media rumors without any words where the investigation guide where honesty
    Unfortunately, the people of all classes being behind the rumors, whether artists or doctors and religion know exactly knowing that they are hypocrites and loyal to the ruling class and the heads of ministers Why happen Hedda on the football we know in advance that he would be the inevitably winner and will inevitably be a loser, but psychological diseases political and social systems and failure hurt in another way on the people who suffer the same fate unhappy either socially or politically ……
    Haifa Wehbe retires in Algeria fuss ……I am behind me to retire all singing because it is haram ….. What founded on falsehood is false, O artist radiant
    Now I understand very well the reason for suspension of the Palestinian cause and the cause of the Jewish settlement of the Zionist Eachsrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrah

  37. Bdaoha joke and the words of Lord and then turned into a response to a silver written violent and cursing…No one now can waive his words and book Te. Unfortunately, it Mottagvh layer must give a lesson and look at things distant vision lens in order not to mobilize the viewer or ordinary reader. The beneficiary upper class that leave people in a coma for the bitter reality. Remain the same subjects” Important worked .hma Elly Aptdo…” to where

  38. Thanked brother Badrawi, banner after your edit after permission Dear brother, Khalid, became more general and more satisfactory from my point of view modest because both their diversity of religions, despite the two peoples, it is limited, but I also say probably wanted brother Khaled of the words we are brothers of Muslims is Gstnfar Elan to quell sedition, which of course all the good of the nation wants the entire Arab with all the diversity of religions .

  39. God you have a question from the Almstvedmn crisis? Who arranged what happened in Sudan Baadalmbarah think Mesh media Dal Devine inside all the Arabs of Egypt Maths that in Haddahassan you hate _ma that Jermsrali all Arabs _olovah Arabic Sharif Hicol Egypt Kherhaali All of Zmaaaaan and all Aref like that Manmankeroaaa

  40. I want to know why all this anger of Egyptians Are you just to win our team or for another reason I do not think that violence incident in Sudan is a real challenge any one that comes with pictures shows the time of the beating or video is supposed to accept is our victory with all the spirit of sports in the last only this ball all of this attention and CVA Egyptians Spa does not need us, it is inappropriate from the Arabs and Muslims over what hurts is insulting our martyrs mercy of God and cursing they are in their graves, and I'm not talking about everyone but the band fanatic only in the last wish of the Almighty to guide us and them, O LORD worlds

  41. hna les algereinne matrabyin ntouma rakom takadbou hram 3likom fakrou bali kayan yawm fanat rabi matkhafoch manah hna drabnakom kijitou algerie 3lah nhar lil radi tanadou
    3bou f blida jaw masrayin w t3ayrou safir ta3na boutaflika rah lahi f farha basah nhara liyalhalkom
    lah ysamahkom hram 3likom

  42. Adeeb and did people who haram decadent fragmentation is said about them the media played the role of honest troublemakers sedition
    And went up things that went beyond dirty tongues and respect the limits of taste and forgetting that a lot Itapahm
    I think a lot Ahtqarham on this behavior that offended all honorable journalists
    Where the ethics of the profession where you discuss things calmly take into account where kinship that bind many Egyptians in Algeria what this whole rhetoric for skin pieces rounded
    Frankly, honorable Egyptians supposed to boycott the Egyptian media of Adib and his program did people and channel axis and many others
    God, I am Saudi, and I love the Egyptians so much because we Xnahm from childhood and know morals and good hearts Kmaan us friends Algerians of the best people so pained that Ichterguena this bigotry and this perception of inferiority of others, so tell Egyptians Oajoani Is it worth the martyrs of Algeria ridicule them and whether worthy of them slum supervision insult just that a group of Almtablin ball parties blinded by nerve foetidus and prayed God to Muhammad

  43. The crimes of the Arab media in the Horn 21 Its very much where the discourse in the Arab media official and
    Your speech a rift between the Arabs and the Muslims and the Arab media has become a source of dissemination of sedition
    And licentiousness and immorality in Arab society, and of course it takes a matter of freedom, of course freedom and prostitution
    It's where porn Amamakan what criticism is directed against any political activity Awaguetsada Adhar weaknesses
    Sergeant in the nation in the defense of a fierce onshore national security becomes
    Here I remember the brothers Bammer
    July 2006 war and how it presented the Arab media in the countries of the moderate Arab cover for 30 days to kill
    Women and children in Banan and marketing is the conflict between Jundallah and the Jews as a conflict between Iran
    Jews and Jund Allah in Banan are hired when Iran was Alankhuh found only in Iran
    Gaza war crime Egyptian leadership and how he acted the official media and some private media
    Calculated on the party boiler ruling porn and how he was charged with conspiracy on Egypt's role in the region and to consider the resistance leaders reckless and adventurers and hired when Iran with a flag directing that Hamas is a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood in Palestine, ie how the combination of the Brotherhood and the doctrine of the twelve God knows here Stales His blog beating haram deceased mother lost modesty and morality and the nation Blaakhlaq his mother to life not worth

  44. Algerian and proud

    The last time my comment on what he has done the Egyptian national team of Algeria and the Algerian people I had was supposed to treat a guest Anu asked for the guidance of the Egyptians and Ehna Algerians and Kuna respected and afraid of the Lord of the Worlds handed it to God Almighty is my father knows the fact that all of us, which I have with the oppressed and Anjeho and defeat the unjust and Praise God appeared truth and God Maine is unjust and Maine oppressed and thankfully Algerians succeeded Khalana win and qualify for the world Cup and the Glory of God preferred to Nachdha from Sudan and not from Egypt for fear we praise be to God and thanks to God for everything and hada penalty faithful to me Aamno Lord of the worlds …… And add something Tani and tell Egyptians Anu downright Anto wondering Why Algerians did not respond to anything from my father Qltoh I Ajaopkm now that Algerians thank God wise and senior in their minds frolicked Biao their time or occupy themselves things trivial and Algerians already do not follow up the Egyptian channels because they are all channels of debauchery and respectable and Kadbh hundred percent and Mtal a small video on Hada me Ahtatoh Anto Egyptians, carrying knives, they Aldzaireyen, swords and what I know Shuo tell Llano :
    _Ola Old video of saluting the quality of the picture and clothing me Absinha young
    _Tania Young Lee Jbtohm are not Algerians with you Qlto that Dell's a few hours before the game Valjzairien all of them and even Abeno they Algerians to BSU all Mahm Green White Ahmrnsph flag Algerian and dressed Tichortat for players and media Algerian Hada is not clear at all in the video
    Algerians _talta sages say it and repeat them wise in their minds and senior Wada originally suppose Llano Algerian strabismus kills an Egyptian or whatever Marah, of course I Icolo strabismus and kill Hada thing clear
    May God guide God guide God guide Fada canto Ahabin Choho Algeria's reputation Fantu Gltanin Ed that you are of your image Huhto Fine civilization and where the people educated and civilized
    Before I conclude, I Acolkm Llano FIFA claimed the thing for taking measures for Mahdt inside the game and not outside because it is related to playing ball, not politics nor Tansu Iaaaaa Egyptians, I am now Vaizeyeeyeeyeeyen Vladai now to talk with Anu everyone Hada Aref because you Khosrto and Akhaddoha youth less you are not
    Now the Algerians are not in line with you Adra because the whole Algerian people Farhan Pmavolh and his mighty men frolicked Biao and time Ptvahatkm

  45. Ehna God Akhua from one continent of one religion and one date and the Arabs and all Delirious to Hawwaaj common Baynetna which is downright greater than the silly game became compared with Elly Fatou I hope he Delirious common grudges between Algeria and Egypt miss out quickly and Taatnsy and hope the application

  46. Believe me , Even if we wanted to forget, or we hoped that things pass quickly and safely, History Amr Adib Marah forget and a handful did people troublemakers sedition.

  47. All you have heard real about the riots, beatings and humiliation received by Egyptian fans in Khartoum, Omdurman, and the testimony of the people of Khartoum on their own admitted on Facebook and Atfaragoa video scenes and make sure you, the Algerian people gather that has hospitality to the fullest and most beautiful face and you are in Egypt and did not hurt any one of you and God what I say a martyr, but he was in some of the rhetoric of young Egyptians and swore that Mhdjaaan words provoked cutting Fbadlohm same words .
    And you know that we as Egyptians in the richness of any abuse affecting this country, but you big grudges long-term owners . However, we do not do anything about the silly things our direction .
    Now what happened from the unfortunate facts of you do not hesitate a second in response to the overwhelming abuse of our country and the direction of our direction .
    And you know that we are a great bounty to all Arab countries from the Atlantic Ocean to the Gulf and the owners of you who have forgotten Oqrooh almost Date is Ncimoh but he did not forget and intentionally Ttanasoh CTN

  48. I had to see this intriguing and explain Alhazeean and essence attributed to the fact that an economic struggle of his successor, a French influence with a significant effect in Algeria, and is the owner of an interest in fabricating this sedition and fueling this crisis of nothing. The outlook results, may indicate and refers to the reasons, and among these results is the direct foil and directed by Egyptian Orascom from Algeria, and no secret conflict that has arisen between Orascom and France Telecom.

    From my point of view exceeded topic sports and even just hooliganism, when you see media horns and recite fabrications lies day and night, it was incumbent upon the sane Mtdber search for Allowaaz and the actual engine of all such nonsense.

  49. المهم في هذا الموضوع ان نعرف سداجة الاعلام العربي من جانب وخطورة الاختراق الصهيوني لبعض القنوات الاعلامية من جانب اخر ولنصفق للعبقرية الصهيونية التي لايمكن وباي حال من الاحوال من استبعاد دورها في هذه المكيدة خاصة وان صحافتها بلغت عن الحرب العالمية الثالتة بين مصر والجزائر التي ستقام يوم المبارة بين الفريقين في مصر وقبل بداية المبارة ومن المهم ان نعرف سر فشل معاركنا الاعلامية مع الصهيونية عندما نشاهد اعلامنا السوقي والمنحط الذي لايفرق بين مجانين الكرة والذين ساهم في حشدهم لهستيريا الانتقام وبين الشعب العربي الذي يبحث عن ابطال يصنعون النصر في ميادين المواجهة مع العدو الصهيوني لاابطال وهميين يعمقون الفرقة بانتصاراتهم الزائفة . It is very unfortunate and painful to him in this regard that has become some people find an opportunity to relish these squabbles with this or that party and in all cases is with the enemies of the nation and the strange thing is that Arab nationalism for some turned out to be conditional on belonging to a Qatari geographically and not belonging to national entity of the Arab nation . It will crush the match ball all the hysteria and clamor of the media channels and the media did not have any role nor any voice during the barbaric Zionist aggression on our people in Gaza, or the nature of the mission and the role assigned to Bhola that require it?

  50. السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته كم أشعر بالحزن لما حدث ويحدث كل من الجزائريين والمصريين أخطؤا يجب أن ينتهي الأمر عند هذا الحد أناجزائرية وأحب المصريين ويجب على كل من منحه الله نعمة العقل أن لا يعمم تصرف خاطئ على كل من الشعبين الشقيقين تذكرو إخواني أخواتي أننا مسؤولون عن كل تصرف أمام الله عز وجل وهي فتنة لايجب أن نكون طرفا سلبيا فيها سجل بصمتك بكل إيجابية لا لأجل حمية وطنية بل من أجل الإسلام لوجه الله الغالي لأجل الحبيب صلى الله عليه وسلم كلكم راع وكلكم مسؤول عن رعيته لا تشمتوا بنا الأعداء فالله ينظر إلينا قم بالعمل الذي إن كان النبي صلى الله عليه وسلم بيننا كنت قمت به والسلام عليكم ورحمة الله تعالى وبركاته.

  51. God, the people of the Algerian people, nobility, generosity and pride Mo like Egyptians

  52. Name of God.
    God is enough and yes, the agent …..
    Egyptian media did not set up the world Iqadha this topic because of the game. But we have not seen this topic media campaign fierce days of the Israeli aggression on our brothers in Gaza. I think that it is worthwhile for what is the best interest of the Egyptian and Algerian peoples and benefit both countries while delving …..
    That was led by the Egyptians and they are few, of course, the fact that the State of Sudan Vlmada sister Kdbt all allegations of serious injuries and attacks by the fans Aldzairien.okl Kalat and news channels with offices in Sudan Kdbt rumors ….
    I think it is clear, my dear brothers .ohnalk examples of clear and explicit reality show .
    And to notice through international channels many who Atsol the absence of religion are Almhdjaaan ordinary general of the Egyptian people and only layer artists and Nafud to encourage the Egyptian team is not behind knead a particular goal ….
    We in Algeria do not want you only respect for the symbols of the Algerian state and the inviolability of its history and its people struggling my father came to the support of the Egyptians and the Arab nation in 1973
    And united everyone who says that there is a framework of official and insulting or cursing Egyptians …..We do not want the province with the Egyptians, but no right to them Kdlk the inclusion of Algeria in their cases of political or social…
    The artists wanted to call for the boycott as the best Vdlk not bother us at all, we sang in what Akadimoh us movies and serials and scandalous singing takes us away one way or another from the teachings of the Islamic religion. What really Ihzznna that boycotted the honorable Egyptians of our fellow imams, writers and Asatdh……..
    I have several pictures and examples of what the Egyptians do even men, including security in the Algerian and knead the testimony of other parties of the world (I mean, a friend from England pictures this topic events by mobile phone)

    And in the end, all that remains is to say, God is sufficient for us, and He is the best agent

  53. God bless you..

    A sophisticated goal..and calm at a time when we rarely calm down..and think rationally

    I hope this campaign will have a good effect..

  54. Peace and mercy of God
    I'm sorry everyone,O strange Muslims with each Allah guides everyone, under lashes filled with cold hit man from right to left cause the problem to a large degree break between the two countries are all brothers in Islam, God is forbidden, God and yes agent.


  56. I am Egyptian and I love the Algerian people because we are Muslims and we are Arabs. I would like to send you my greetings and my deep appreciation for your beautiful article. I think you are a very kind smart algerian brother. God bless you and God bless all Egyptians and All Algerians . I am proud to have a brother like you.

  57. I am Egyptian and we love Algerians also too much. You helped us in 73

  58. Saudi Arabia is the head of Islam and All Egyptians loves the grandchildren of our prophet and his friends. God bless you and pray for me and donot worry because the Egyptian people loves the Algerian people and everything will be fine soon.

  59. Egyptians and Algerians did mistakes but we still brothers and we still love each other.

  60. I think you should be polite and you should calm down because we are brothers.

  61. The answer to your question is that ” because of stupid media “

  62. I was very afraid that Otsra in regard Kmtabh blog post Bahama
    I waited a long time carrying anger that increases every day in my chest
    And I also lose every day an Egyptian journalist I read to him or an artist I hear because of what they said about Algeria
    But I tried to put on the dress of wisdom and wrote a defensive and not offensive topic
    And if there is some attack on one or two people whom I do not consider as ignorant or inciting to sedition, as much as I consider them to be hateful beasts. ..
    And I generally with every initiative to improve the situation that has become intolerable ..
    At least so as not to give up many of those who love them in Egypt ..

  63. رحم اللة كل الشهداء من الطرفين والحمد اللة انهم لم يروا هذا اليوم الذى يقود فية الامة الجهلة ومرتزقة الاعلام ابحثوا عن المسفيد من هذة الازمة التافهة افيقوا ايها المسلمين.

  64. In the name of God the Merciful . Peace be upon you my brothers, Best regards . I'm going to translate what was written by Brother Hisham al-Sisi for those who are not fluent in English : Says Hisham : I am an Egyptian man and adore the Algerian people because we like each other, Muslims and Arabs . I would like to express my best and heartfelt congratulations to you my deep appreciation for this wonderful entry . I am a believer that you are a very good brother Algerian, nobility and intelligence . God bless you and all the Egyptians and Algerians alike . And I say the right I am proud that I have a brother like you .

  65. Unique - Algerian -

    In the name of God the Merciful

    Thank you, my dear brother on the topic and thank you for this bold step for Altdih
    I alluded to something missed in mind and is probably:
    Countries lived a variety of crises and politics overshadowed the surface
    For Htwaeha in Algeria, the system wants to make the credibility of the people within himself
    In Egypt's speech he wants to inherit Gamal Mubarak, in any form and whatever the outcome
    And the means available is this mass crowd amassed crazy football.
    Go back to the media
    Unequal war
    Egypt is where the satellite channels and newspapers are all rallied behind Gamal Mubarak
    And each one looking at his share of Ataiwrth after the ascension of Gamal Mubarak to rule
    And it became a media anyone who has nothing to do with flags and claimed all this noise
    Pours scorn on the Algerian people, a descendant of Emir Abdelkader and Ibn Badis
    And Moufdi Zakaria and Anath ugliest descriptions and you Ghandour and Amr Adib example
    And Algeria have not been able to address this vicious attack to the newspaper through
    One single sold am

  66. Thank you very very much. My name is Hassan not Hesham !! and I donot have an Arabic keyboard so I am so grateful for you. Algeria helped us too much in 73 and also the Egyptians helped the algerians too much in their independence. We should unite and we should fight all the psycho people from the both sides because they want to disturb all Arabs. I am fond of Saudi Arabia and I love all Algerians and I admire all Syrians …….etc. we are one country which is called Arabs and we are one body which is called Islam. God blees all Arabs and All Muslims and God bless all the heroes in Algeria and all the heroes in Egypt. Thank you Nuranium for translation and many thanks for the genuine blogger Khaled.

  67. Unique - Algerian - Follow

    And you must wait for tomorrow until the issue again, while the Egyptian satellite channels public and private mobilized all layers of the Egyptian people, and do not talk during her 24 ساعة كل يوم سوى عن الجزائر و الشعب الجزائري الذي وصفته بأبشع النعوت وصل بها الأمر حتى التشكيك في هويته العربية الاسلامية، من الجهة المقابلة ماذا تملك الجزائر للرد على هذه الهجمة الشرسة؟ قناة حكومية واحدة يسميها الجزائريون باليتيمة و مع ذلك فهي لم تخض في هذه الأسباب و لم ترد على هذه الشتائم .
    I firmly believe that Gamal Mubarak was planning to make qualified Egypt to the World Cup victory for him and a road paving has inherited the throne of his father through this interview and what was not achieved to him that kept looking for other ways even gaining popular support for this succession Pavtaalh these stories and novels and wrapped around this crowd of artists and quasi-media, but tell him that an Arab should take a lesson from Saddam Hussein and his two sons because when the truth is ticking clock settles across everything and will not remain in the valley only stones.

  68. Hi …
    Your words sound ..and majority to RDO …Thankfully the rest of the Llano goodness in the nation for the Day of Resurrection

    I am from Sudan … And I encourage Egypt ..las but simply biased because I know the Egyptians in my personal life and I feel the city of intellectuals insist a large part of my culture …

    They were journalists with Egypt alone Nile (Known in which the depth of relations and trade affinity and in a large community in each of the other)

    There was a minimum of Sudanese from Algeria also encourages …And not Bakulh and so either as saying that Egypt encouraged Chad instead of Sudan in one times or because they love playing the way Algerian .

    We opened our hearts, our streets, and every place to visitors to the point where I issued a fatwa from our Muslim scholars stating that whoever has space in his house tries to host them with them. ..
    And as much as there was, was generosity …With all possible ..
    Adzoa of Madras and always end what Badri Ashan streets Tenshm ..
    All this and more, and it was our hand Aktar I say not that I wish him the contrary, I wish it was our airport and Astadna wider and our hotels Aktar (Bs Ehna country tour Mesh and Lessa from the war the applicants 50 Year)
    It is important to prolong ..and sorry ..
    It comes from the shock response of the Egyptian reaction …We were artists Bnhabhm Egyptians Adin Ptsaloa programs we Bnsamaha …
    I am very sad..We are all in Sudan in a state of sadness .. Despite the official apology and the word of Muhammad Sobhi “Do not involve Sudan in your problems” ..He is still wounded, and praise be to God, our media men have raised our heads with patience, dreams, and sober reactions. …
    And no one from Algeria turned to say, Maalish, that we did not intend to break the Hajj and Umrah prayer (In the Hajj season) at the Air port …
    Do you not have material losses, but why is it an insult, not a lack of respect? …
    As long as you are safe Arabs and God guides souls

  69. Stay, O Arabs, the caravan is going

  70. Alaa other than Mubarak, I want not to sacrifice the long-standing relations between Algeria and Egypt and between what the two great men built Boumediene and Gamal Abdel Nasser, may God have mercy on them for the throne, forgetting that history is written and that the future will be darker for the coming generations, which will see hostility and the Algerian television allied in comparison to the Egyptian. In the media, oh quasi-ulamites, God’s moth is the highest of those who ignited the war of the thrush and the ghosts again, and what does the wise and virtuous of the Egyptians like Muhammad Hassan and Amr Khaled and all the Muslim preachers not speak to call everyone to stop offending the country of the martyrs. Religion is proud of the greatness of its revolution and silence the mouths that boast Pharaohs are the enemies of God, and the people will be worse off on the Day of Resurrection

  71. Al-Mustaqilla channel is Al-Haq channel, and the Egyptians are the ones who started their aggression against the Algerians, the Algerians and their media, the right to respond to the Egyptian villainy.

  72. World Cup ahead of us and Egypt behind us and tell the Egyptians enough of deceit and lies, the whole world revealed Hakaguetkm and have you signed the evil of your doings. Algeria was always peaceful, still while you stopped overnight bad intentions, truly have defeated you win men Algeria Champions country of a million and a half million martyrs

  73. Among the unfortunate things is the anti-Algerian attitude of some Egyptian artists, whom Algeria has always received, to receive the kings, according to their testimonies, and they are on the red carpet expressing the heat that the Algerian public surrounded them and their great love for them, but this crisis showed their hypocrisy and showed that their memory is short And they do not remember the good of Algeria over them, and it is true here. And if you honor the wretched rebellion, shame on you, artists of Egypt, to describe the Algerian people who have always opened their arms to you with despicable descriptions that in fact express your shame. The mask has fallen from you and we discovered that your art was all hypocrisy and you became the laughing stock of the world. And you are wandering about your lies.

  74. In the name of God the Merciful . Thanks to his blog and a special engineer Mr. Hassan owner of the previous comment that you and I translated also comment at the bottom of this Taguiba which also I will translate it for those who are not fluent in English . Brother Hassan says, after he drew my attention, that I made a mistake in mentioning his correct name in translating his first comment, and I am sorry for that and please forgive me, as it is an unintended mistake. . After that, the good brother Hassan says the following : He does not have an Arabic keyboard, so he is forced to type in English then say : Algeria helped Egypt a lot in the war 1973 Against the Israeli occupier, Egypt helped Algeria a lot in the liberation war against the French colonialist . And on it – Hassan says – We have to unite and fight against the discord that some are trying to sow between the two brotherly peoples . Brother Hassan says – He is an Egyptian physical engineer – He is fond of adoring Saudi Arabia, loves Algeria, and has great love and respect for Syria and all Arab countries . Hassan says : We are one country called the Arab countries, and we are like one body because we are Muslims . May God preserve the Arab countries and the countries of Islam, and may God bless all the free people in Egypt and Algeria . وختاما يشكر الأخ حسان صاحب هذه المدونة ويصفه بالمدون الأصيل ويشكرني أيضا على الترجمة .

  75. أحب أن أقول للجميع كل عام وأنتم بخير بمناسبة عيد الأضحى أعاده الله على مصر والجزائر و على كل الأمة الإسلامية بالخير والبركات . And a very special greeting from me to the people of Makkah and Madinah, and I ask God to bless me with visiting the Kaaba, the purest place on earth, and the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, prostrated. . Happy Eid and happy new year .
    وبمناسبة العيد ولكل محبي العطور يمكنكم مشاهدة تفاصيل بعض العطور الراقية على مدونتي الشخصية وهي مدونة مجانية نحاول بها إنشاء مرجعا مبسطا لعاشقي العطور .
    أرجو أن تسمحلي أخي الفاضل صاحب المدونة بنشر عنوان مدونتي وهو

  76. الحمد لله و كفى و الصلاة و السلام على من اصطفى و بعد : First, may God accept from us and from you, and Eid Mubarak from an Algerian to all Arabs in general and every Egyptian in particular, and after seeking God’s help, I say that justifications from both sides are useless now because what happened has happened, and whoever ignited it for a dishonest purpose has revealed his teeth And his hostility to divide the nation and not to try to qualify for the World Cup, so what was in Cairo and was not in Omdurman is nothing but a cooked play that is controlled to numb the Algerian and Egyptian peoples, and this is so that they forget their concerns, the confusion of society and the extreme poverty they live in, and this is so that the leaders can control In their policies and passing their plans by sowing strife and unrest among peoples and then appearing in the guise of a loyal critic of his country, his homeland and its sanctities, and instead he will gain appreciation and gratitude for the appearance of the innocent and the oppressed. The blind were gifted….و الحمد لله أن ما فعل في القاهرة لا يمثل المجتمع المصري و لا ما كان في السودان يمثل المجتمع الجزائري و الحقيقة التي يجب قولها أن العصبية الجاهلية مازالت مستيقظة و نارها ملتهبة و الكيس من نظر إلى هده التفاهات بعين العقل لا بعين الحماس الدي يهدم أكثر مما يبني و اعلموا أننا في الجزائر و بنسبة كثيرة لا نتحدث عن هده الأشياء لأن أمتنا مريضة و الأعداء الدين فرحوا بهدا الإنقسام مبتهجون و لهدا نحن نعرف ماهو صلاحنا و ماهو دمارنا فمصر البارحة تبقى مصر اليوم و لا يفرقنا متاع الدنيا على أمور مفبركة و فيها من الجاهلية الظلماء ما تشتت هده الأمة المحمدية و تدكروا قوله تعالى…..ولتكن منكم أمة واحدةو قولهكنتم خير أمة أخرجت للناس….و قوله….و تعاونوا على البر و التقوى و لا تعاونوا على الإثم و العدوان…….هدا و أسأل الله أن يثبث العقول و تنكشف الفصول ….أخوكم في الله فريد بن محمد الجزائري

  77. و الله يا حبيبي ويا اخي كلامك حق لكن اقول لك العين بلعين و السن بالسن والبادء اضلم.نحن قهرنا المصريين لعبا و خلقا واعلاما……..And we caught the slanderers in Mars, and you can still see them in Angola, the World Cup, and Ash Ndiru. Peace.

  78. صح عيدكم يا الشعب الجزائري وكل عام و فريقنا بالف خير ولاننس الذكريات يامصريين التي مرة على فريقنا و الشعب و الرئيس ايضا و العلم الذي دنستموه الذي ضحى من اجله مليون ونصف شهيد ورينا ليكم بلي عدنا رجال و يستاهلو ا المونديال و تحياااااااا الجزائر

  79. Right, Eid for both the Algerian and Egyptian people. I wish you could return the days of Bakri, God forbid and what he wants

  80. عندك الحق يا الاخت غالية و انا اهنك على هده الكلامات الجميلة التي تهز الابدان المصرية

  81. بارك الله فيكم اللي عملوا هذا الموقع. يا ريت ربنا يهدي من أشعل الفتنة بين الشعبين المصري و الجزائري. أنا قرات في كتاب أن كليوباترة في عهد الفراعنة كانت متزوجة ب يوبا الأول ملك البرابرة (les Bèrbères) شمال افريقيا. يعني أحفاد الجزائر و أحفاد مصر من عايلة واحدة. مصر أم الدنيا و الجزائر أبوها. احنا فعلا اخوة.

  82. يا ريت ربنا يهدي من أشعل الفتنة بين الشعبين المصري و الجزائري. أنا قرات في كتاب أن كليوباترة في عهد الفراعنة كانت متزوجة ب يوبا الأول ملك البرابرة (les Bèrbères) شمال افريقيا. يعني أحفاد الجزائر و أحفاد مصر من عايلة واحدة. مصر أم الدنيا و الجزائر أبوها. احنا فعلا اخوة.

  83. السلام على كل الشرفاء من ابناء هذه الامة المسلمة المرايطة في سبيل الحق التي لاتاخذها في اعلاء ها لومة لائم ,السلام على كل حر تخلص من حبال الشر و الحقد و المزيدات و الهيمنة السلطوية ليعيش انسانيته و يقف شامخا كالجبال لاتهزه العواصف و الفتن ,السلام لكل مرابط على ثغر من بلاد الاسلام , و اخص بذكر المجاهدون منها في كل المجالات( الاقتصادية, الاجتماعية …….) من اجل اسعاد امته و النهوض بها , السلام الى كل حاكم يحب شعبه
    و يحزن لحزنه و يفرح لفرحه و يغضب لغضبه دون ان يجهل او يسخط , و نقول لمن يريد ان يبني مجدا علي جماجم شعبه و كرامتهم انك حاطب بليل و ستحصد ما زرعت .

  84. صح عيدك يا الاخت اسيا و شكرا لك و هنيئا لنا كلنا بالفوز الجميل لمنتخبنا و دامت افراح الجزائر و ليفهم المصريين اننا لسنا شعب يداس عليه فالجزائر هي بلد الابطال.

  85. at the first time acctually i’m so confuse because i’m not understand about the content of this site
    i only blog walking at PR checcker and find it at the 4th rank
    it so fantastis….

    best regard
    from indonesia

  86. thanks brother & welcome to my blog you should learn arabic language to connect with this great comunity

  87. ان الظلم لا ينتصر ابدا و قد علم الجزائريون معنى الرجولة للمصريين

  88. Black list

    رموز الفتنة بين الشعبين الجزائري والمصري

    هذه القائمة أغلب من ساهم في صياغتها مصريون شرفاء، هل لدينا الشجاعة بصياغة قائمة بأسماء الشوفينيين لدينا في الجزائر؟


    علاء مبارك

    جمال مبارك

    أنس الفقي وزير

    نجيب جبرائيل: رئيس منظمة حقوق الإنسان

    نبيل لوقا بباوي: الحزب الوطني

    صحفيون وكتاب

    الصحفي والناقد الرياضي: إبراهيم حجازي

    الإعلامي: عمرو أديب

    الإعلامي: تامر أمين

    الاعلامي مصطفى عبده

    الصحفي: خيري رمضان

    الصحفي: مصطفي بكري

    الصحفي: محمود معروف

    الكاتب: خيرى شلبى

    الروائي: إبراهيم عبد المجيد

    الروائي: يوسف القعيد

    الشاعرة: فاطمة ناعوت

    الروائى: أشرف عبد الشافى

    الشاعر محمد أبو زيد


    الممثل احمد السقا

    الممثل محمود عبد العزيز

    الممثلة يسرا

    الممثلة الهام شاهين

    الممثلة إسعاد يونس

    الممثلة رانيا محمود ياسين

    المطرب محمد فؤاد

    المطرب تامر حسني

    اشرف زكي نقيب الممثلين

    عزت أبو عوف رئيس مهرجان القاهرة

    الممثلة مها أبو عوف

    الممثلة صابرين

    الممثل محمد صبحي

    هيثم شاكرمغني مصري وهارب من أداء الخدمة العسكرية

    المطرب المصري خالد سليم

    المطرب محمد حماقي

    الاستعراضية هيفاء وهبي


    سمير زاهر

    خالد الغندورلاعب كرة

    مصطفى عبدهلاعب كرة

    حسام حسنلاعب كرة


    إبراهيم اليمانى: عضو اتحاد المحامين العرب

    حمدي خليفةنقيب المحامين المصريين

    أصحاب دور النشر التالية في مصر:

    يحيى هاشم/ صاحب داراكتب” /Egypt




    المجمع الثقافي المصري



  89. ان المسالة ليست مسالة شجاعة يا اخ علي و لكن ببساطة المصريون هم الذين بداوا بالهجوم على الشعب الجزائري و من حق الاعلام الجزائري الرد على الاهانات المصرية فالدفاع عن النفس حق شرعي.

  90. You are a client Arab bright and they understand Shi in Islam
    After showing the truth and judge
    Sunrise was quoted only truth
    Egyptians are lying
    Listen Kalat global news and judge

  91. If telling the truth and talk to the mind is called labor, I accept that Smona agent Smona traitor to Aotunai Smona and I keep a Muslim in spite of you, and I refuse to manipulate one with my mind and my feelings and my principles

  92. Amr Adib is the head of sedition, it is not at all media and Bjb boycott of all Arabs

  93. First, peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings be upon you
    I am an Algerian Islamic saddens me what happened. I hope that the nation EAUX for that, God willing, O Lord, and I consider all of Algeria, Egypt, and one country why hatred and hatred, and I consider myself an Egyptian increase I am Algerian
    philotre lmraslty

  94. I appreciate the national feelings, my sister Khansa, but this does not reach you to be an Algerian + Egyptian because of belonging to the homeland is something very sacred does not accept the debate very Vjamil that Taada Arab unity, and so Vanity Algerian and Arab, not Egyptian, because every one of the first that holds the nationality of his country and proud of.

  95. God, bless this is what we would like and we want to renounce hatred and discrimination between the two peoples Alkarimin HTH is not one of the attributes of Islam nor of Shem Arabism We have become a joke between the West and Israel to match what is happening between us must remain brothers and rise above HTH Altvahan T and pocus and cut off the road to the conspirators who hate our nation. jealous of Arabs from Algeria.

  96. How wonderful for people who Qado insults and verbal abuse campaign on my Algeria Khaled Ghandour, who like an ant said that we are lovers of Viagra people stick and separate us brings us together oboe …..And…And…And….
    And yesterday Algeria became Habibthm…
    Working scenarios and beheive…
    We are Arabs and Arabs love but will not allow those who publicly Cursing and insulting our martyrs
    We are not Bltgiyn but we are not children's prisons, and we are not and we are not …..
    We ask God a n calm souls

  97. Dedicate God created what seek refuge with Allah from the temptations of them and belly .oallah knows what you do.

  98. I saw an article more sober in my life to God Drake

  99. Is no stranger to some of the regulations and the media guide people to Miarb targets Mokhtvlp time and place , But the strange mind to accept this guidance without even just thinking ……. That is why we Mtkhalafaan … Thank you Professor Khalid wonderful article in a timely fashion

  100. @ Elixir Thanks so much for your reply brother this duty.

  101. I agree with you completely in every word and any was in the first tribulations of one of us again We will gather

  102. Speech fate of the Egyptian people …..!

    Allah is the greatest … Revolution until victory …!

    To the Arab Egyptian people … لا تستسلم وأحذر محمد البرادعي الصليبي ولا أحمد زويل الأمريكي ولا عمر سليمان الصهيوني!
    Are the rights of the Egyptian humanitarian and national people's right to self-determination, reduced and cut short Tvaalyatea staged a protest peaceful limited effect, do not fit in size and Noeita and Kamita and organizational, as compared to census the people of Egypt eightieth million, which is more than half of the population of the poor class, and the rest of the middle class and those who are below the poverty line threshold, the rich are the only power that pulled up on the bodies and the blood of the people!

    It is the popular uprising has been overwhelming honorable siege, and were steered to hunt, and the criminals behind the streets sons and panting young criminals (Thugs) الذين هم من إفراز مجرمون النظام الكبار الديكتاتور حسني، رأس حزب الأفعى الوطني الحاكم!

    Are the people of Egypt that sat in front of television screens and computer automated and mobile phones, which robbed of his rights and his life and existence, will rain upon heaven aphid and quails, he was sitting in his house, and changed the idol system of the ruling National Democratic Party, and on his head poisonous snake Hosni, and the rest, Alhnascin of Gamal Mubarak and Ahmed Ezz al-Sharif and the elite, and the rest of the enemies of God and humanity and national …. Many people who are ….?

    Are the people of Egypt so stupid and subservience, weakness, cowardice and shame, to remain so silent and still, motionless, leaving only a few of the young men and honest and loyal Underdogs to their cause, (They do not exceed a few thousand) Thus, on their own state in the confrontations dictatorial regime “Hosni” Tyrannical unjust confrontations on the squares ….!

    O Egyptian army, which has already shed his blood in order that frees man and earth …!
    Do you, O men of the Egyptian army will stand with the idol system and burning the glory of Egypt and destroyed land and sky, and devastated the Egyptian capital …, Against the people who are your family and your children and Hermit …?

    Why do not you stand the Egyptian people pause one man … وتهجمون مرة واحدة وتقتلعون رأس الكفر حسني ومن معه، وتزيلون المعتقلات والسجون التي سجن فيها معيشتكم، وحريتكم، ومستقبلكم، وجعلكم من أفقر شعوب الأرض، وأحقرها ما بين الشعوب و العرب!

    Are the people of Egypt in which men … Or the people of Egypt men half-male and semi-men …?
    Oahjmwa the presidency building ….And Hrroh of the occupier and occupied!
    Oahjmwa on Juggernaut Hosni headquarters …vhakmvh .. It is not the best of Chaoucasqua!
    أهجموا وافتحوا السجون والمعتقلاتوحرروا السجناء السياسيون والمعتقلون الدينيون !

    لا تخربوا بلدكم وتتركوها للمجرمين الكبار والصغار ….

    أهجموا هجمة رجل واحد … Eighty-million liberation of Egypt and all the Arab countries and Palestine over them!!!!!

    Please support and support, packaging and shipping …….Our goal is one and we are all in the same trench to the same fate!

    We are waiting for your victory .. And Thrrkm … Is Stkhzlonna and Takzloa Ajialcom”

    Arab identity of one – Vision, mission and goal
    Great Arab World…!

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