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In the name of God the Merciful

To advertise on a blog daily mail, use the form below to send a request with the declaration provide all the information requested on the form.

Advertising in the Code of daily mail by the following items be :

  • Blog does not accept e-mail daily ads in violation of Islamic law "approach to the Sunnis and the community" .
  • Does not accept the code of daily mail ads to sites containing content contrary to Islamic law "approach Sunnis and the community".
  • Music sites and forums downlink and chat sites and pornographic sites and sites shear and pasting and forex sites are rejected and not be handled and not pleased to receive ad exchange with.
  • Blogs Algerian aimed and that does not violate the above conditions can be announced with a blog daily mail free of charge for a certain period and subject to availability of places to advertise .
  • Arab blogs can be aimed at a blog that announces daily mail in the form of ad exchange and we can insert the announcement of the Blogs or sites of interest to see an Arab without waiting for them in return.
  • Can discuss some matters relating to the announcement with those who wish to send us an email and it Iasthaddam Contact Page .
  • Payment is through Western Union or PAYPAL site and Algerians be discussed via Money Order details via e-mail after agreement .
  • The inclusion of other items will be soon depending on the circumstances .

Types and advertising rates :

  • Advertisements in size 60X468 horizontal rectangle appear in the All Entries.

Price for one month : 2000 DA.

Price for one year : 20000 DA.

  • Advertisements in size 125X125 square appear on the menu in the side of this site means that they are permanently appearing in all pages.

Price for one month : 2500 DA.

Price for one year : 25000 DA.

  • Advertisements in size 300X250 square appear on the menu in the side of this site means that they are permanently appearing in all pages.

Price for one month : 3000 DA.

Price for one year : 30000 DA.

  • Text ads appear in the side menu of the site means it permanent appearing in all pages .

Price for one month : 1000 DA

Price for one year : 10000 DA

Affiliates :

Those who wanted to exchange e-mail with the Code of declaratory daily Vlielmna form located below and can use the following declarations and the accompanying copy the code and paste it in the right place on his :

125 announcement×125 :

dailybarid blog 125x125

<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”×125.png” /></a>

اعلان 60X468 :

daily-baridblog 468x60

<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”×60.png” /></a>

300 announcement×250 :

dailybarid blog 300x250

<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”×250.png” /></a>



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