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Site Jazeera Talk exposed to penetration

Merciful God away from Algeria this time exposure Site Jazeera Talk Known to hack by hacker Arabs say they are from Libya, Palestine, Jordan The letter that accompanied hack it unclear just 3 Sentences are : Not to the State of Palestine- Yes Palestine – Palestine and Jordan this picture of the site when the hack :


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  1. الموسيقى في الموقع رائقة جداً 😀

    Forum Site has become a full-Qaeda terrorism topics !!

    I do not know who has a vested interest behind this hack !

  2. Unfortunate thing, I wish penetration forums only, but the Code does not deserve.

  3. Achtergueth I and my friends because it is full of temptation and false calls
    I mean without the State of Palestine and yes to Palestine
    No two-state solution Zionism and Palestinian
    I mean we want Palestine ups

  4. A greeting..
    O God, and Khaled Rak follower News breakthroughs, but you did not tell us what do you think you are ???
    We want to know ..
    My opinion / Algeria

  5. Almusevy is in the past time was the sweetest ..
    Penetrator Libby probably, and the first time he was disturbed by the Mnacfat Fatah and Hamas !!
    And this time not for the State of Palestine !
    And what these words Forum income ..!
    Is a place where people comment on events and do not manufacture them .. Bspoa some true and some are wasting blood .. But just Djajat Forum and has a wonderful future

    I think that someone breached either failed or does not like the success that it works with money mercenary means and God knows

    Next time Hovlk song sweeter than the heck

  6. Dr.ExE @ Thanks for the clarification brother and thank you for you reply to topic

  7. @ My opinion and my sister for God topics hack the matter depends on the objective of the hack so do not be my opinion the same for each

  8. I do not know what interest Dr.ExE brother when he and his friends hacked site that is when the blind hatred insight
    On the whole site will return in spite of hate

  9. This work is due to lack of awareness
    Far be upon you, O hackers Jazeera Talk
    Some forums recorded Balrisah hack a victory
    Any victory!!!
    Shame and disgrace thousand

  10. Thank you very much on the subject, my dear brother ..
    There are many young people from the forum members who have a grudge to administer the site, and I think they are behind this work, or for the purpose of fame and excitement tampering which affects some young ..

    Greetings dear ..

  11. Yama Administration warned of the consequences of going too far to ban members distinguished within the Forum…Fighter Ghazzawi ….Whispers sad …Girl Million ….And a long list of open tables. But Abe supervisor only to ride his head, he carries consequences ……..

  12. Mr Toki to the core ……Greetings ….Any malice talking about? J
    Is it when the administration favors …Especially distinguished Mcharfha …Mohammed …For a handful of tramps that treaded on Sahaba and conquerors …Is such a reaction and especially that I am personally wrote a letter to management in order to bear the full responsibility regarding .. but no one responded …The challenge Zaadenha …Here the challenge and connect …Lee held his hands jaw Psonah …

  13. In fact, I think that Brother Dr.ExE had erred in penetrating site Jazeera Talk, there are a lot of corrupt and corrupting sites Zionist sites was your first approach to it and impenetrable and not be directed arrows of Muslims, Al Jazeera Talk Talk forum that benefits all, do not forget that you will be asked whether committed by . Not to mention the sanctity of music and songs.

    If you think that all the Arabs and Muslims are content with humiliation and shame, you are mistaken, there are dozens of Mujahideen who Iqaron Crusaders and the forces of evil and triumph of Western ally permission Almighty.

  14. And God .. Look ..

    Is not important, many of which broke the site, each site on the net exhibition of penetration ..
    But it is important to return .. Because I brought has cost .. I mean .. Whatever is our house .. And the words of Brother Knight bunk with respect Saibna of Hakass occur in the best forums .. And may not be gloating in this place .. And not even the admonition ..

    Penetrator is not already members of the Forum and for his team to penetrate the Arab site and many other sites ..


    Perhaps the best ..

  15. The first thing I saw the site penetrative Znat that Brother Knight Morocco firstly because of the type of song “rap” Morocco, which has spread so much and secondly, because he already threatened administration Pachtrach..otakdt now what I saw his reply above ..amoarbh Haatrin infiltration Kteyeier!!
    No one can compete with them in Zlk..bs Shaw Alvaidh site suggested because sooner or later!!!!!

    Greeting for”Samer Vlttsan” If you are

  16. I am with you my brothers that Al-Jazeera channel TDs virulent poison in honey and often challenging Mujahideen loyal and conducting meetings with Zionist leaders, but the platform Jazeera Talk to everyone enters and can be utilized in the call.

    A site offend Islam and Muslims and publishes wall of the Koran did not distorted Do not make such a major goal of those sites you ???

  17. My brother ahmad12 Al Jazeera something Forum Jazeera Talk something Akhar..nhan Kansar Jihad We have no problem with the Forum and his administration but on Aeks..venhan owe the forum by allowing us to express our opinion that some consider “Extremism and terrorism “And to defend it from the Mujahideen and the dissemination of news and respond to suspicions.

  18. Hahahahahah
    Greetings and after any star in them .. Saarh hear the rap music ..
    Let's speak frankly .. I mean come November convey Hun and ……… Otherwise Balash

    In my opinion, my group was Anu Forum on the occasion of the third anniversary of each case will be in the form of amendments Forum anyway .. Breakthrough came Fbalmrh will hold these amendments with security updates .. But the blow was strong with regret .. And I want to emphasize that the break is not logically from any of the members .. The relationship of members of the forum and relationship addiction and craving Hai Cglat .. There are two dimensions each Habayeb .. Forget

  19. Halnoa any of the songs Sayer very much what we have heard, but I'm rich in Wushu..
    I'm a star.. Ansaria O Samer..
    How Huchpark..sahtk??
    Qbannaha Tcating!!

  20. Ansaria these, my brother Samer..
    I saw two dimensions happy with Fatah members and grown up and cheered to penetrate the Forum..
    How is your health, my brother??

  21. And is hidden moon .. (A lot of talk but later)
    Hurray and God ..

    For its fighters I have a note in the forum Fatah threads and some go down like adopts and I am questioning this talk ab initio .. For many reasons : First, hackers have already themselves penetrate the Arab Net site, secondly, when Al Jazeera Talk broke at the first time there was a Tsthazeee open and Hamas did not comment at all Fatah members of the forum !
    Thirdly : When Pierce Fatah signed it puts a clear message and clear codes eight Black Panther and not trout is what symbolizes to open .. Dimensions cold z3ro Palestinian Fatah and Kh and already he broke Hamas network for dialogue and takes them off to take off and is a member of the forum Fatah and publishing video penetration in the forum .. So to speak illogical .. And on the idea .. Many members cheering and income is not known Jazeera Talk, but knows only Al Jazeera !

    Each one is free in his opinion, of course .. But many forums on various orientations spoke about it and some of them cheered and some of them denounced …

    Important to your news?
    God willing, the crisis will soon be resolved ..

    But all too happy to make human Ingredients meet Balosahab and loved ones anywhere in the ..

    Entries for Maine Hai thinker I buy ..

  22. Peace, mercy and blessings of God
    God bless you, my dear brother on the subject.
    God is alive and my brothers Distinguished.
    It is true that the administrators Tok Island are not doing their duty against some members who deride the Sahaba and followers of Allah have mercy on them as well as atheists, especially atheist infidel single killer Khan God. However, the Forum is a free platform like Say what you find.
    I do not think that the hackers were members of Al Jazeera Talk, and tell brother star Brother Knight Morocco always contact me on Balmasinger and confirmed in you that he is not our sister, and even the song that put the penetration is the rap song Gulf on what I think God knows.
    Hackers have thought of hostility towards Palestine understand Ardion Palestine within Jordan and Palestine within Egypt, which is trying to promote it some Arab rulers, namely that the West joins Jordan and Gaza to Egypt, and God knows
    Peace, mercy and blessings of God.

  23. How is it our sister precious star Password Mark
    Altimah star is not the star Ansarieh ??

  24. It seems that the impact of this hack really been able to shake the dust off some Mknunat
    Each sings his song here and accuse and defend and Owoowoo
    It is the process of penetration relieved somewhere
    I think the work was sabotage the fullest sense of the word did not have a goal never behind this work and the hands are the hands of a Christian Freemasonry There is no doubt the breakthrough Arabic site was game to try to re-grade the recent annexation of the Muslims, but to no avail
    The island and their accessories Jazeera Talk are targeted by malicious parties to Islam
    What I understood from the logo, after mentioning 3 Countries are Jordan, Libya, Palestine, this is just throwing dust in the eyes neither
    Muslims should understand one thing is that the haters die tip when they see an Islamist success even though it was a simple
    The Almighty God did not leave anything not mentioned in the Koran Flanattabr and appreciate what our hands the ability of
    “To excel and raise the level , God does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves “

  25. My dear brother Khaled I agree with you in that I went to him
    May be Mokhtrkon Zionists and until such time as Alachtarac Acd HTH came the hypothesis Everyone knows that the guest is Al Jazeera Talk Mujahid brother Abu Obeida the official spokesman for al-Qassam Brigades, which Acd that this penetration behind the Zionists.

  26. Brother Karim Khalid ibn al-Walid is the owner of the Code ???

  27. Habib Shu people up?

    And special sister dear star tribute

  28. No Dhar and not other brother
    They Hacker Pro Team Libby and Palestinians or Palestinian
    Penetrator Libyan searched for him and found that he broke a Libyan sites in the past and accused it of Gaddafi loyalists etc. .. Team up with brother Cold Zero in the destruction of many sites
    Rap Song Libby ..
    Al Jazeera Talk Show relationship with Islam, my brother !
    In my opinion, the question is as follows :

    Reputation and fame are very important for the hacker .. And perhaps his future depends upon ..
    Al Jazeera Talk site is very famous and Google each time leads him ..

    Hackers had penetrated the site because it is famous

    Message penetration even language backward and backward logic .. Touching the Palestine means every time .. And slogans stupid ..

    And political reasons and and and analysis .. Give the group greater understanding of their size are not the only people who know how to penetration .. As for the political point of view they are already an anomaly of the few words that threw ..

    And also to say that Al Jazeera Talk Islam and and and and exaggerate in describing Jazeera Talk ..
    The only problem is he famous and goodwill rulings ..

    Dimensions “To excel and raise the level” Hai verse in the Koran !!!

  29. Balash exactly and speak more than two dimensions Ihzerk

  30. Brother Khaled ..

    Why emails brothers and sisters do not appear in the comments !
    There's something I want to tell them it .. Protect

  31. Samer @ Your words are very reasonable and the experimenter is possible and just look from the other side

  32. Samer @ e-mail addresses for my brother, it is to preserve the privacy of visitors and respect for them
    As for the ban, we do not prohibit only transgresses the limits of tact or offended Islam

  33. Peace, mercy and blessings of God
    Zionist entity is in charge or spiteful entity Mujahideen especially vindictive on al-Qassam Brigades.
    Nasrallah Mujahideen and Gazan, shame and humiliation of occupation allies

  34. Ya Salam ..
    Subhan who collected Hun

  35. My brother Khaled ..
    Al Jazeera Talk and if they do not admire some – And whom I –
    But it is the best you can get it , And I can not describe the hack, but that work
    Cowardly people do not have the ability to defend their ideas .

    And unfortunate and shameful to be a breakthrough in the period in which the site began to feel the
    Talk to Al Jazeera started on the right track by hosting many
    Political and media names known .

  36. Sorry brother Khaled ..
    I do not agree with you in that you think the hack came at the hands of Christians, Masons !!
    I am a member of the Forum and throughout my time in which I have not seen a clear abuse or systematic
    Christians . I read several posts on this matter and it is no more than ” Replies ” .
    And things did not expand to take the form of conflict ( Islamic – Christian )
    But in return .. Obvious conflicts within the Forum was ( Year – Sect ) ,
    ( Amazigh – Arabs ) , ( Open – Enthusiasm ) , ( Reluctance – Sobriety ) , ( Resistance – Jihad ) .

    And the most likely to who is a member of stupid infiltration of members of this forum .

  37. Peace be upon you
    Large greeting each Altokyin brothers who sought shelter because their defeat longing to search for password about what happened to their home Altuke
    Star…Citizen…Samer…Loving companions,,Knight,,The owner of the house here greeting pure love Touquet
    We will return, God willing, our motto”The most powerful and the most beautiful”
    And we all agreed that we open Tuk is a wonderful word”Maybe it is better”
    I miss you Hna..la Ttakro

  38. And Leila violin !!
    Hey Slaaam ..

    I go back in my opinion, without the .. Kllona Hun

    And I wish you could stop calling youth

  39. I forgot to add comments ..
    I consider hacker .. Maniac person psychologically and morally corrupt .
    Any hacker .. Even those who infiltrate the Zionist sites .
    Bravo .. But unfortunately can not their good ..
    That denies them the status of dementia .

    All Matih .. However, from the womb of my Lord .

    Thank you brother Khaled article

  40. Welcome Bliley and the citizen and loving companions and violin Samer..
    Praise be to God that God gather us together here after it has been our displacement from our home Jazeera Talk ..!!

    Hevcoa last administration KR wrote on the site
    They said Anu Zionists can Haney who infiltrated the Forum because of my father Obeida Qassam ..??!!

    (Samer what you said how are you I mean your health!!
    God Ashtqyt Llmntdy)

  41. Hey citizen
    When we go back to our house I'll tell you Sraaaaa
    Star tough word “Chrdna from our home Altuke” But we will come back to him permission have more creative and brighter
    It does not matter what has been lost is important that we not lose ourselves and so we will make his glory again
    Greetings to all the brothers Touquet
    We thank Khalid bin Walid for hosting us in his home

  42. What God are all brothers here
    God willing Forum Aoukoy back than it was.
    The penetration indicated that it was his goal to prevent jamming or dialogue with the mujahideen leaders such as Ahmad Mukhtar spokesman Alaallami Islamic emirate Abu Obeida and the official spokesman of Hamas.
    The owners of penetration are not non-Zionists

  43. Forum broke ??

    How this happened and when?

  44. Consolidated 55

    Forum broke ???

  45. The door is open to all members of Al Jazeera Talk for dialogue and debate within this subject until the establishment of God Forum opens in the near future

  46. Thank you Khalid Jaddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    Champions welcome you to the glorious Tokna

  47. Leila Zerg @ Thank you very much for the call

  48. I remember what was written about topics penetrate the Zionist sites had put her administration 5 Star, but I think there who gives 5 Star topics penetrate forum island
    I frankly have not yet understand the reason for hacking forum, especially that hackers Arabs and Muslims
    As for those who say that breached the Zionists to the presence of Abu Ubaidah America or to the presence of the Minister of Information of the Taliban is nonsense
    Penetrator Muslim
    Congratulations to the Muslims broke Forum

  49. O sole Khan
    First, the administration is not giving five or ten stars for the subject
    They are the members themselves as possible and you can do it,,,You are fully entitled to give five star to any subject you like
    Second, the administration learned of the hacked site does not boast much accuses Muslims, O name AT
    For information purposes only want to tell you something important before you die”Muslims are not angels”

  50. Maine !!
    Leila !!
    And Bradw Mesh Payne if and only Online Off .. AAAAAA and woe

    Hello star you like your news Shaw .. And the rest of the young people and the Moroccan citizen and unified and Khaled, who pay our Blog … Free price …

    O Laila ..
    Possible Tfathellna forums work Chating .. Unfortunately, I mean .. Tstadhavina where as does Brother Khalid Ante, at least from Tok .. Secrets in two dimensions should we speak .. For example, Anu Ante tell us what you know, etc. etc. ..

    But form strike was strong tock Hahaahahahahahahahah such as the date of your block and ban no Hahahahahaahahahahahaha to Owoowoowool Aajabua them official ..


    God, do not gloat … Into God

    How is it going star sister
    How health?
    Pay attention to your health good

  51. Before that I write these lines, you search for the secrets and subtleties and listened to the audio tape of the facility and recorded dozens of times and I have pondered in the written and symbolized for several times .
    Many passed unnoticed in most locations thought to penetrate the island Tolk very unusual and is happening to each. Among the superficial people have said in the past on 22.04.2009 : “Do not give Thread larger than its size, penetration is less than normal, and on the forum that prevents management of the gaps in the forum, and these people Tafhean .. Is less than normal, sick people and see the extent of the success of the Forum ..”

    But why the person did not strive to solve the puzzle? There must ask questions lead to absent Facts.

    Broke the island site Tolk…He previously broke from the same group.

    What is this site?

    – Tolk island created by the forum some of the workers in Al-Jazeera is the exchange of ideas, especially those political issues in recent days began to evolve a bit by hosting the media and political figures.

    – Site famous when most Arabs despite the lack of participation in it because of the negative supervisors.

    Unlike some jihadist sites attributed to the rule that most of them either belonging to the intelligence services or she infiltrated the island Tolk site is packed with members of the detective that follow the Saudi intelligence services, administer the site facilitated them roaming consciously aware Ooger. News and analysis that are written borne detective devices to the Supreme departments.

    What are the circumstances that preceded the recent breakout?

    – Hosting Abe Obeida spokesman for the Qassam and his money from big media's role.
    – Anniversary of the Nakba

    – Egypt to host Obama in the coming days and talk about the two-state solution and the postponement of talk about the right of return and the Islamic normalization with Israel.

    Who is breached?

    Many see things all the superficial. Whom he Shiite because Aemalath known alguidy@hotmail.com , forserver@yahoo.com When the site was hacked Arabic. But the Arab really infiltrated by Shiite hacker by the apparent but came after another picture represents Alhrkz code that broke the island today.

    – Some of them think it's treatise by al-Qaeda as one of the sites.

    – And whom he hacker Sunni Muslim does not mean Bazrorh he follows al-Qaida because of the reputation of the names of hackers in the destruction of Shiite sites.

    Greetz : Dr.Death – Electr0n – Rock Maste -Lover Boy – dr_pc – minyar
    The same hacker attacked the site about a month ago. A storm and Bacma Islamic forum. He is famous known ID.

    – Some of them said that an Israeli hacker. Is this sensible? Before answering to continue Analysis.

    Known for Arab hacker that young people in the prime of life reconstruction mostly in their twenties. Either very or extremely entertaining destruction mercenary or very psychological, religious. For example, a professional hacker:
    His Aamaal: alguidy@hotmail.com It Lippi has beat a Libyan sites. According to a novel site milled by pointing the location of her very Protection Security Webpage and of course the other hand, (Mony) . Another site professional hacker stole their account has been charged with:


    He wrote once that person to intentionally Aemalh service was in his plan to attack Medina forum a year ago 2004 Here Guide

    http://www.madenah-monawara.com/vb/showthread.php?t=25452 ….

    And the destruction of the island Tolk Is it in favor of Islam? Are these acts of Islamist or criminal acts? If it were presented to him a sum of money to destroy site does reject? Of course not.

    What is identity?

    Is it already Libby? .

    What is his relationship to others, they are known for being members of the Islamic? .

    Is that an individual can buy them for their services? Is already very easy, because their deeds to Atnm about Islam. Can penetration or they originally by recruits under Islamic affiliation? In both cases, it can be said.

    What they wrote and what they said and what they want?

    “The message in the past,:

    No Ashkalkm forms nor Fatah and Hamas Bhrro Palestine

    Palestine Bhrrha What is my Lord and your Lord, the Day of Judgment

    Fils Jordan clay”

    (You have your own religion Crown)

    The new message:

    – Not to the State of Palestine: Any group refusing to state called Palestine. At this time frequented in the media talk about the two-state solution and the establishment of the State of Palestine. Visible rivers community does not want this state.

    – Vtstdrick says Palestine that is, they want to say it wants the whole of Palestine before 48 To not accept only historical Palestine and the State of Palestine, but reduce our historic right.

    – But come in the third line defines the concept of Palestine. Palestine but in the middle of Jordan “Fils Jordan clay” Namely that the site of Palestine in Jordan, this argument is of Israel's policy public and secret so he can say that the goal has been approached after the events of Gaza and permit the King of Jordan that there are events of the post-Gaza where he showed his concern and fear but versa if mobilized buttocks dollars Vsaqubl sell Palestine certainly.

    So the message is clear from this invention. But is it possible that an Israeli Arab spokesman?

    The answer to this simple question. Arabs known for a lot of them that they are traitors and sell their honor at the cheapest prices. Van sold Palestine and the king of Jordan, President Mubarak of Egypt and the occupation of Iraq was passed through Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar Is difficult clients Arab spokesman recruit? .
    Lebanon teeming clients. Morocco and Egypt as well as permission to Agrabh in Israeli Alastarab

    Before I continue Alert me to repeat the analysis of the names that you write in the names of al-Qaeda forums. Baseband see hides his name and not to know himself Bmahb loving Qaeda or al-Zarqawi, for example,. Fowlaúk suspicious them. The penetration of Islamic groups, especially al-Qaeda is very easy and actually tells you.

    What is in the song?

    Music and words in a very magnificence, which by and witty poet par excellence Those who understand Ancduha professionals.

    Who listens to the words he says that the artist pious Muslim Tsr on the present and the past complain calamities that befell the Muslims. This is true of speech reported by every Muslim but secured the opposite.

    What is the message put forward by these words?

    Come vinegary Ncov we Fein Fein, we were

    I hope we go back to the past to him we were far from us, we would still Ntmana:

    Stand on the ruins after the destruction of the house and the loss of the beloved, or the loss of family and security.

    Iamalmana time but when you Aazemn L drawback us Hanna:

    Here uttered that the defect in us but for whatever reason?

    Ehna who change us

    For the dignity of every Azemir not all all sold

    5 Centuries drawback I, we ceased

    5 Centuries of Appeals on knees Njathena

    5 Centuries and wiped a tear Mtnermad Tals us

    5 Shaft centuries all eyes how lost our land

    5 Centuries slave became free and free tomorrow jailed

    5 Sahi centuries become crazy

    5 Centuries either late Dear Muslims shout

    We confine ourselves to the salvation

    Here uttered vocalist Bthsr

    Vandalized mosques orphaned children Zqloa Alayama killed men

    But the case of Time shops

    LAPD Eiji on RBI modifies conditions

    The study and lunges increase

    Dim our land Lands sun smelted iron

    Faint of Lands West Almaxobh ice

    The study Wayne know dog cried

    I am a Muslim and I am a Muslim DATE

    Say it with all the intensity of expression of pride but really wants to say that the whole history Iamslm misfortunes.

    Here repeating the Muslim painful history:

    The first stab at the Gregorian year 1492 On the fall of Andalusia in the hands of the Crusaders

    After Hatana second stab stab stab the sons of Zion they tend us.

    When we sold our land and we give up and let us wander enemy fun of us even line history

    1948 Establishment of the State of Israel ( He did not say the State of Zion)

    The fall of Palestine O (A tool to express their joy) The fall of Palestine.

    But still Muslims chanting after Delirious calamities :

    Vandalized mosques orphaned children Zqloa Alayama killed men

    But the case of Time shops

    LAPD Eiji on RBI modifies conditions


    Stab number Thelathlh year 2003

    Hasan al-Basri from the land to the land of the poem

    Has fallen fought desperately.

    We count the enemies and profaned blood

    Iaalah sky mercy on innocent people in Baghdad in Tikrit, Basra, Karbala

    Fell State of Iraq and tears Saha Iraq

    State of Iraq and the reduction of us fell candidate fulfilled the award

    But now testify (God of severity) Beauty Maashhd human

    See the graves of Ambassat in the land of Afghanistan was Palli

    We would like roof ceilings what recipients Hassan

    When we renew the glory and get back to me was

    When we renew the glory and get back to me was:

    Iamslm when renew glory and calamities are still heaped on your head. Raise the flag and surrendered.

    Vandalized mosques orphaned children Zqloa Alayama killed men

    But the case of Time shops

    LAPD Eiji on RBI modifies conditions

    Vandalized mosques orphaned children Zqloa Alayama killed men

    But the case of Time shops

    LAPD Eiji on RBI modifies conditions


    – Even for a short call to think about what he wants the sons of Zion as saying.

    – Call to mind the work and Alhdhirmn Legend identifiers deceptive and affiliated sites ostensibly to base. One of Aigtr Bacma Islamist jihadist Many of them tucked so far not many of us Ated. Aamilat group of hacker seems to some to be Islamic but a puppet of the Zionists with distinction. So I talked a lot about some of the employment index of the base Vchkk ignorant fool and cursing hypocrite client.

    – Indirect message to officials of the island Tolk and understanding of some of the responses:
    Someone wrote: ” Was hacked forum Jazeera Talk patron of sedition and defamation” ……” This forum is a forum teenagers in politics and differences childish act as a sponsor Vtnah and famous for insults at all bad words find a place where the room for praise from managers hope to continue penetration” http://alhabbash.com/vb/showthread.php?t=2355

    – I did not see the ugliest and Onzl Palestinian Fatah members. Hmtwa Balkhtrac and Maaktherhm of traitors, not only in the net in the whole of the world and they have sold their honor and Bdahm.alkhbr says: “GOOD NEWS for each Fatah authentic” http://fatehforums.com /showthread.php?t=205661

    – Recent crackdown on Shiite and Sunni sites was behind belonging to Israel directly or indirectly, and the loser is known.

    Peace be upon you and the mercy of God

  52. I think that rap song Emirati and not Libyan. Dialects are similar to some extent. It registered a year ago 2008. In other words, an expert hacker Arabic rap music has chosen to express her words about the Muslim failure.

  53. Peace, mercy and blessings of God Almighty
    Thank you my brother Khalid to host members of the Al Jazeera Talk
    The second house that was us together, as brothers and Distinguished said
    We will come back strongly and, God willing,.
    And penetration is only a work of sabotage coward.

    God bless you my brother Khalid was blessed and wonderful forums
    Which constantly Sozorha.

  54. Hey Saber You editorial fiddling with no respect .. Fatah, who fought 50 Year droopy and editorial that Sue does not know the jargon returned Palestine .. !
    For this Ttaulk stupid rejected Altakwyne despicable Fatah ..

    Secondly .. In the forum, some Fatah brothers “Idiots” Lovers appear and put the subject and as they embrace this and a hundred reason Ansfh .. When he opened penetrate the site says frankly that pierced and is open for the following reasons .. Understandable language and clear and does not fear one ..
    And I Baraf Anu Cold Zero dislocation some stupid from the root Arabic sites because they Ttault on Abu Ammar on Palestine and said that the breakthrough in Arabic eloquent messages ..


  55. Talk and not Tolk .. Hey editorial ignorant

  56. Forums returned to work, my brothers in faith

    Thank you brother Khaled on hosting and apologize for disturbing the air by some obnoxious rats Altakwyneh ..

    My brother Peace ..

    Why do not we see you in the forums

    We are delighted that so much ..

  57. Aaama Samer spirit of free thoughts rotten First.

    You Palestinian Fatah members traitors and educate you about all the people .

    Gusalkm publication each year, even in the country where I live.

    Day that freed religion and Okhalaqkm your country will be free from viruses.

    To your knowledge, I am not from Islamists hypocrites to the security rule does not Alajuaaan and translators.

    Your ignorance Iahma calamity: Read the title http://www.aljazeeratalk.net And understand the meaning of Tolk first.

    We are wise to Antalm of idiots and traitors Iamstr Talk

  58. Miss Leila whether the administration is that give stars or other, but all the members, they were glad when they hear that he was hacked Zionist site
    The cheering and grow
    To the extent that they are called electronic jihad assault mail
    But we boarded the Mujahideen of Alkrton
    I mean there is no difference between them and the base when the eruption markets Tktd Muslims
    Do you tell the administration that the Zionists are the ones who have ratified the breach site
    This is very funny I guess that all Zionists do not know that there is a forum named Al Jazeera Talk Hahahahahahahah
    Are just want acquits Mujahideen Alaketonyen Hahahahah

  59. Leila and Samer and star and the citizen and loving companions and Mehdi even a single Khan here Klkua once

    Antoa here and I do not know enter the Forum even after opening
    Ok Amel Eh Abatheloly do not know enter each time Ptzar penetration screen

    Ah forget Mnoren Iajmap in each and a piece of God
    Greeting Touquet to blogger Elly Made Me brought to you
    But kept responded supreme God Akhalakm

    I am knowing that the forum is open Jianawsarh Galo Lee
    Anaardh …..

  60. For those who broke Forum
    We do not care to know who is, but more importantly, he proved to us how the success of Al Jazeera Talk to raise these I will not give them that label does not deserve Filipqgua so nobody as they wanted for themselves
    Even infiltrated the Forum a thousand times will not penetrate our minds that distinguish the wheat from the precious and our hearts lover of the island Tock but Stzadna strength and adherent to do ….
    And that they thought they had succeeded truly understand and deluded ….

  61. And forgot the safest on the common
    And aspects of an invitation to Khalid wish to see you soon on the island Talk

    Lord of disguise
    Bezid penetration of popular Jazeera Talk

    What Tnsuc my group, I do not know enter the tuk-sincere
    Acting fairly ..

  62. Kenana @ Thank you very much for the call has been met you register a new account on behalf of dailybarid

  63. Pardon my brother Khalid tandoor
    Aabouktk knew intervention and I Bakalli from yesterday, I do not know my sincere Baketb enter the ID password but I do not Ptfath In Gianna member I spoke to the supervisor and told me change my password, but I do not Brdo Bafath…
    I wish you could know if the intervention Leila or spoke no limit to the forum
    Thank you to bother my brother Khalid

  64. Ptzar message DNA in a programming error
    Most likely cause:
    The website has a programming error.

    What you can try:
    Go back to the previous page.

    More information

    This error (HTTP 405 Method Not Allowed) means that Internet Explorer was able to connect to the website, but the site has a programming error.

    For more information about HTTP errors, see Help.

  65. Welcome to my sister Kenana
    If you do not Taatmkny from entering Forum
    Return Use a password
    January before.
    And if you have another try by ID
    Mentzerenk you and your brother Khaled on the island

  66. Welcome to my brother Mehdi Thank you for your interest
    Of the morning and I Bhol and Maaya Gianna languagesTo supervisor tired Maaya explicitly
    In the end Hadkhal new browser and try my Lord and easy and I know Log
    The problem is that I do not have other identifiers ..uarvat value identifiers Delloukt Hahaha
    Date and violin again I did not have it, unfortunately, but Gianna entered Bmarafy Qllha and password and I knew intervention…. A remaining problem ???
    Hatjnn my group hard Tlhakony Hey Hey Mtlhakonish …
    Waheshni Forum Ui especially since I was out with him more than 25 Day and returned to what happened penetration
    God forgive them why they Elly

  67. God be in my sister Awnak Kenana
    Try and Try another browser can
    Adjusts . But the problem occurred with
    A lot, not only with you .
    God willing, we go back like the first and best violin.
    Brother Mehdi

  68. Anagert browser to Firefox, but unfortunately Bafath on the page hacked
    Ok I wish to Otbatly link page Elly intervention, including my brother Mehdi if allowed
    The idea came from Tani Brdo computer Mesh Bafath

    I am very Mtdaigh

  69. Kenana @ sister Kenana seems that the site is still suffering from Bugs nothing to do so I advise you to write to the site management

  70. http://www.aljazeeratalk.net/forum/forumdisplay.php?s=&daysprune=-1&f=2

    Try my sister Kenana
    Word of mouth is the link section
    God willing the good

  71. Kenana if Ante Gertie Password Tbek months last Atalath
    Fajti Password Akaddiem
    If violin and what benefit you my response to Hun and Battiyki ID
    To tell the administration and two Ergaulk yah if Bakdroa

  72. Peace, mercy and blessings of God
    God is alive and brother Khalid Karim blessed to hosting Praise God Gira.hya God our sister precious Kenana my sister could be because the location of the device returned to work well.

  73. Girl countryside

    Ahlin Kenana…

    You like you and share my love ..

    Doctrinaire delete cookies .. Then get thee perhaps mend his ways it ….

  74. Thank you, my brother and sister Princess Mahdi
    I entered my brother Mehdi link does not open with me regrettably
    Changed your IP and browser and entered Tani device but when Gianna entered open Amaaha
    A. I do not know the problem

    Oak O Princess Haklm administration
    Very Mercier Tapetkoa Maaya

    I do not know of is the Code de you Haaml A hard …Praise God all the best

  75. Welcome girl countryside Ante violin Wahashtiny
    Worked keda and Perdue Mesh Bafath Figures I Elly two penetrative

  76. Ok Abatoly administration link and I Harzlea if Smahtwa

  77. Possible brother loving companions because I worked everything he told me brothers thankfully
    Sastday maintenance engineer because the supervisor said Gianna Bafath that defined what the problem Fish

  78. Oak O Abatly link Haejreb princess with the administration

  79. Thousand thanks brother Mahdi, God willing, correspond with the administration of our Lord and do what is good
    Paschkrkm all and brother Khaled blogger Praise God all the best

  80. No not reasonable hard so I do not link the administration Bafath !!!!

  81. Elly de message appeared
    The requested URL /forum/sendmessage.php was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

  82. What you just threw my sister Kenana your device again

  83. Peace and mercy of God

    Beginning did a ball not returned again
    The location of Al Jazeera Talk I see from neutral sites to a large extent
    The forums Forum Jazeera Talk
    Then type whatever you want and what you want through one condition not to disturb the writing conditions
    This right of any independent site

    With all my heart did a not returned the ball again

    About the problem my sister Kenana (Distinctive Sharia Life section)
    I am also a time in the same problem but the praise of God and his power to solve the problem
    Use another browser and entered the Forum
    Try this thing may have been good for you

    God Almighty I ask that all of Ihvdhana Kid Alkaúdan and hatred haters

    Be with God sees God is with you


  84. Peace be upon you
    I am now talking to you from another device in the same house means the problem is not in the device

    Anavy waiting maintenance engineer may find a solution
    I would not say only God and yes agent in all hands that Tahedq not only to corruption and loss of effort will not reach him, and passed them hundreds of years
    God willing, that he wanted me back Rahman Forum will return the most beautiful and the most powerful
    The person in percentage Elly admitted breaking through the forum
    Thank you for Araftna real value to our forum cherished and will never abandon
    You remember well do you deal with the minds do not know any way to despair Every time Takhtrkon Forum will return the most beautiful and the strongest willing Alhinhan Altukeon strengthen us adversity

    One more thing that I wish Taabny contribute to the re-threads of the forum even back as n
    For I am very sad to form Forum

    Do not forget that reached My greetings to all the brothers in Tok and management that I could to Kiekm soon
    Do not forget …

  85. Hey Kenana ..

    Look for Forum in Google and get thee to him from there

    Ok Take this link ..


    Go in the other browser, for example, ..

    If income Forum ..

    Anskhi your name from any of the topics and Alsquih in the Name box and write down your password, which you you go out a few months ago if Gertaha then, for example, ..

    Xu Hai Hakash !

    I along with me Zbt

    Intentions are but a story ..

    I do not intend saw Minihh sister Kenana

    Grown iPod

  86. My sister does not Taosa Kenana
    There are members suggested you access
    Secondary them IDs .
    Try to access them even degrade your problem, God willing,
    سلامك راح يوصل بإذن الله لكل الأعضاء
    شكرًا للأخ خالد

  87. Oak brother Mehdi Abatly the ID and password and change my password'll become what Log

    God willing
    And Bulghm Thanks and Regards

  88. Peace, mercy and blessings of God ,,,,

    Dear brothers through my follow up of the responses I wish everyone pay attention to the dialogue with the opposite sex .
    I hope my brother Khalid alert to this point and delete responses from beyond its borders in communication with the other.

    Convey to you this fatwa even the benefit, God willing, and I hope you forgive me, for I do not mean they are given general advice for all anyone

    Question: !Tighter man says my sister dear or beloved sister or dear in Almtaatdiat?!

    Praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad and his family and after :

    Previously we mentioned that the discourse between men and women in the forums must Itagshah literature decency, and Etjllah dress grouper, and Atdther dressed chastity Alsabg, the heart of lust empty disease, and by the dilution of the peace, and speech is the food, either the discourse Thus, it is not an exaggeration to welcome ( Like my dear sister, the sweetest words, Aamreha, and Norte Forum ) And it is not subject to the heart is like Alchbeb, whether by word or image expressive rose, bouquet etc. .. either to be so, otherwise Vleglq this forum, or separates the women from the men, and the better anyway and God knows

    It also received an earlier fatwa, the following part of the answer :
    The discourse with the opposite sex, it is not intended Blarab be rude discourse between the sexes and the ethics of Islam, I have said in the description of discourse between men and women in a few verses old system : ـ

    Brotherhood relationship is governed by three sisters ** circuits

    And where : ـ
    A good kindness in words ** Makhlt from bad signal

    However, the expansion of kindness error, leading to the heart to heed the request beyond courtesy innocent to the emotional attachment.

    God has said : ( The Atakitn not undergo Vitma by saying that in his heart disease and said words of kindness ).

    No Tngnj and breaks to speak, you feel in the heart of the request immorality disease it is cheap, animate Inferiority, decadent to respond as requested !

    It should be noted that the hearts especially those in her feelings crystal clear, fast-emotional orientation, especially to the opposite sex.

    He has received because of the force of passion between the sexes across networks, and means of communication are unprecedented in human history, it happened because of storms and hurricanes emotional ridden every second through the Internet and other means of communication,

    What those most intimate emotions that travel through wires phones, the airwaves every second around the world,

    The atmosphere of the world has become today, in an emotional hottest ongoing !!They are like global warming which affects weather year!

    It is known that this is the box devil favorite, and it resides Fajakhh, and focused partnership, and it follows that the deviation from the dangerous al-Shara, and the victim only virtue and chastity, which are the curtain realistic Islamic morality, and ethics in Islam linked doctrine closely related,

    They serve as the ozone layer, which saves the human risks, to Aatsour over the ugliness, but Lester chastity, and the shield of virtue, and Fort creed, and Castle of morality, the greatest benefit to mankind of the ozone layer, but also from the water, the air, the sun, if they knew .

    This is obligatory caution when communication between the sexes, and to avoid phrases that will notice request heed to the heart of the opposite sex ferry Starter attentive emotionally.

    Conclusion : Which should be the speech of women to men, spontaneously purity, and under the robe of chastity, and behind the veil of Islamic modesty, it was on this basis gave the words matching the grouper, literature, and modesty, and vice versa, and tongues are told Magariv hearts

    Sheikh : Hamid Ali

  89. Another fatwa

    I am a member of many forums . Sometimes there are threads of the discussion and dialogue
    Vachark them according to my point of view has been Starter member or be a member
    So if I take the iniquity participated subject of a member of the writer.?

    Another question comes to writing in the forums :If you add a response to the participation of a member . What are the limits reply .
    Whether the subject was religious . Or cultural?
    Knowing I am addressing everyone always word of my brother and sister .
    It is currently only post a word of thanks or reward good God and pray for us and them.
    Can I take the iniquity or sin on it.?

    Last question on the same topic:
    I am her site and has a forum and I have shared male and female members
    Is it permissible to respond to new participants at their welcome and participation or not.

    In the end, I hope to show us Sheikh:
    What are the conditions and limits the participation of girls in the forums?

    Please advise me so God bless you. .
    Even benefited Muslim sisters and benefit from this fatwa .

    Answer :

    Praise be to God, prayer and peace upon our Prophet Muhammad and his family and after :

    Has shown that God in his book of verses that etiquette conversation between men and women : ـ

    The first verse says( If Saltamohen baggage Vasalohn from behind a screen Such is the purest of hearts and hearts ).

    The second verse says ( Not undergo Vitma saying that in his heart disease ) .

    Indicate the three verses etiquette, intentional and two of this legislation Arts :

    The first literature to be a speech when needed ( If Saltamohen baggage ).

    Literature II : Be behind the veil of any woman wearing hijab is unveiled.

    Third, literature : The newly serious modest when not dilute or Beauty and the thinning of the woman's voice speaks.

    The goals are intended to be implied from this Arts, understanding : Cleanse the hearts of the faithful from Conception immoral, indecent and warn women who in their heart disease
    Permission must be talking only when needed, and of, and behind the veil, and without subordination to say .

    Obligatory for a Muslim to possess Muslim literature and dignity and decency in the modern as well, and selects each function on it in the forums names, and must stay away from what raises suspicion and mistrust, and appeal to the hearts of words and terms that emblazoned with the devil, even if the person to remember that not pleased for his sister or daughter that address .

    We note here that the man who knows the meaning of chastity, which received Islam literature and knew the value of Muslim Sister and its place in Islam, disdains instinct that seems to him any word or tone or style of speech seems that he appeal to the susceptibility and the fluidity of a girl or a woman does not resolve it, as well as a woman who .

    Thus it is clear that if he needed Muslim to participate in the forum is not specific to women, so be it publishes useful topics, although she wanted to respond to the subject of the post vacant, raising of the terms that are contrary to what has ordered its gravitas to say, and decency in discourse hard with men, ” Forum welcomes our newest member so and ask God to make written with goodness and blessings ” And so on from year to welcome on behalf of the Forum there is nothing in it, and if it was observed on the participant or post to the delinquency should not be from the literature of Islam in the Forum, or the exploitation of participants in the outside relations, it must Aamat harm from the road and God knows ——————————————
    Site Sheikh Hamed bin Abdullah al-Ali keepers of God

  90. Kenana Try one of the proxy sites
    The problem I do not know any of them and I wish I had one of the brothers known .. That gives us the

    We are waiting for you, Kenana

  91. A man has an idea

    In fact, I would not believe that Buster, who broke Jazeera Talk it actually breached and scuttled….!

    Via stupid issue you a much greater

    Al Jazeera Talk was suffering from great pressure to extinguish existing wars then between all the warring parties Alogby you….!

    The evidence that I've always note that the number of new members in the mounting During Othelath months and almost half of the island joined Talk ten thousand new members while the number of active members dipped worth a thousand members….!

    Via moronic no forum in the universe that wants unless he was suffering from major pressure and resorted you the right time to Istgluck and put the blame on you, O foolish ..!

    For this I dare you to say how I managed to destroy Pak father files….?! This is not never get did not get by the originally…..! Many experts have been consulted in this regard and we have been discussing with the American company to the host site Jazeera Talk said it's impossible to get what happened. Otherwise, the whole world companies will disappear O foolish….!

    Not to mention, of course not for the disappearance of pornography and Arabic sites, in particular,………!

    It is important that stupid and did not do anything originally… Al Jazeera Talk exploited this incident to hide files in recent months as a way to extinguish the fire of strife between those retarded and the result, I now have the idea of ​​a man because of the follies of the Arabs….!

    Fodaa O Tuk Peninsula and goodbye to the fools who wasted intellectual and became a fool like them….!

  92. Hey Kenana Russela supervisor

  93. Help please.

    I am old and new member ( Hmsawih.ksamih ) This name cybernetic been following with you everything, but I can not participate for not activating my membership since the documentary, which passed it months ,,

    House Altuke I liked a lot, but …….

    I wish you could appreciate if you help me, because I myself joined hard to you my brothers and sisters ,,

    May Allah help all the best ,,

  94. Wrote to the administration regarding the objective now and the only link which managed all the way entry forum and messaging administration GS email Elly in Thread …….But I was not able to participate so far


    Into alleged that Al Jazeera Talk is caused by the breach to delete threads sedition
    Discord existed before the three months which will not end well everywhere
    First that the administration wanted it really as it is called is deleted posts on these topics and not of intelligence effort to sabotage the three-month bus important interviews and topics value and disabled member of many members were unable to access
    Also all those topics easy retrieval via the internet …Meaning that the discord did not sleep
    Because there are those who wake her every now and then and they can put up again ..!
    Also is not the way that befits Paltalk even followed to eliminate strife ,,,,,,,,

    Al Jazeera Talk targeted There is no doubt in this
    But it breached ???…God knows

  95. …I actually wrote a letter to the administration brother Sharif …. Frankly, I am haveing ​​supervisor tired of waxing and Gianna but to no avail

  96. I hope that does not leave the tuk-brother Muhannad that you were really is ..!

  97. I think that my sister a Hamas Registration is now open
    His brother Khaled This blog has registered

    See you there, God willing,

  98. Brother Mehdi Anabtaba eagerly Forum
    Very Paschkrk for your interest and attention of members of Brothers
    The total Raselty members
    Each member is trying to retrieve what he remembered of topics and the value of the task and the fatigue and the transfer and of the transfer of posts as well Explain Brother 48 Palestinians in the theme installer
    Will take time and effort but it is important to start and thankfully it is possible to recover what has been deleted from the Web

  99. Thankfully my sister Kenana you Tmkinte of follow-up forums
    And, God willing, your problem degrade final and go back like the first
    And best.
    What worries me is that the word of the brother man was thought to be actually
    Brother Muhannad Abdullah .

  100. A man has an idea

    I did not say it, but I deleted it hid…! This means that in what will probably come back sometime soon…! Having said that “Pak father” It is impossible to delete….! And it does all 12 H ..!

    This is a logical process to stop the obsession and madness intellectual between the warring parties…!

    Overall Whatever the truth does not matter, it is important that the forum is no longer a safe place and not insured bite burrow twice…!

    And greet you, Kenana will not tell you who I am and why I am a man has an idea… I am now nobody Unknown…!

  101. No, my brother Muhannad I'm not with you on this talk of thought to his place because Anfkdh never mind
    I think that the mind still exists and is still inside of thought which does not accommodate his pens

    I am determined to you Mvkrna creator Muhannad Abdullah
    Everything possible back again and very easy all your posts due
    Title search for p and also the net posts in threads can be transferred to the original subject
    I Nawih work keda but what Refer

  102. Thankfully my brother Mehdi God willing, will not despair in research director to return to My Second Home

    I hope to return for the idea of ​​this

  103. Muhannad .. Einstein Forum ..
    If you go you insist recipe … You do not know who Muhannad

    Kenana ..
    Try to access through a proxy sites ..
    I have a site that no longer works .. And I do not know other .. But I think you know

    Mehdi … God bless you .. Toki original

  104. Appeal to the brother man has thought
    I am sure you brother Muhannad
    Reference ask you about your decision because the revolution of ideas
    Waiting for you and you need to thoughts
    Do not forget that you made a commitment to continue and teamwork
    So you have to fulfill Bahodgk.
    Are you tired of years left him just win a hacker?
    Challenged and counting to the cemetery for the concert given by the bright new thoughts
    Which Stkhrzina to light.

  105. Welcome to my brother citizen
    I think we are all Tukean native,
    And increased the cohesion and unity Altukeh Spoilers,
    Thank you for your testimony.
    Beware of pranks Hey citizen Ehna guests.
    Pranks just in our house Altuke !!!1

  106. Jtkm indigo

    Qlbhetwa Code man Messenger !!

  107. Former member

    Peace, mercy and blessings of God Almighty
    Al Jazeera Talk distinctive media site, but supervisors are not doing their duty towards the criminals who are fighting the religion of God from the Zionist including (And Hadjan) Who claims to be an atheist while he is in fact a Zionist and I will explain this later for anyone who wants it, and does not supervisors ban Marafath until everything in the repertoire of malice Devin towards Islam comes out, and not the management Bhdf themes even those that God cursing the Almighty ….amazigh_01 and other people are waiting and waiting for the opportunity to insult Islam Boadia poisoned fought God

  108. Peace be upon you
    Batdhir brother Khaled, because we really heart Code Messenger ..lkn Sorry brother, I hope that Tthmlna even a few of the time and you can then delete what you want …This is the way I communicate with the members of the tuk-so that I can enter Forum …
    Praise God all the best

  109. Brother Mehdi thank you for your subject in the words of the people and I hope that the member actually activate the Forum until they come back as before

    And aspects you appeal to the brother Muhannad thinker Forum and will die without the department and threads
    I remember his covenant, and also that the Forum does not leave never except in the case of one God forbid
    Forgot heck of impossible logo ,,,,Of Christorna in our thoughts ???

    Kidney sure that he is not disappoint ..oarju

  110. I know my brother is not too citizen but now I will look p the net and I'll try
    I changed the browser and entered Tani device and deleted cookies and all roads
    The Resalat management and Antza R. replies
    But I did not change my network remains….!

    Very Paschkrk brother citizen interest

  111. Why Jazeera Talk?…..For it is an extension of the island that Bush wanted to Ikcefha year

  112. Kenana @ No need to apologize, I appreciate the crisis experienced by the members of the forum Jazeera Talk and I am in the service
    This is not a problem for me

  113. Thank you my brother Samer I entered the link and I figured the message de

    Not Found

    The requested URL /forum/showthread.php was not found on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

    Originally I could not access the forum, but through this link I found on Google


    And any other link from Google or ask me penetrative this message

  114. Yes, my brother and perhaps because it ( Tuk ) Also more freedom and daring to ask what does not Tsttiah media and other sources ..!

  115. God reward you ..onntzerk in our house Altoky

  116. Former member

    For sister aroma (Kenana) They are a victim of misconduct supervisors and their inability to employ the capabilities and innovations Members, it seems they always give franchise owners sedition and does not undertake any action against them
    And hope for the safe return sister aroma

  117. Thankfully I managed to LOG Forum and also participate

    Thank you all for this vigil Altukeh

    His brother Khaled Entries wonderful unforgettable you become a member of Tok
    Waiting for you soon

  118. Unfortunately site Jazeera Talk is prohibited in Saudi Arabia, we have

    رغم أني حاولت الدخول له أكثر من مرة 🙂

  119. I can not log in with the knowledge that I love visiting Mshahdt Taliqtk and analysis

    When will be attributed and thank