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Social networking monopoly on world public opinion prevents the Facebook channel Russia Today from publishing

Dangerous thing happened today through what was done by Facebook platform where blocked channel Russia Today “The most active channel in Facebook” From publishing any visual content indefinitely in a dangerous precedent makes us think carefully about the future of freedom of opinion and the other opinion within these social networks that were Taatdei long ago as a platform for the freedoms of #Facebook blocks @RT_com from posting until ... Read More »

Quick Excel Tips Every Office Worker Needs to Know

If you work in an office, chances are you need to familiar with, well, Office. Specifically, you probably need to at least have baseline familiarity with Microsoft Excel. The spreadsheet software allows you to do all kinds of things if you know how to use it. Source: Quick Excel Tips Every Office Worker Needs to Know Read More »

This Is The Best 9/11 Video You Will Ever See. AnonHQ

This is an amazing piece of work that should be shown on every channel on every TV station in every country. Not even 5mins long and blows the official theory out the water. Excellent at. Source: This Is The Best 9/11 Video You Will Ever See. AnonHQ Read More »

Five Linux-Ready, Cost-Effective Server Control Panels |

When you consider web-based control panels, the first thing to comes to mind is the de facto standard cPanel. It’s a powerhouse of a tool, that can do just about everything a server admin could imagine (and then some). Of course, if you’re looking for a cost-effective or open source option, you’d best turn away from that solution. Even though ... Read More »

How To Pick Your First Programming Language (4 Different Ways)

Recently I came across with a very enriching infographic that addressed the same question. Udacity has utilized the date of the top ten programming languages in the US (provided by IEEE Spectrum) to pick the best programming language for you as a beginner.The basis on which this infographic is made varies from location, your lifestyle and the potential growth in ... Read More »

Cost of Living Comparison Between Algiers, Algeria And Paris, France

You would need around 4,250.46€ (505,466.43DZD) in Paris to maintain the same standard of life that you can have with 150,000.00DZD in Algiers (assuming you rent in both cities). This calculation uses our Consumer Prices Including Rent Index. This comparison assumes net earnings (after income tax). So Algiers is good city if you want to do economy. Indices Difference Consumer ... Read More »

Internet Users – Internet users per 100 people – Map

Internet Users – Internet users per 100 people (per 100 people). Internet users are people with access to the worldwide network. Source: Internet Users – Internet users per 100 people – Map Read More »

Incentivised Social Sharing as a Route to Monetization

Have you been seeing more and more options for paying with a tweet, Facebook post, LinkedIn share or similar on the websites you visit?Can a social media share be used a monetization strategy? Is using social to get more eyeballs – and ultimately, sales – on your products and services possible?In this article, we take a look at how the ... Read More »

12 Questions about Juju | Ubuntu Insights

If you want to get the basics about Juju, here is a good place to start! 1) What is Juju? Juju is a state of the art, open source service modelling tool. It forms part of Ubuntu’s cloud portfolio, together with Ubuntu Server, Ubuntu OpenStack, MAAS for bare-metal provisioning, and Landscape for systems management and monitoring. […] Source: 12 Questions about ... Read More »

Free ebook on web UI design patterns | Web design | Creative Blog

Discover 63 UI design patterns categorized, dissected and explained, with real-life examples. Source: Free ebook on web UI design patterns | Web design | Creative Blog Read More »