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Five Linux-Ready, Cost-Effective Server Control Panels |

When you consider web-based control panels, the first thing to comes to mind is the de facto standard cPanel. It’s a powerhouse of a tool, that can do just about everything a server admin could imagine (and then some). Of course, if you’re looking for a cost-effective or open source option, you’d best turn away from that solution. Even though cPanel is one of the most powerful control panel tools available, it is out of the price range of anyone outside of medium to large businesses.And it’s proprietary.With that in mind, where do you turn? Linux, that’s where. Fortunately, plenty of options are available to meet almost every need. From web, email, DNS, database, backups, FTP, monitoring, and so much more… open source server control panels have you covered.Diving into the mix, you might find so many available options, you’re not sure where to start. To alleviate that stress, I’ve narrowed down a list of five such tools I believe fall into the “best of” category.Each of the following control panels can be installed on your Linux distribution of choice. Some of the offerings are completely free to use (some even open source), whereas others offer inexpensive premium versions. Read on and see if one of these tools is what you’re looking for. continue

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