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Elaph electronic newspaper on the way sex Playboy in Great Ramadan

Onzero O Muslims is to inform you of the prestigious Journal Electronic claims Althzer was unable to conceal secretes they contain Alsollnah corrupting the land and overlooking us in the holy month of Ramadan “O Muslims, Ramadan Ramadan ” Subject to the way Playboy entitled b “When women undressing Chimera “…

By a malicious named Abdullah “Abdul Devil ” Carmon this Zionist and no doubt, but if it was a bit of dignity to what wrote this thread “Villainous” I could not believe myself when I entered on the subject if it is accompanied by pictures naked women in various postures What do they want such movements hee. You want to spoil the minds of Muslim youth, but God will not facilitate you Omorkm “And God is the best of deceivers” This subject, which put him guide Thzerhm “I call on all Muslims to boycott the site Elaph this malignant seed should be deleted from the interface”Sorry to show the subject but in order to know the extent to flout and Thdhirohm

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  1. God, I did not expect that the exposure of these positions downtrend and this affects the supply Hapet Gazette and also helps to not allow the newspaper to be open to all

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