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In the name of God the Merciful

In our study to analyze the characters in the novels, often we focus on the concept of (consistency)And the meaning of literary Do match personal words with deeds or not, the word linguistic sense may mean consistency, conformity, integrity or consistency on the principle of.



The conversation here about: consistency. We, unlike the novels and stories, characters-often does not match our thinking and our words with our deeds. And often we do not Nstakim on the principles in which we believe:

  • We all want to enter paradise, but we Naby because we do not pray in humility not to mention God, but not a little honesty in our lives we investigate our dealings, and not only Ntsedk far from easy, and Nstakim on the principles of Islam in which we believe.
  • We all want straight families, but we do not spend the necessary time to build and patience to repair.
  • We want a healthy life, but we do not practice sports and eat everything Nsthia without controls.
  • We want a broad culture and an unlimited note reading a book and most of us - the most-in two months, or without it.
  • We want thriving businesses, but we do not develop ourselves and our ways of working and satisfied with what we have learned the first time.

We do not make any effort to raise the level of our lives to think about it and we wish, too often Nthjaj circumstances of our lives, which most likely is the result of our consistency on our principles. We want lots and lots of good things in our lives, but we pretend we do not have the time her. In anything our time goes on if not in the things we believe in?
لماذا نواصل التجاهل والعيش تحت تأثير مخدر الانشغالات اليومية التي لا توافق مبادئنا؟ كم من الفرص سيمنحنا الله لنعيش ونتغير؟ وهل ينفعنا التسويف إذا ما دنا أجلنا في هذه الدنيا؟
We all need to stop to ask ourselves what we want in this world, we all need to focus and consistency on our principles.
Dignified Dayem

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