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PhD student English Literature , Interested in culture, religion and community forums recorded irregularly on a blog Daily Mail

قراءات ¦ كتاب عبد الحفيظ بوصوف للكاتب شريف عبد الدايم

قراءات ¦ كتاب عبد الحفيظ بوصوف للكاتب شريف عبد الدايم تقديم محمد كاديك أهم كتاب يسرد الجانب الخفي من حياة مؤسس المخابرات الجزائرية خلال ثورة التحرير و بعد الاستقلال Read More »


In the name of God the Merciful in our study to analyze the characters in the novels, often focusing on the concept of (consistency)And the meaning of literary Do match personal words with deeds or not, the word linguistic sense may mean consistency, conformity, integrity or consistency on the principle of.   The conversation here about: consistency. We, unlike the novels and stories, characters-often does not match our thinking and our words with our deeds. Often do not Nstakim ... Read More »

Great hopes

The name of God the Merciful how painful it is to remember your dreams and your aspirations and all those things that dictated the day would bring, but you did not do… In those golden moments of youthful fills us with enthusiasm and a desire to do many things, and dream of glory which Snaish that we have achieved such high hopes, but the days of our youth go speeding without pay attention to them, we are a little -ala ... Read More »

Shater novel… Thousand

The name of God the Merciful good books: The book does not leave me after the prepared remarks is available in the situation that is familiar, the book moves in honest emotion or thought Samia, Azhzhani of where I am or pushing me to Ozhzh of those around me , Book wake me up from a deep carotid.. Ameen Rihani Some believe that reading novels is a waste of time because the events and characters from the hit fantasy, and in spite of this dialectic Rai (For ... Read More »

Riddle of life

The name of God the Merciful blog post writer Abdel Dayem dignified life seems to some Ksear who wander in it long before Atalmo swimming, and some other chess Kriqah they just cut driven conditions at will. The life for me it is a picture puzzle (Puzzle), Where you need a lot of pieces in order to be consistent integrated image to your life. In contrast to the image of the puzzle, life often does not give ... Read More »

Citations: Denial novel hell for Dan Brown

The human mind has a defense mechanism primitive cancel all the facts that produce a lot of pressure on the brain are difficult to deal with, called denial. Read More »

Facebook market pettiness

In the name of God the Merciful essay writer: Karima Abdel Dayem Vanity Fair is the title of a novel English writer William Thackeray Mackbys (William Makepeace Thackeray) , And those who wonder about the meaning of the title, it means ” Pettiness market” Writer and he wanted to in his novel depicts life in the cities where its people live empty of any meaning of life and not care, but the titles and appearances and what ... Read More »

Facebook explains : Why this decline in the number of visitors to page?

Merciful God, while Facebook has modified Juzimaith in 2013 To determine what users see as the latest news, both have a page on Facebook decreased dramatically to reach members noted to what is posted on his page, in this article explains exactly what happened with Facebook. The subject of a publication on Facebook, Brian Bolan, there Sbeyen major says that the number is less than Alzoarislon to content ... Read More »