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Citations: Denial novel hell for Dan Brown



The human mind has a defense mechanism primitive cancel all the facts that produce a lot of pressure on the brain are difficult to deal with, called denial. Without denial we will wake every morning terrified of the different ways that you may die out, instead, our minds are blocked existential fears by focusing on the pressures that we can deal with it.
Such as access to work on time, or pay taxes, and if faced existential fears wider, we Nnbzha quickly and re-focus on simple tasks and everyday trivialities. In a study conducted online on some college students, it showed that even the most intelligent students tend to automatically deniability. Based on the study, most college students, after reading frustrating melting of Arctic ice essay or the extinction of species, to get out quickly from that page and move to read trivial news cleanse their minds of fear. And include your favorite celebrity news and funny scenes video options.

- Dan Brown – Novel Hell

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