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What is the content delivery networks or CDN

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Perhaps many people noticed when surfing the majority of large sites as: Facebook and Toetro specifically in the lower address bar emergence of streaming titles strange , For example, when we ask Twitter www.twitter.com address and we will notice is in the lower band, a different address cdn.twitter.com So the question is what is this the CDN?

CDN / content delivery network and its meaning in English content delivery network, a major distribution system consists of servers “servers” Spread over many data centers “Data Center” Online .


The aim of these networks Hotkadim content to end users with the performance and availability of proportion Highs , These networks also serve a large portion of Internet content today. This content, which is a Web content (Texts,Fees or scripts) , A downloadable content (Media files, Programs, Documentation),Applications ( Electronic stores, Portals) , Live broadcast , social networks.

The CDN services are often driven by the holders of the sites are paying for the service providers, who in turn pay to the owners of data centers or Internet's customers to host their servers in places of high-quality and high availability large ,

Interest belonging to the owners of the sites by reducing the pressure on the servers that contain their first degree and protection from hacker attacks in the second shrine, as well as reduce hosting costs .



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