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Any holiday on the poor children who will not enjoy the joy of the feast?

In the name of God the Merciful

A lot of families this year as in the past will not rejoice this holiday Eid al-Adha, which as far as what brings joy to many, but it will bring frustration and grief for many other families ,This year the difficult earthquake heads of households continuing Bhzach , After entering the social hot and who accompanied the month of Ramadan and then followed by the Fiesta with all of them burdens inflicted upon the shoulders of the ordinary citizen ,


The global economic crisis which cast a terrifying Bdilalha to come home, which led to a decline in the price of oil and on the other hand has led to higher prices of consumer goods to imaginary numbers led to the transmission of a large class of citizens to the poor executed category, All of this came to us after the Eid al-Adha did not find what Nstqublh but pray that the sun overlooking the vagina of his arrival , The worst thing in this case is sad to see a child inappropriately luck to rejoice because the animal is paraded like all other people walked price is not within reach of the head of the family, which was unable deficit beyond deficit …Where is the feast of luck …Many people suffer this year … Oh Faraj anguish to all Muslims and the best of this Awwadhm.

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  1. Brother Khaled.. In spite of all this grief and pain, there are breezes HE Tlvh the hearts of children.. Not the animal is paraded no new clothes.. But Bbasmat and jumps here and there.. Do not feel them, but they are..

    How much is this sad case.. But happiness may be missing when the rich .. More than in the poor..

    I remember always around me that compare the people of Gaza to feel the happiness in all its facets..

    I ask God to relieve stress and to all Muslims and Islam Aazzam grown happiness in their hearts and hope in their lives.. And that does not deprive you pay Aschark as significant and grief.. (how beautiful he is)

    Every year and you're fine and the nation's okay okay and Muslims..

    Each year and you are in obedience increase..

  2. Yeah..
    Any feast for the poor!! But we must be joy in it, whatever the circumstances and to worship God, this joy, Grief will not benefit anything in raising their suffering but to work hard to raise their suffering
    Ask God to bless us and we in the joy and pride and the good grace

  3. Keeping life @ always proactive in responses to thematic God bless you on the beautiful intervention
    Mohammed Fathi @ Thank you very much my brother Mohammed God bless you respond