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Our festival hanged in Algeria

In the name of God the Merciful

Most of you heard of the decision, which was approved by the House of Representatives of Algeria these days, and on  Change weekly holidays from Thursday and Friday to Friday and Saturday a serious decision envelope under the pretext of helping the decision of the national economy after came another decision also dangerous and is the decision to open the representation of the Jewish religion in Algeria, where there is no Jews ... and years earlier decision to allow the Office of the Rotary open It has a branch office here in Algeria ..


Sequential decisions and organization to re-penetration of the Jews again here in Algeria, and we read as well as moral preparation that goes by some writers and blogs in the definition of the art of the Jews of Algeria and the high taste and their contribution to such and such .... Etc ... all styles sting these works are the product of the hard work of the Office of Rotary, which is no secret to one of those who know not Nuyah roots ,They want to make Algeria a hotbed for these bastards from Jews who did not have no one position toward Musharraf Algeria Everyone knows how the Jews contributed to the entry of France in Algeria , And how they contributed to the assassination of many of the Mujahideen Algerians ... without the current positions of the war on Gaza and the Palestinian issue as a whole , What makes intercession for those Jews to make them our neighbors ...

Weekly holiday issue is a real temptation for Algerians sedition in their religion and try to keep them as much as possible from the straight path , The House of Representatives do not know that Friday is a feast for the Muslims how to deny us our festival so vain?

ماذا تركوا للعمال و الموظفين من وقت يوم الجمعة أين وقت الاغتسال وأين وقت الغداء وأين وقت الراحة وأين وأين …..؟

Where the Ministry of Religious Affairs of this decision and where the minister saw itself in matters of bully nothing to do with Islam, but when it comes to one of the pillars of Islam the earth swallow ... Where are you, Minister?

Where Association of Algerian Muslim Scholars is not enlighten the role of Algerian society and the preservation of religious covenantal Where are you, O descendants of Abdul Hamid Ibn Badis?

Where are you, Sheikh Shams al-Din O star preachers in Algeria want to hear your voice shouting against this decision, you have many dreaded media platforms to talk and influence which this decision?

Where are you, O Abu Abdul Salam Galilee, O our sheikh Ahdnak honest and present in all matters relating to the interests of the Muslims you can talk to and denounce this decision where you are?

أين آلاف أساتذة الشريعة في الجزائر أين أنتم يا من تحملون علوم القرآن… هنا يعرف المؤمنون أصادقون هم أم كاذبون أم يبيعون الآخرة بعرض من الدنيا ؟

أين كل هؤلاء ؟ في رأيكم ألا يستطيع هؤلاء الوقوف بوجه قرارات تهويدية كهذه ؟

سوف يحاسب كل من صمت عن هذا القرار حسابا شديدا يوم القيامة ويسأل ماذا فعل بعلمه ومنصبه في سبيل الدفاع عن هذا الدين …

The great impact of this decision is the emerging generations, which will lose the meaning of the group and the meaning of autism and the meaning of Islam as a whole this door should be closed and only opened the gates of hell wide ... we

Oh God, I was ....

On Friday pleading Is succorer?


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  1. من يدعي أن هذا القرار يساعد الاقتصاد الوطني فهو كاذب ، هذا القرار يساعد بالدرجة الأولى الاقتصاد الأجنبي والفرنسي بشكل خاص.
    يوم الجمعة سيبقى عيدا لنا خالدا رغما عن أنوفهم حتى وان غيروا ايام العطلة الأسبوعية الى اثنين وثلاثاء فستبقى الجمعة واقفة وصامدة أمام اليهود وأعداء الدين.

    This decision did not surprise me largely being issued and approved by the descendants of the remnants of the Jews in Algeria.

    Greetings to you my brother Khaled.

  2. Younis @ actually for my friend Younis is helping the foreign economy is
    ولكننا لا يجب أن نسكت أبدا هذا تحطيم للعقيدة من أكبر أبوابها أنهم يضربون الوتر الحساس وتر الولاء والبراء لهذا الدين هذا الركن الكبير من أركان الإيمان والذي لا يعرف عنه هذا الجيل أي شيء ولا يكاد يفهم معناه
    But he was rooting this corner in the mosques, especially on Friday
    So they are fighting with all the power of Otto and our imams and our teachers and our scientists are asleep asleep
    Or they are still arguing about mustahab and Abomination
    sleep well ……..

  3. من لم يستحي فليفعل ما يشاء كنت سأقول هذا لو أن الأمر شخصي لكنه قرار يمس شعبا بأكمله الكارثة أنه لا أحد يلتفت لهذا الشعب الذي يحكم باسمههل هو راض أم لا المهم أن يوافق مجموع النواب الذين لا يمثلونه إلى مصالحهم الضيقة أما نحن فلنذهب للجحيم كان الأجدر بهم أن يتركوا الأمر لاستفتاء شعبي فالشعب هو من يجب أن يقرر ……
    شكرا أخي خالد للكتابة في الموضوع و دمنا للوطن
    My opinion / Algeria

  4. Peace be upon you.
    التطورات الاخيرة الحاصلة في البلاد هي نتيجة تراكمات عدة من المحاولات لطمس الهوية , من قانون الاسرة وتغيير النظام الدراسي اضافة الى الكوارث المتعلقة ببني اسرائيل في بلادناو هذا كله جاء على نوم الشعب الذي يغط في رقاد عميق , الجزائر في واد وهو في واد …. مشكور اخي على الموضوع .

  5. اين أقلام وافواه الذين يدعون السلفية وانهم على نهج السلف الصالحفمنهجهم الطعن في العلماء وتكفيرهماما الحديث على قضايا المجتمع فيعد في منظورهم الخروج على الحاكم
    فالسلفية المزيفة التي ظهرات مبدئها الطعن في العلماء (الجرح والتعديل) ونشر الفرقة بين المسلمين وترفع عليهم وحصرهم في قائمة العصاة كأنهم ملائكة منزهون عن الخطأ
    They are the reasons for these temptations that Nmarwa them

  6. Name of God.:( I will not be satisfied with the Jews and the Christians until you follow their religion )-Cow-
    How long, and we offer all these concessions,All of this submission in favor of the Crusader West vindictive us
    And Conspirator us to the Day of Judgment accompanied by his gang Zionists.

  7. In the name of God the Merciful

    Peace be upon you, deputies interested in the first class salary and pomp …, Glamorous fake, understanding of the Shura Council My completely as a man first ass, do not rub or Tsk, and the majority of them arrived by Alchukarh not by the people, they do not seem to mobility Kaljmadat and may they tayammum, but who plans and decide and implement is the government and procreate them and anointed with Moosa in people through the House of Representatives and are satisfied, but the minister is a pawn As for the Algerians muftis staff understand the ruling can not Hikhalvoh opinion who pays their monthly salaries……
    – Indeed, the rest left the remaining weathered – De Gaulle – Dreaded them loyal to the Jews and the Crusader West, including from France implemented programs that have not good luck to the application….Vihod Arabs and Jews have an interest in the Zionist incursion in Algeria beloved, thank God, the state allowed it and slaughtered – Friday – The revived day – السبت – It is Dah forward on its way to revive on Sunday pleasing to the Christians…….The question, what educational institutions do with Saturday's Day ???
    In fact, on Saturday for bank employees and ports is not only.
    ***** But we Kmadonin or quasi-bloggers we must write on a larger scale, and we are trying to change the evil tongue and pen, and that is the weakest of faith and sound the alarm, but if we ceased this blatant demolition and we are satisfied with the anger of God on us tomorrow .