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Team Mafia Crew penetrates the most important phrase of the Algerian government websites in one night

In the name of God the Merciful External Bank of Algeria site ,University site ,Biskra, Site wissal ,Social Security Fund website ,موقع Cerist ,مواقع INPTIC و Test-Web و ARN, Epsom, one, Assises du tourisme ... Wu long .walqaimh large number of the most important Algerian government sites penetrate once by a team Alhecr MAFIA-CREW



So simply these sites that I mentioned are not simple sites is one of the most important government sites ,Prove to us this process again the fragility of the security systems in all Algerian government websites hacked ... news sites came to me in a letter by a member of the team mafia CREW nicknamed badroh The letter stated the following, which translated from French into Arabic :

Team mafia-crew - Back : Bea, Univ-Biskra, NOTHING, Cerist, ARN, Epsom, one, Assisi tourism, earliness, CIP, Wissal, INPTIC, Test-Web ... infiltrated

Holidays , Some are exploited to the maximum extent to go to the beaches , vakhrvn llsfr , A small team of dedicated hacker all his time to penetrate the Algerian sites !

Each of hacker Str0xo ,Maronima ,And Badrh0 of the team MAFIA CREW Inaugurates Summer Season 2009 The arrest of several sites services once : External Bank of Algeria site 'Biskra University site , Site famous for NIC , On , موقع Cerist على , ARN on site , On site Epcom . Both sites have not heard the last two of them before

Modernization : Night white hacker , The rest of the list :

Social security for non-wage earners CASNOS site, National Center for Investigative Journalism , WISSAL portal , The National Institute of Post and Information and Communication Technologies , And site Test-web.Dz which has no effect on the search engines Yahoo and Google and Bing, but it is of great importance

** ONEC Take precautions **

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  1. Something wondrous God, I am confused so far!!!
    Not Ogahm goals behind these intrusions of government sites with I Ohjha, I did not understand the extent to which can cause damage to the owners!! I am afraid that the team is not Algerian…

  2. it's been that you have not given news , Salem
    I see you have translated word for word the message that you have sent Bardrh0 , it's just weird to read these lines in Arabic.

    A +

  3. In Annaba Amar Amar @ thank you well it's nice to see you visit my blog

  4. ya3tihom saha ma3dna ma n9olo

  5. Something nice to have a professional but I think infiltrators that their first to penetrate the Zionist and Western sites that attack everything Islamic…

  6. chekoun hada str0xo !!!!!!!!!

  7. I am coming to you, and str0xo Sochterq your hehehehe

    This “Baby” He loves fame all his main concern they write about in newspapers Hahaha

  8. Kids hard Atqwon Arabs either of them foreigners, very few can only