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Great hopes

In the name of God the Merciful

How painful it is to remember your dreams and aspirations and all those things that you once hoped to achieve but didn't…

In those golden moments of our youth, we are filled with enthusiasm and desire to do many things, and we dream of the glory that we will live in if we achieve those great hopes, but the days of our youth pass quickly without us noticing them, we - only a few of us – We always fall into the trap of procrastinating and hoping that we have time and life to do everything…


And when we talk passionately about our dreams and projects, we always find those who oppose us and tell us that they are just dreams and that they will always be.… Unfortunately, instead of believing in our dreams, and with the first failure we encounter, we turn to the opposite side and convince ourselves that they were really just dreams, so we replace them with concrete and guaranteed things and join all those “realists” In life, we live on the crumbs of our reality under the pretext of conviction…

And…We give up our high hopes

Why do we let ourselves down over and over again?

Why not insist on our goals and dreams?

Why do we always think the road is too long to pass?

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