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Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, an Israeli industry | The Ondreasept

In the name of God the Merciful

As we expected that the tale Daash is an extension of the great scheme of the new Middle East

Site with Andreasept publishing leaks of former US intelligence officer # Snowden .. Talking about organizing # Syria And those who stand behind him
Snowden said .. Daash creature of intelligence is supported by the American and British intelligence and the Israeli Mossad under the scheme called ” Hornet's nest ”
Hornet's nest strategy designed primarily to protect Israel through the creation of carrying radical Islamic slogans groups do not accept one another
Succeeded in planting the enemy intended Daash on Israel's border phenomenon of anti-Israel and inwardly directed his weapon for Muslims .
Hornet's nest strategy aims to attract all the extremists of the world into one place began taking shape now in Syria, Iraq and Jordan will start and Saudi Arabia
Leader Daash ” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi ” Courses received at the hands of the Mossad officers in the art of public speaking and studied theology .


Source Mohammed Shaheen For the location of a Andreasept

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