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We do not want to extract shale gas from Algeria

In the name of God the Merciful , A report published in the New York Times Year 2011 About the pollution caused by the large shale gas exploitation in America, despite its holdings of American technology, but the pollution was Huge Jaddaaaaa …. … Do not be silent on the occurrence of similar things here in Algeria …؟؟؟

Here's the report:


A formal report issued by the Commission investigations the U.S. Congress yesterday that the first oil and gas companies pumped between 2005 And 2009 Millions of gallons of toxic chemicals and carcinogens in water wells scattered in more than 13 U.S. state.

The report said that New York Times reported the U.S. extracts from it.. The oil companies have used these chemicals during drilling and exploration for oil and gas, or through the use of new drilling technique called hydraulic fracture process that relies on pumping millions of gallons of a mixture consisting of water, sand and chemicals into deep pits in the ground to extract oil.

The report said .. The use of such techniques led to the leakage of contaminated wells to safe drinking water and agriculture in more than 13 U.S. states, adding.. The method of hydraulic fracture, which has become more prevalent in the United States raises a lot of questions about the safety of material flowing out of the ground and the material is pumped inside.

The report blamed the blame on the oil and gas companies, which sometimes has to pump fluids containing chemicals themselves have not been able to determine what they said.. Some of this material was mixed with highly toxic compounds.

Meanwhile, a report and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said more than 1.3 Billion gallons of contaminated water resulting from the process of extracting the gas was originating from the state of Pennsylvania and the U.S. that he has been transferred to the water treatment plants, you can not turn the removal of toxic substances.

The report also said that more than 179 Wells produce water containing high levels of radioactive waste exceed the rates allowed at least a hundred times. The hydraulic fracture method raises great concern in the United States to carry contaminated water resulting from the highly radioactive waste treatment plants fail for purification and thereby reach these waters, including in respect of toxins into rivers that provide drinking water resources.

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