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Riddle of life

In the name of God the Merciful blog post writer Abdel Dayem dignified

Life looks for some Ksear who wander in it long before Atalmo swimming, and some of the other Krqah chess and they just cut driven by whatever circumstances she wants. The life for me it is a picture puzzle (Puzzle), Where you need a lot of pieces in order to be consistent integrated image to your life.

puzzle pieces

In contrast to the image of the puzzle, the life often does not give the scattered pieces of the image format arranged correctly, but you have to you from looking for those pieces yourself, and try to arrange them in a good way to give you the desired image of your life. And unlike the game is also the puzzle, it is not easy in real life to find all the pieces, but even that I found all of it is not too easy to find the right arrangement.

In the prime of your youth, you have a lot a lot of beautiful pieces colorful loud but constitute a random group so that it is impossible to ride out an acceptable image, and with that we like those flashier images and do not concern ourselves too much arranged, and everything that concerns us we found absolutely beautiful. The more offers us life,

These pieces begin to take other forms, some do not fade stripes valid due to the installation of the image, and some of them abandon it because it is no longer like it and start finding new pieces, even though it is not the beauty that we found in Hpapana, but it is a clearer picture of our lives.

When we reach a certain age, and after many years of delay -aatqada us that we still have enough time to live it and collect more pieces- We find that it has become necessary to begin the formation of that image, and the image of our lives, but it will not have any meaning to our lives, we begin to meditate in the pieces that we have collected over the years and we is difficult to give up some of them, although it is not necessary- And begin to form a picture of our lives… And while we thought that we have reached a maturity that allows us to install these very easily picture, but we are surprised that the pieces are not all in suitable, incomplete cut, cut does not belong to our image and the pieces are not in the right place…

The great difficulty we ride that image, which still lacks a lot, and sometimes Nrkpha fragile in a way that allows for some of the pieces falling without notice, and allow the other to take place not only place to fill the void … Because it is difficult that the some may give up this final task, and only live on scattered pieces are – According to his opinion – it works.. But the worst are the people who arrive at the end of life is not already paying attention to they do not have any cut to their photos, but when they find out that finally, they also discover that it was too late to install the image, there is no cut, it has not left enough time to collect other pieces …

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