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What do you do if?

1. بدأت بداية خاطئة

I wrote you a decent

أحيانا تمر بنا بعض المواقف ، و في لحظات غير واعية نتخذ القرار الخطأ ، و يمر بنا المزيد من الوقت و نحن لا ندرك ذلك ، فنستمر في هذا الخطأ


فماذا ستفعل لو بدأت بداية خاطئة If the days and nights pass you by and you suddenly wake up to find yourself in middle wrong way? Do you you will come back Your turn and thank God that you did not continue the mistake even if you have come a long distance? Or will you continue thinking that the way left to reach? shorter From the way back to the beginning?

The persistence in the error makes the return that must It's harder every time, no, but it makes us make more mistakes, and if these mistakes don't end and don't stop at a limit, and that's how the single mistake becomes many mistakes And we wake up to find our lives full of mistakes ..

The first thing we should Thinking If it happens and we found ourselves in the wrong way is back quickly, to make less damage losses, because if continued Lina We'll lose More and more, then there are no longer what we lose, because we already have We lost everything …This is the most difficult but the worst moment that a person may go through in his life..

We may not have tried that we ask We ask ourselves these questions to know the answer, but they are things that may happen to us Your Holiness times, so the solution is to avoid falling into these situations accountable We are constantly evaluating ourselves and evaluating our actions and taking our decisions carefully, so that we are fully aware of the results and avoid surprises that may disturb our lives. ..

False starts give wrong results…

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  1. Thank you my sister generous to put this important topic, which is the first of your posts on the blog daily mail
    This question can not pass any of us in any of our lives in our step this
    More important is how to deal with a similar situation, completion or back to zero?

  2. Name of God.
    Peace, mercy and blessings of God Almighty
    My brother Khaled :
    Our lives are our choices, you have the right to choose which way to go.. And then bear the result of your choice.

  3. The problem is not in discovering the error, but in the timing of waking up from the error and the type of error as well. Excessive error, especially with regard to future choices, is an inevitable evil. 3 Years of study..the continuation of the mistake must be the best solution for her and also for those who finally discovered that she made a mistake in choosing the right husband..planning for life is a difficult thing, especially for our country because the available options are very few. ….
    My sister's blog is generous, and greetings to my brother Khaled

  4. Name of God.
    Peace, mercy and blessings of God Almighty
    My sister Ray
    You may be right, but undo the mistake – Especially with regard to future options – Better than continuing .. I also realized that I made a mistake in choosing my major of study after five years, and I used to say every time that the path to the end was easier, but the persistence in the mistake made me go back to the zero point after I lost a lot of time …
    Believe me, my sister, we have to decide what we want and do not retreat from our decision no matter what it cost us, because we can not live in disguise for ourselves for the rest of our lives, just because we started a false start …
    Yes, perhaps planning for our lives difficult, but make sure you are solely to blame for the failure in the end, this is what it means to take responsibility for our lives, because all of us Christhr alone in his grave….
    God bless us good consequence and good end, and thank you for your Holy

  5. Glory be to Allah..
    The topic fits what happened to me today..
    I agree with you.. A false start will inevitably lead to wrong results!!
    In all our lives one has to review the same error and Anhaha hours..
    And always tries to fix it and perseveres not get tired..
    The road to hell furnished with flowers.. But, in contrast to the way furnished paradise brambles!!
    Everyone wants heaven.. So.. Everyone must stand before the thorns..
    It was time..
    bless you..

  6. Name of God.

    Peace, mercy and blessings of God Almighty

    My passing sister, thank you for sharing your experience with us. Indeed, the road to hell is always strewn with roses, but heaven is really worth all that trouble. .. she is” What no eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no human mind has conceived ” ..
    God made us enter heaven, God willing, and gave us a good end

  7. Thank you, my dear sister, for the wonderful topic
    It is as if you describe my situation when I made the mistake of majoring and I still suffer a lot in it until I was frustrated when my friends graduated from universities . I will graduate next semester, God willing.

  8. my dear sister
    The article is not just an idea I had, it was a real experience that I had in my life
    I wanted to pass on the results of my experience ..
    We do not have to give up, it will never be too late to do what we were created for, which is to achieve our ambitions after the approval of the Creator..
    Congratulations on your graduation and we wish you success in the professional world
    Peace be upon you

  9. It is wrong to continue wrong.