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Where the Arabic language O Communications Manager Algeria fimaktabati

In the name of God the Merciful

At first glance when they were encouraged to read a news story on APS Telecom says that Algeria will launch a digital library name In my library Thousands of books containing carefully selected through an annual subscription estimated 2400 DA … Good

When you enter into this esteemed library what you find?

screenshot-www fimaktabati dz 2014-05-29 22-27-46

Find a French position has a lot of French books … Wondering where to link the Arabic version? Which is supposed to be there is not anything obvious !!!!

Get puzzled and questions in your head spin begins what is this?

Harder and is looking a bit when you find that Algeria Telecom is only the client is providing funds Algerians are codified to Entrepreneur Foundation

A French institution called cyberlibris Working to upgrade the Francophone content .

My question to the Director General of Algeria Telecom and the minister responsible for the sector , How do you allow yourselves to such acts , Why Thmhun Arabic and Tstsgrunha why our state constitution Takrkon day and night

There are not punished those responsible for such acts.

Where MPs to provide Tsaúlat interrogations and so on such violations?

I want answers…

Yours unharmed


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