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Algerians site hacker fall right through missionary

truth-way=thumb Informed by a comment in my blog by one Algerian pirates they were able to drop right through Christian missionary site New Victory is calculated for the benefit of these young people in order to prevent the tide evangelist among young Muslims and those in the lower image of the site has left after dropping the pirates phrases: We lookout for each Altchristah missionary campaigns ... and there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the messenger of God Islam is the religion of truth


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  1. Give them health
    there is no God expect Allah with no partner

  2. Thank you brother Khaled to spread the word and we are on the lookout

  3. Melih God reconciles Halimz I write on this Rah Jay

  4. x.CJP.x @ and code the daily mail service has always been in this Menbrkm

  5. Give them health and God further drop missionary sites that Thtol evangelize Algerian youth

  6. Hello I am a brother of the Levant I hear and read about the intensification of Christianity in the mid-Moroccans I need more information to discuss prepared for the Christianization of the Maghreb do you help and good Dzeetm

  7. Abu Omar @ hello your brother Abu Omar for your request for Christianization in Morocco went to the site newspaper Shorouk daily and fill in the word evangelize in the search box and you will find lots of valuable information and investigative journalism focused on the subject of the Christianization Valjradh did not fail in this aspect, and God willing you will find your order and increase
    Gazette site is :

  8. Frankly Tvojah Bhalhi Llano I was among the members of the forums through the right and left of the period because of the insult to the religion of Islam and the Prophet Muhammad by the best prayers and peace be with Anu I tried in every way respond to them and the brothers Muslims who Cano me and Anasrona site biggest proof and faced the difficulties were due to the deletion of My Content that Asttiao did not respond to them and Fterkthm period before blocking the site we have Bsaudi ..

  9. God bless you must have to develop ourselves and I call each and every wealthy businessman who want to have ongoing charity
    After their death and pride and victory of Islam in their lives that Iqimo Alentdiat Islamic sites and which provides for the right Islam is a religion
    Themselves to take on the exchange on a group of young Muslims and pay them salaries that lampoon their lives to service the site and responding to suspicions raised by Christians
    Any sponsorship from all aspects of life
    Let them devote themselves to replying and writing topics only. God bless you and may God’s peace, mercy and blessings be upon you

  10. Peace be upon you

    God willing, the strength of the Algerian pirates will increase, and I am one of them

    May God support and guide us

    Wake up your Ramadan and Ramadan to all Muslims

  11. Hey Jadaan, the site is back again and type the path of truth in Google and you see, I seek refuge in God

  12. Come on, hacker, you are on the site named after him (Using the right ) The site is Christian and insults Muslims. God is sufficient for me and He is the best agent

    Where are you hacker?

  13. Oh God help Islam