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Al Jazeera Talk back stronger and more beautiful

In the name of God the Merciful I liked the message left by members of the site Jazeera Talk Alyusbandh their message and told them God bless them and helped them in their efforts to re-establish the location of the new big greeting them

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What happened?

Back .. Stronger and more beautiful

Media Al-Jazeera Talk found to affect, and the story of its creation was based on the idea that Arab youth is able to act, engine life around it if worked hard, was Jazeera Talk, a voluntary effort is pursuing a method of work of the team, as Itchy Gandhi, his clothes, his hands, Vantage done a recession in the British clothing Day satisfied .

We have found that the dialogues presented by the forum Jazeera Talk in recent days, especially the dialogue with Abu Ubaidah a resistance symbols against the occupation, the reason to raise entity does not like the speakers of this kind, He has been a breakthrough site Jazeera Talk on the anniversary of the Nakba, and enable, .

We find ourselves as young people, including Arabic believer feet during that period before an important challenge, a re-location “Stronger and more beautiful ” This is our motto for the next phase

Secondly, and quite frankly just re-Jazeera Talk Archive, who lost, and the author in the forums than three million post Arabic character set,

And we took ourselves in the management team meeting a condition not going to back it up, is a full archive Jazeera Talk our efforts aggregate Re, and our faith tells us in our ability to so, our efforts and to open the door to volunteer email again by members and friends and all of his sold on the subject of electronic resistance, refusing to enter any institution

As the dialogue with Abu Obeida is the node, we thank the hacked site, because it is energizing to the home of influence, and the likes of these dialogues is within the red lines, but it would be Abu Ubaidah staying in the guesthouse Jazeera Talk and answer your questions and inquiries, you will not hinder the penetration along the path

We will come back stronger and more beautiful,

Al Jazeera Talk

Media pulsing youthful

God bless you young

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  1. One of the members of the forum Jazeera Talk

    The fact is the eloquent message .. And I hope that God guide them in the re-opening of the Forum .. But what hurt me the most is the loss and the loss of the site archive .. This is a big loss .. And the biggest loss is the greatest and they can not return .. However, there are other Note .. I believe there is exaggeration in a specific destination charge and linked to the issue of hosting leader Abu Ubaidah .. I think that there are many disgruntled at Forum .. And among them former members of the Forum .. And had threatened to Forum breaking through in the event did not change its policies in dealing with members of Forum .. But finally and foremost .. They know who broke through the site surely have something we do not know, such as the IP address of the hackers and other .. And Shkra

  2. All trading actually even manage Jazeera Talk trading Palestine and the Taatmsh !
    The site was hacked at the first time of the same group by a very short period of time and enables the site to return after an hour or less .. And was not Abu Ubaidah and not M Obeida ..
    And if it was Abu Ubaidah problem was preceded hosting a political leader of Hamas, and for days after a spokesman for the Taliban, and the site has not been a breakthrough ..
    I think it's between Alachtracan .. The hackers are studying the first attempt and build on .. While the site was wounded vanity of retrieving the site and did not fortifies himself enough … Vavlh hackers in the second strike, and the site has failed to defend themselves ..

    I am very sorry to hear that the blow was fatal .. Unfortunately ..

    And hackers Imiolathm and previous activities and even well-known attitudes can search for them on the net and not just any other hand adopts for reasons quite far from what happened ..