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Penetrate the official website of Algeria in a unique and dangerous precedent by hacker known stroxo

Today I received in my mail 3 Emails tell me that Algeria Post website has been hacked at 3 o'clock 36 Minutes in the morning of hacker known party…

Image of the site during penetration:

stroxo The company of a colleague called Badrh0, in a unique and dangerous precedent, and the hacking took place for a period of no more than an hour, and as shown in the picture, the hacker did not intend to sabotage the site, but rather to show the security failures that the site suffers from, and it came in the hacker message “That if I make transfers from the balances, you can arrest me, but not and be sure that 1 Dinars from each balance how much will it be worth? …? But there is no wealth in our hearts …” The hacker warned them that the next time he will never be tolerant, and this hack comes after a series of hacks that affected every answer site and the National Bureau of Examinations and Contests site about a month ago.

The source of the news is each of the brothers : his0k4 .samy. vnc

Thank you

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  1. Bouchia Mohamed

    I promise in the coming days to hack djezzy

  2. I promise to rob all Algerian banks, I swear to God, I am a martyr

  3. I want you to teach me how to hack and send me an email

  4. did you know that it is impossible to hack the algerie poste server and this company always remains protected from these hackers and nothing to fear.

  5. I want you to teach me how to hack and send me an email

  6. HaCkeR-nOiR23


    Empty brother, there was no such thing as impossible

  7. I want to know how to get the password to know my balance because I do not have a check, but I have a SIM card

  8. My brothers, peace be upon you in our country. The one who exposes the faults of others is considered ignorant and his limits are counted. This only indicates
    If it is correct to say that the wrong man is in the right place, and this is the case of most Algerians in particular and Arabs in general, and this person who exposed the security failures of the site must be given the best penalty and be the true holder of this site (The right man in the right place) This is if we want to rise and move forward

    May Allah reward you

  9. What is the meaning of this word? “impossible”
    If you want to know more about us
    The whole thing is exposed and you don't even need to bother talking about it ….
    It is only a matter of time

  10. Hisoka we know him and Storm What is the rest, no, God willing, but for those who make promises, we don't want a promise, we want achievements..and there is no well-protected system, even Linux has vulnerabilities over and over, Poste Dz had a loophole MyPhpAdmin

  11. Get convinced and don't hit your head on a wall.. Here we had billions, not dinars..
    And I didn't write on it until one..