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Algerians thousands flock to the city of Blida to watch the encounter Egypt Algeria

In the name of God the Merciful is stunning too, as if for a wedding Algeria bans similar to the Independence Day national flags fluttering everywhere I turned your face and shops, most broadcast songs Sports spherical waves of great humanity are all bound for the city of Blida to watch the meeting scheduled with the Egyptian team ” I do not think the stadium will suffice for this huge number of arrivals ” …By virtue of a local presence on the side of National Road No 5 I had contact with the delegations that made the pilgrimage to Blida, and these were the sayings of some of those who entered my locality and spoke with them :


I asked someone why all this fuss, this is a normal meeting, and he replied : No, this is not an ordinary meeting, we will play on “odd ” God willing, we will win the meeting ..

I understood from him that this meeting in which Algeria must win, otherwise the consequences will not be dire

Another said after I told him that he would not find a place in the stadium after what I saw of human masses : We are going to go out and turn it over and it will not be neglected anymore …

Everyone is on their nerves waiting for this football match, which I think will paralyze Algeria tomorrow for a period of two hours. ….

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  1. A while ago, I was watching on Al-Jazeera TV, the football team, Freif Madjer and Belloumi, was shown. The audience was at the level, and encouraged with all sportsmanship. As for the fans today, as he said: “pride” and salvation.

    I advise you to close the shop tomorrow, Algeria will burn, whether you win or lose.

  2. The ball in Algeria is madness without borders …. God is going well

  3. Our youth are waiting for opportunities to pounce on state property and spoil what they can, so the match is not the reason, but the desire that emanates from within them. …Of course, for me, although my nerves cannot bear to lose, whoever plays deserves to win, and whoever wins, Arab football is the winner first and foremost..

  4. Win or lose, we will always be with Algeria and the national team, and even if we do not achieve the desired result in this match, this does not mean the end of the flag.

  5. Gabrallah Sarah

    Rejoicing is once in a lifetime. Let the youth rejoice. Nothing is forbidden. Let them forget their worries ( unemployment , Poverty ……… And, of course, narrow-mindedness .

  6. saleh_tamimi

    Congratulations on winning Algeria …

    As for intolerance in Algeria :

    From my point of view, fanaticism is what will destroy the Algerian national team. The players are among the best Arab players who play in Europe. They face great pressure from the fans, which makes them play while they are in a state.
    Mentally unstable, football needs to : Calm and good thinking .

    What does Algeria need to qualify for the World Cup in South Africa? .

    I hope you win the remaining matches .

  7. Going to South Africa 2010 God willing

  8. pride?? What is this decadence?

  9. Algeria boys lakamora

    Vive lalger

  10. I love Algeria and God willing Algeria will win

    قول lives lives lives lalger

  11. Long live Algeria, the country of one and a half million martyrs
    Egypt will win in the scenes and the cursed films and clips. world
    Hi ** Algerian and proud **