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Necktie .. How can?

In the name of God the Merciful

After waiting for me Eid al-Adha days happy event is one of the most distinctive in the days of my life, which will send a new spirit to revive my life, God willing , I bought a new suit fit this event did not suffer much in selected you will buy a suit in black, but I prefer gray color because I love him in all my clothes , everything is great , Nothing remained one ... tie ...



What is the correct how to form held? , I will wear a formal suit for the first time in my life and did not get me honor in her experience by , I met in the evening Bmahly with a group of my friends and offered them a tie Perhaps one of them fluent in formation .... No one knows the way , There are a friend recently entered the security forces "are supposed to be informed of how he" forgot about the correct way and under try and try until it reached an acceptable form, but did not convince me much , I learned that there are two main methods for the formation of a simple way Rabta and other Bakd , Mahal? Resorted to the internet that did not disappoint my mind , I found many sites that explain boring detail many ways to various types of bundles , I have chosen this video is subject to the way in which I was looking for. Perhaps some people like me will benefit from this video below there is also a picture that contains some explanation Graphically qualities



In fact, way too easy, but one does not like me wearing this kind of allowances are considered practical punishment , Thank God I am not an employee at any was not even Adzer punishment daily to repeat . Source image : Site

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  1. Name of God.
    Peace be upon you
    Congratulations, thank you for the way, I am also not good and I'll marry a tie for future husband…

  2. God I looked for you brother Khaled, congratulations, not less speech or marriage ??
    And punishment Lina course (Wash Ame is protrude .. Full Nderoa of Avar . .Heh)
    Thank you for linters which became interfering in the smallest trivial things to the biggest events in our lives ,, Hallelujah

    Greetings and best wishes to you and her, of course, happy life and filled it with righteous offspring and El Heni Grace of God

    Caen, such as saying "God breaks Banatkm jar of honey and Tbquao Hleuen to Bedakm," Kelly Rani Qltholk lol ...
    Congratulations again

  3. Peace and mercy of God ..
    Brother Kamal from France ..
    Thank you very much and God bless you ..
    And thank you more for the fact that the film in English Thank you very much..
    And Labee understood by reference………Peace be upon you