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It declared war against Muslims, why wait to defend deprived us?

It showed us the last days of the year 2008 Including no doubt after that all Western countries allied against Islam and Muslims, and they are suspicious of what is happening acquiescence in Gaza is only a declaration of war against Islam, and that Islam is not their enemy first and last and we do not have much philosophizing to know their intentions…

And let the idiocy that wants our officials to Athbtoha in our minds that there is an international law and there is an international justice …Law and justice are discouraging and replace them as Agironha do not observe the rights of Muslims never to you in Somalia Somalia's best Muslim guide are suffering and no one stretched out his hand to help her because she did not respond Dolhmoslemh sell debt for worldly ….So we are declared on us war we Muslims as a whole and in every part of the world so we must prepare for this war numbers psychologically and physically and purify ourselves from the filth and trust in God and ask God to guide us and guide our steps and this life only pleasures and fascinate only ” Created the jinn and mankind except to worship “

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    God, we were on the attack with words we can not because they are people who do not understand very thoroughbreds *** I mean by saying that the Arab delegations because the West prerogative another They understand very sword ******

    Ask forgiveness of God ask forgiveness of God

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  3. Allah is my suffice, and the best deputy

  4. Death to Israel