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Post your thoughts.. You talk in politics “Code Hammoud Studio” Pink with them

Article published in the Code Hammoud Studio On 14 January 2007

This article dear brother Essam “Code Hammoud Studio” Thread has moved me and I responded to him and to you the article with pink below

Wonders of the things that Amadgadtha frustration and distress caused to the Arab country became so attached tongues and opinions of ordinary citizens'..

A friend who knew about my blog not surprised this while researching on the net presence.. And came to me in the evening and on Sahnth a lot of panic and horror at the same time kind of smile, "Rahi acetate you" or Obashrk near your end Issam..

And started talking to me in other words, as well as the type of "You talk in politics ... huh ???" .. "Reply mind.". Or "Take Hattk.". And "do not have to like what you are doing and Fear Fire" fire which is the authority and the like who are proficient Sfna find him on anything in their way just because we Thamsna on increasing the price of bread has doubled..

Since when, and I'm talking about politics?. What I am saying is not a political statement or a serious opinion.. This is the opinion of an ordinary citizen and I do not know where distrust in all what I'm saying?. I speak as cultural and knowledge on my level and no one is obliged to follow or take what I'm saying.. But my opinion is not a Sajberna that Hist. If you find the right place to say which this blog.. Was amazed to this panic that hit my friend is unusual to read some opinions modestly in newspapers State Kbr and sunrise and other newspapers that are not so complimentary sense of the word, but is a drafts sold ten dinars original name "Tablooad" and those who wanted to know the meaning of newspapers fact, look at newspaper .

The Algerian TV does not broadcast the other usual image is transmitted though officials appear as heroes and the truth is otherwise.. Has preserved us from being hosted on a regular basis and people really wanted to hear their opinion is removed from the screen permanently.. It is known that Algeria does not permit the establishment of satellite channels on its territory in the sense that those who wish to create a satellite channel Whatever especially if he was a private in Algeria to try in other countries.. And all this for the same reason that opinion remains the same adults who wish to stay..

Even parties that suddenly we hear posed no benefit to her and this allows the power it just a formality for decorating parties.. It can not change anything.. It is a subsidiary and not followed..

Even talking about the Salafist talking about and tearing and Icherahon If passed by them and what my predecessor had their heads Tair..walgrayb that no one of them was able to say it explicitly in the face of any predecessor was.. And, of course, talking about the veterans of the bottom, which know that the Salafist What is only in the last political orientation and guidance is not purely victims who do not know anything.. Like the sheep that follow Mollagha and no power to it.. On the last and if I insisted they say that you are "Mkhrv not know goodness and Rashadk.. And you are ignorant " .. Sir I am clueless.. You snitch income..

All this suddenly when one wants to talk with us and loves preferences Asked about the incident and emergency Doe Doe terrifies everyone and afraid because we still live in us and Nach terror and repression effacement days.. "If pronounced Ahezwk.". If I said well, "Agbrook.".
Like sex they are talking about in the rough, and they are doing in the rough and no one can be applied to publicly that he will present himself for the loss.. Just do not like to hit something..

Janas Qallona.. And we hated Okhtiohna Rana

Issam Hamoud

Khalid Memon response to the article

لا تهتم أخي عصام حتى لو تكلمت في السياسة فلن يأبه بك أحد لاننا في الجزائر في فوضى لا نحسد عليها …الخوف من الكلام في السياسة كان أيام كان يحكمنا “الرجال” ومن شيمة الرجال أنه لما يقول لك سأفعل بك كذا فسوف يفعل أما الآن ف”الداب راكب مولاه” ان ضح التعبير لا شيء في مكانه الله ما بعض من بقايا الجيش الذين يحفظون ماء الوجه وهذه حقيقة لا نهرب منها نظامنا في الجزائر متعفن الى أقصى الحدود و التاريخ سيشهد على ما أقول بأن هذه المرحلة هي من أسوأ المراحل في تاريخنا “بيع البلاد” هذه هي العقلية الآن كل المؤشرات الموجودة الآن تدل على أن الجزائر ستواجه في السنوات القادمة مصيرا مجهولا ومضلما وماعزز هذا الرأي هو تصريح الرئيس بوتفليقة الأخير بأننا “كنا نضربوا في الخاطي” و هذا أمر خطير جدا لمن يفهم ….

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