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Are you married and became a housing and life in Algeria impossible due to exactly?

Question became arises strong today with the situation of poverty in which we live where the majority of young people became a no man's land closer and much easier than muslim and went lofty goals unheeded objectives affection and compassion righteous offspring no longer have a presence became a concern now is to search the woman for marriage to Find a few parts of the women to enjoy …Do not be surprised of it has become commonplace in the country and under the eyes of slaves and it is not limited to young adults only, but even on young people 16 Years and like every day I hear a story about them from some friends that I could hardly believe her from the intensity of gravity ….It is important that things rots a lot and our patience is running out of poverty and carried out in us and we no longer tolerate something of our situation …Previously things were very easy wants to marry to build a small house with mud Enph in his hands anywhere no one was hampered was when he intends to marry everyone becomes one man and helping him what he was and does not carry them never was a simple life and simple dreams and no extra costs for everything of nature, and everything goes back to nature …Now the simple Vhakna has become a kind of fiction do not live nor marriage and does not work and sex in return plain pornographic channels and thousands die in every corner seeks to cause harm and the various types of taxes …Where do you want for young people to innovate or produce from where where….What are the choices of young people today:
To become militarily mortgaging your freedom be satisfied with a salary does not sing nor fatten from hunger and evaluate suspicious relationship with a girl or more and”Do not live in”
That Thakd everything and become a criminal and ascend to the mountain and wreak havoc on earth, then there is no difference between Halal and Haram
To commit suicide in a place where one does not find you popular proverb applies to you lived earn Matt what unhand
where's the solution
Nowhere to Flee
Where are we life
We have big dreams and aspirations of the largest …………Time seems to spend the day after the day that we meet God……Guilt is not our fault we found in this big prison Katim for all that is beautiful, I know that misery is written on us ….let it go….But how long
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  1. Young people remember the excuses put forward by the girls and say that young people are different requirements because it is looking for Nancy and Haifa in a future wife..
    As a result, the reluctance of young people for marriage and the trend of taboos and delayed age of marriage for girls..

    On both sides to reconsider Maimlk of ideas..
    All what I said is true I do not doubt it.. Because it is not limited to only young people of Algeria..
    But in contrast, I see girls not only good Attbann bond and is not a matter of substance..
    As young people live in the pressures of living in a girl who is similar to any pressures they are aware of what is happening in society..

    A question of how appropriate looking for a woman who may have been accepted without will help you the terms and requirements of exaggerated educational and religious awareness..

    I remember here that “Azfar same religion patting hands”
    I ask God to bless the good works of our youth wives and daughters alive and righteous husbands and help them to seduce life and Moryatea..

  2. Keeping life @ God bless you my sister caught life …

  3. ((((Where are we life
    We have big dreams and ambitions bigger ............ seems to spend time on the day after the day that we meet God ...... guilt is not our fault we found in this big prison Katim for all that is beautiful, I know that misery is written on us .... But .... But to when))))

    take it easy.. Leave your pessimism..
    God, there are those who are worse off than she says..
    There are those who violate their honor and their role and their daughters raped in front of them.. There are those who see the death of his family, a slow helpless.. There are those who degrade and persecuted at home..
    There are a lot of patience, and the referee made the pain the beginning of the life of a most successful affluent..

    There are thousands of tragedies in this world Aldnip.. We must not Nkablha Balottaghm and pessimism..
    But Abanna to harness in order to excel and then when God Alkhalaiq..nsol God help and satisfaction..
    Always remember that this pain is what distinguishes worshipers God and is that Tsgl human Valabdag always comes out of the womb of suffering

    I apologize to go back and add another response but it was Strk painful especially when the youth conscious and confident God's mercy..

  4. Keeping life @ Thank you very much for your response and motivation encouraging disappointing …

  5. Peace be upon you …….God bless you caught the sister of life is the only solution in God and have hoped to work a year noble Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him God ….Yes, thank God for everything, there are those who are the worst of us…….I can only say good Tvailowo Tjdowooh
    ……..The Lord answered hour Good God willing…………

  6. Khalil Algerian

    This Dzaana because we shy away from religion ………….And your Lord is darkness slaves………………God does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves …………….Let us remember the commandment of Luqman to his son as saying in the patient on what has befallen it from the determination of things ………..Oh god to Islam in response to a beautiful………………We renew repentance and Aloobp to God Almighty and trust in God, he is God, and is calculated by Razzaq with a force ………..And ask Allah of His bounty .

  7. Elly of forgiveness be encountered
    He says ((I said to ask forgiveness of your Lord, he was Gfara * Heaven sends you in abundance * And Amddkm funds and boys and makes you gardens and makes you rivers ))
    Tmant in this verse every human Maeetmny found comes Balastgfar
    raining …. Madrara
    Money …..
    Boys ……
    Prior to that marriage ….
    Rivers ……
    Log in paradises ……
    Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him said
    (Necessary for forgiveness of God made him all they Faraga, and
    Each narrow way out, and living in terms not calculated )

  8. And indeed my brother after this article two years now and I thank God married and I have a decent job and all this from the fruits of God's forgiveness and Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds