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Revolution O Egyptian people are the solution ... !

In the name of God the Merciful

What you happen for heaven's sake? We destroyed our feelings and our hearts what you Dhakm O footprint Egyptians . Where popular leaders and thinkers and intellectuals and theorists in this nation ,Taatkhalon for the duty and obligation of this footprint , We offer you excuses but not now and not a thousand ...

الثورة المصرية Egypt revolution

Exceeded your government and the authorities of your country and all borders 85 Million human beings and subject to silent and hand solution , لقد انتهى وقت التغيير بأضعف الإيمان أنتم الآن تحت رحمة شبهة الخيانة للأمة الإسلامية و عليكم بالتغيير عليكم بالثورة لقد فاض عليكم الذل من كل جانب و أنتم ولا حركة ولا شيء , ماهذا؟ على الشعب أن ينتفض هذا واجبكم و هذا حقنا كأمة أسلامية أن نطالب بذلك أنتم أقرب الأقربين إلى الشعب الفلسطيني و عيب أن نريكم ماهي الأصول و الواجبات. And I am not here in the place of vindictive and not Almitrbes I'm sorry that you are on the case before you and others.

I blame the active leaders in the Egyptian arena of failing to ignite the hearts and the hearts of the Egyptian people and show the priority of protecting and supporting Palestinian brothers , No excuse because we have seen how it can move the entire people of the cause does not sing ensures hunger "football" , You said Antvdtm For you are defending your honor and your history Shining.

No place to despair and exclusion change the right time and a comprehensive popular uprising will overthrow this corrupt regime and remove it forever , They are in the last few in this country, and you can remove them and impose a word against their people threw you the mantle of humiliation and shame, and they moved in the way of Allah , Your brothers are dying of starvation and oppress we die Nkda and sorrow , تحركوا يرحمكم الله . من كان قلبه يآئسا فليقرأ هذا المقال بقلم الأخ الفاضل : معتز بالله عبد الفتاح.

Intifada and the revolution is the solution should this rotten system abroad fall for the religion must still and tried all its members-one end and held accountable for every drop of pure blood Osalt because of them. Otherwise, it will come from not Tradwnh and fly the opportunity of your hands, God waits but does not neglect , God does not change the condition of a people until they change what is in themselves .

If the people wanted life, destiny must be responsive to the night that Yingli must be broken for under.”1″

  1. There is an indication of Kufr in this house please take into account.
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