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The coolest rare Arts

I wrote you a decent                       In the name of God the Merciful           

The art of communication with others is one of the most important skills that must be acquired in our lives, but this skill is based on respect of rare art..



All of us maybe Perfects This art.. But many of us Fails in that.. He simply ” Honesty”.. And while Supposedly To be there Lots Said to him, there is much to be said about Enemy Arch: Lying ..

· Peoples shirt :

they say that Peoples Kaalghemas, and that lying is so Thread Which connects them, if lying still rupture Shirt peoples.. This is known as Hypocrisy Political, it may be a lie Project To preserve the interests of the peoples..

· Men Salt :

at the time Believes In which some women Tend llkzb More Of the man, there is the Confirms That lying is ‘ Men Salt ”. Men lie to avoid bile And access to the living Balanced With Minds Their wives…And Succeed The men in it, not only because they More Ability to Crochet Lies and choose Timing The right to say it without being DiscoveredBut because women A quick Ratification way Amazing, Because they think that they The only Which Proficient Lying..

· White lying:

Is that the lies Small Which may we release when we believe that no one Will be affected From behind or it will not Complete Discovered.. And sometimes we do it llmrh Only, but it may develop lysbh Usually, And this is what will drag behind a lot of other trouble that we were in the indispensable…

· Prevarication :

.. Sometimes we say Half Indeed, because we are not afraid of telling the truth perfectOr try beautified Some Thing, and the fact that the truth The most beautiful From Tzifaa Turning a blind eye About half of them..Vshrha Long-term and give us Fruit Good time Our need to her..

· Ear .. Do we have to Always tell the truth?

why not Do ? It is not us satisfaction Others or to please Nzoatna on Account Our conscience ..and Honesty Satisfy your conscience and Earns Respect for people and Trust…And this is what makes Honesty In the end The coolest rare Arts.

1. Honesty is the finest arts rare - Mark Twain

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  1. Peace, mercy and blessings of God
    Select the title in the paint out and separated without money .. The idea reached Kosherbh water

    Your words .. From doing professional jeweler

  2. Good brevity makes sense.

  3. Name of God.
    Peace, mercy and blessings of God Almighty
    Ahmed's brother, thanks for artistic taste in the literary analysis
    Brother Ismail, and indeed wisdom apply not only objectively, but also for your response

    Thank you for M'rourkm Karim

  4. Honesty and freedom go hand in hand ,,,
    If you are free to believe my words and my actions say and do not care
    But if honesty is dangerous for you or loss Vakzb or other sentences in the sense the truth