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Where Islam Barakat of your call, O?

As a human being to be a Muslim before the first note I saw an Algerian in a statement Barakat Movement: And not a single word in the statement shows that they are talking about an Islamic country where Muslims?…. In the name of God is not and does not thank God and not God and not even God willing …. Even the word Islam did not remember they talked about the virtue of the Constitution …

How to me I recognized that the simple citizen trust in these … Who did not incur the trouble of laying their hands us “As they claim ” And if the right word indicates that as much as their brethren, that change will maintain the Islamic heritage and lack of execution "and no one would take it."

And the other hand a lot of phrases that indicate that the following “The fate of them” Is a purely secular state is no place for religion in which … This in us and their claim is false.

I had hoped to see one of them, "or say they are not university movement" demands to stop the production of alcohol, for example, to stop ... nudity that we see day and night ... punish those who spend billions in concerts singing the establishment of religion and the preservation of Islamic values ​​in the society ...

Or not the State of its population are Muslims?

Call this movement rejected for the reasons mentioned above, this my opinion, "and I guess the opinion of many," So I Orvdon speak in my name and on behalf of all the people themselves only Vlamtheloa.

As I refuse to speak in my name, the other team, whether supporters of Bouteflika or other "Benflis" It is not the best off them .

In the last remind you of this hadith:
Ash'ari, said : The Messenger of Allah peace be upon him : ” The pandemonium in the hands of time ” . Told : O Messenger of Allah, and pandemonium? He said : ” Murder, lying, murder, lying ” . Twice, they said : O Messenger of Allah, and Allah to kill in one year more than such and such, he said, : ” Baktlkm not kill the idolaters but be Socialized including the people of Islam, even the man to kill his brother, even if the man for killing his father ” . He said : And the book of God in us? He said : ” And the book of God in you ” . He said : And our minds with us? He said : ” General beats the minds of the people of that time, and his successor down the drain of people thought that they were on something and they are not something ” . Sure of what Odriha only Mdrkia and you, and me and you way out of them, what to us the era of our Prophet, peace be upon him only to get out of them as a day of days we have entered “.

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