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The rapid : Feature temperature and weather conditions on Opinto- with explanation

In the name of God the Merciful I liked to acknowledge this wonderful feature, which tells you the temperature and the weather in your city you are in after line and adjust the height and width must naturally be connected to the Internet feature a small but very useful …Ubuntu and pleasant life

I explain to you how to activate the weather information next time

  • Keep your mouse over the time and then we press the right button and choose from the menu option préférence
  • time5In the window that shows us the first tongue and it appears géneral we ticked on my choice to show the weather and temperature as in the picture


  • Then we turn to the second tongue and put pressure on the emplacement Add button to select the city we serve them


  • In the new window we write our city's name in the first box and not in English and add after the name of the State which we find ourselves, and then we choose in after the drop down menu time difference and by choosing the capital of the country and then in the option last we can add the exact coordinates of the place where we can get on this site coordinates from Google Maps


  • And then we move on to the tongue and the last one we select measurement units that will show us the results which each of the temperature and wind speed


And so we have got a dedicated air flyer simplest effort directly on your desk

I hope I have succeeded in explaining this process is well

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  1. Thawkna this Alaopinto, my brother , If you understand these things because I let one moment ( Ngerni) …

  2. Hello my brother Khaled, and God Aloopento no better than ..mund started work on it two months ago or more, but some minor problems I have not experienced problems compared with Abu Aloindawz …But you did not tell us how to take advantage of this feature I want to do other ..otmany to explain Toavi ..
    My opinion / Algeria

  3. @ Leaders rushed to the inauguration will know the meaning of true comfort with this system and benefit

  4. rayii @ I've added this activation process to explain the wonderful feature, and I hope that Nstvide them

  5. I discovered this program

    Thank you brother Khaled

  6. Something already fantastic feature I've added a lot and ..hkura long as equipped with the latest technology news for us ..
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