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Where Algeria and Spain where?

This is what you do in the absence of market capitalism State. There is no market in which humanitarian spirit. A country that does not protect only the banks and factories and major companies on human calculation; Stqtalha hungry human revolution.

Gonzalez and her children

How the market economy turning a tragedy into a farce? 05/19/2014

Banks create money from nothing and give loans to people for nothingbehind the dwellings. And because of creating money from nothing, prices rise, which leads to a slowdown in the economy and economic stagnation. Factories close and workers are fired. And when people lose their jobs, They cannot pay their debts. The police came to forcibly evict the homes from their owners in favor of the banks.

What is happening now is that people live on the street and the houses are empty …
People need goods and factories are closed …

We are not talking about bad dreams, nor about tales of the island of madmen in the Banana Islands. This is the state of the most capitalist countries in the world … This is our social system and this is our way of life on planet Earth.

Worse than that is that the failure of people leads to the bankruptcy of banks. The democratically elected state sends the police to bankrupt families to throw them in the street, while giving aid to the banks to prevent them from falling. … In front of everyone's eyes in broad daylight …

Between April and June of last year, they were forcibly evicted 29275 A family and confiscation of their homes in Spain, according to a recent official report . it's. between my years 2007 , when the crisis began, and even a year 2010 It has been carried out more than 270،000 اخلاء قسري في البلاد.

الناس أصبحوا بلا مأوى لأنهم لا يستطيعون دفع أقساط الرهن العقاري ، في حين ان الملايين من المنازل فارغة في البلاد. Several thousand families face the same fate due to the severe economic crisis in the country. Where unemployment is high and is now up to 24.6 percent. Spain, like many other European countries, has been in an inevitable crisis since 2008 تشهد أزمة سكن حادة حيث تعيش العديد من الاسر ظروف رهيبة في الكراجات و الحظائر، هذا في حين لا يكاد يكون هناك أي نقص في المنازل الشاغرة في البلاد. وفقا لخبراء الإسكان ، وهناك أكثر من خمسة ملايين الشقق الفارغة.

في أواخر عام 2010 كان هناك أكثر من 687 الف منزل كان قد تم بناءه حديثا تفتقر إلى المشترين ، وفقا ل تقرير حكومي . This is while the number of evictions is only increasing.
Of course, Spain is only a model for what is happening in the world, and the scene in America is even worse, and this is taking place in full swing everywhere in the world.. According to the ink they put on the papers of the United Nations, the right to housing is a basic right that must be guaranteed to every human being. While the employees of this institution warn that the number of slum dwellers will soon exceed two billion.





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