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I am free Please Tqidny

In the name of God the Merciful

لماذا يصر الكثيرون محاولين وضع قوانين للتدوين ؟ لماذا يحاولون تبني هذا التدوين وتصنيف المدونين الى صالح أو غير صالح ؟ دعوا الناس و شأنها.. Look for other things occupy your time out and called the blogs ... let him however he wants to write in any language and willing .. Blogging is not exclusive to a certain class of people



… الكل يمكنه أن يكتب كيفما يعرف.. الكل يكتب في أي موضوع شاء .. بالطبع نحن المسلمون تقيدنا تعاليم ديننا الرائع والتي نتمسك بها وبكل فخر تعاليم ديننا هي وحدها ما يقيد كتاباتنا أما غير ذلك فيمكن رميه جانبا …

إذا كان ما يكتب في المدونات لا يعجب البعض فأنا لست مدونا و ما أكتبه ليس بتدوين وهذه ليست مدونة سموها ما شئتم و لكن لا تملوا علي كيف أكتب أرجوكم ..أنا حر

و لا أحتمل القيود .عالم الانترنت واسع والحمد لله يمكنكم أن تجدوا أماكن أخرى تتقيد بما تزعمون من قوانين أنتم أحرار أيضا لكم أن تختاروا ما يحلوا لكم و أن ترموا ما بقي …

المدونة هي الإنسان متنوعة كتنوع البشر فيها و فيها و هذه سنة الحياة و لكن البعض يرى غير ذلك نصيحتي فقط لمن حسب أن بعض المدونات هي كل ما يوجد في هذا العالم

" قل سيروا في عالم الانترنت لتروا الجمال و التنوع و الإبداع "

و أخيرا أقول لنتميز و نرفع المستوى إن الله لا يغير ما بقوم حتى يغيروا ما بأنفسهم و لو لم أكن جزائريا لتمنيت أن أكون جزائريا

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Algerian blogger. Technical Adviser in Communications , Interested in the technology community and religion, Codifies irregularly in a blog Daily Mail , With expertise in the areas of : Communications , Networks , Servers ,Web design dynamic and customized solutions, Lennox systems and open source software.

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  1. He who loves the blog has the freedom to comment and read, and he who does not like it ignores it better than wasting your time advising him .. You will not be spared from these, they are many and they will not change

  2. Name of God.
    Peace, mercy and blessings of God Almighty
    God, praise you, you shouted at them like this..
    Then from this who claims knowledge to make laws however he wants .. Variation and diversity are a blessing and what the human mind can find in dazzling the world ..
    In the end, freedom is the first requirement for creativity.
    Peace be upon you

  3. Hisham Sadek @ The problem, my dear brother, is not in the commentators, as these can be avoided, but the problem is in bloggers themselves.
    I hope that their thinking will expand slightly

  4. كريمة @ بارك الله فيك كريمة والله أستغرب من أراء بعض المدونين والتي تتعدى الى حريات الآخرين

  5. نعم صديقي

    في كل مرة تجد من يود فرض قوانين واطر للتدوين

    I had records of such and such a person on such an occasion

    Warm it with blogger Haitham Abu Khalil

    Who criticized my writing on art

    I answered a harsh response to it

    Because blogging is not confined to politics

    Not any topic

    Blogging is the search for freedom

    How do some people want to restrict us ???

    Greetings to you

    And your Ramadan is true

  6. Peace, mercy and blessings of God

    Oh Benmimoun, you were the one who wanted a free blogger who loves the letter and does the kind word .. And leave the classification to them to enjoy it. Add me with you freely, write what I want, not what they want.

  7. Youssef Hassas @ As the popular saying says “Every sheep relates to its shepherd”
    They want us to enter into frivolous discussions that will at least keep us away from the real goal for me
    I am not a fan of arguing about matters that I know for certain that it will only gain hatred and grudge

  8. Ahmed Blog @ God bless you my brother Ahmed for encouragement and as I said I left them the classification so let them tweet as they like
    أنا حر

  9. Peace be upon you …

    It is true that I am with you on one side, and I am not with you on the other ,,,
    I am not one of those who want to codify blogging ,,, But with those who want to organize it …
    I once wrote…. Blogging is a free world for blogger titled ... "Let him cross .... Let it be creative .... “

    “People are alone.. Look for other things to use your time and invite those who write ” … Freedom, my brother, on its own terms, should not exceed the limits of religion, culture and identity … When someone wrote calling for freedom of the Jews in Algeria, I wrote against him on the blog and on Twitter…

    Is this considered a restriction by your country and by you … No, no, but to preserve identity and culture ….
    Your introduction … She was trying to prevent those who create restrictions, but what do you think of those who try to refine it to suit our ritual and culture? …. If I write about atheism and Judaization and call for the return of France, will you accept it? No, and no, I will accept if I see that …

    Please my brother, there is a contradiction between your blog and your attitude ,,, Read this

  10. There is no contradiction, my brother, and I have no room for that… The problem is that you are generalizing and this position cannot be generalized, and you are the one who contradicts
    I am talking about the issues and concerns of my nation and you are talking about what language should I speak in. Tell me which language do you speak in your normal life … Do you speak classical Arabic?
    of course no ..
    Brother, you are very wrong and wrong in your article when you cited an example …I don't know. Maybe you couldn't express your idea, but you went to the wrong place
    Put everything in its place and never generalize. This is the biggest mistake the Arabs make. If there are notes that must be changed, you must name them and define them precisely.
    Regardless of what we call codification, all of these are considered writings on them and on them, and there are those who can understand them wrongly
    Thank you for responding to my topic…

  11. Hello everyone..
    I see here brother Khaled (A warm greeting) He wants to say I am free, do not restrict me.. It is my blog and write what I want..
    We all want that freedom.. Whether in the way of blogging, or its language or topics ..
    It is free to stick to certain ideas ..
    Also criticism.. And accepting cash
    And also the opposition..

  12. Peace be upon you

    And God hated us , My brother, I wish they tied us down in blogging and left us alone , The problem is that such people who consider themselves guardians of us are vain, even in life, they interfere in both small and large even in our personal life. …

  13. Brother leaders thought of something I wanted to say
    Do not forget .. And we do not forget that blogging is a reflection of reality..
    Blog to its owner.. A blogging community for the real community..
    Blogging like life finds everything and all ideas..
    It reflects all our ideas, no matter how different..
    is over

  14. Khaled, the beautiful country

    The idea of ​​the blog is based on freedom and personal responsibility

    We do not publish through bodies that have certain accounts, while we create our own pages to say what we want

    Blogs are a measure of freedom of thought, free from restriction and control, because in the end, they are subject only to the whims of the blogger.

    The responsible freedom that every blogger adheres to when he writes is the only limiting factor
    As for those who want intellectual and moral guardianship over others, their place is not blogging

    They can create private newspapers and practice the hobby of the censor and editor that interests them

    Accept my sincere greetings

  15. My brother Amar was really blessed as I said

  16. 3 Years of blogging, the first book

    Good morning Khaled

    Today, three years have passed since I entered the blogging world. Do you not think that the anniversary deserves a special celebration?

    I could not find a better idea to learn about myths I wrote for three years, in a book dedicated to all friends.

    I also ask everyone not to ask me about the fate of the sensitive person. Look in the book and you will find the answer.

  17. Congratulations, my brother Yusuf, very happy news. I will download the book with success, God willing

  18. your speech is beautiful
    As for me, if I liked the topic, I commented on it and I did not like it
    I hope you like others
    But sometimes opinions must be put in place to impose them, as some bloggers do
    Good luck