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Shater novel… Thousand

In the name of God the Merciful

Good books: The book does not leave me after the prepared remarks is available in the situation that is familiar, the book moves in honest emotion or thought Samia, Azhzhani of where I am or pushing me to Ozhzh of those around me , Book wake me up from a deep carotid.. Ameen Rihani

Some believe that reading novels is a waste of time because the events and characters from the hit fantasy, and in spite of this dialectic Rai (Because all the people and events of the novel exist here or there he drew the writer of the people knew them or their Kara) But the fantasy element in the novel Which may be realNot our conversation here, but for novels, which includes more reality than fiction.


Characterized by some accounts, especially the police and the historical ones, rich in the real value of the information, inclusion writer in the feature character smooth, Fajul your in real places and tells you about the history and events that have occurred in times ago, or give you information about the various Calvin, politics, religion and science fields.

That such novels opens whole new worlds in front of you, it is not only the enjoyment of your imagination, but nourish your mind the richness of information: Vtgalk eager to learn more about these cognitive horizons, and sometimes direct you to read more books that deal with similar themes, or make you do more research on topics referred to by the author briefly. So you come out of such experience as if you read many books instead of one book, and they keep Nhmk splendid read polyunsaturated Vtnkp more and more to see.

Therein lies the genius of the book like these, those who make Emczuark different after reading their books so that you retain the novel as a reference and keep you have you might re-read it again while going through your days and forget some of the details, in the end wrote such always be the subject of curiosity because it keeps the passion to pursue the details always list.

Instance: Characterized most of the novels of world literaturei This wealth of knowledge, we remind them novels: Agatha Christie, Sir Conan Doyle, Dan Brown and Paulo Coelho. Although the stories feature length (Sometimes exceed 400 Page) But the genius of the book like these make you follow up until the last page of the novel, rather, not enough to read a novel one for one of them even Aoukek into the trap of reading the rest of his work, because you may then be passed amazing experience and you want to be experienced over and over again.

We conclude our saying here that there are novels feel it usable once there novels feel as if you possessed a treasure Bagtnaúha because it erupted Toukk to your imagination and knowledge more.

Oh God, make us listen to those who say tracking Well

i There are a lot of examples, but Mutalati in world literature - by virtue of myMost of it is in Arabic literature, so we can not generalize on the quality of the global literature and the lack of Arabic literature for this feature, and knows them like novels Vladlna.

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