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“Knights of the Holy” In the month of Ramadan to choose the best reciter

Islamic version of the “Star Academy” In Algeria, the keepers of the Koran heroes


Knights of the Holy

Knights of the Holy

Algeria- Ramadan Belamra

Initiated by the Algerian Television Foundation, in coordination with the Ministry of Religious Affairs, has launched an Islamic version of the famous program “Star Academy” But instead of singing competition, participants will compete six centuries, during the month of Ramadan, in the recitation of the Koran to be in the end choose the best reciter…

The decision to create the opinion Mtaatbaan “Balance” In the media message provided by the Algerian television audience, especially after the arrest of broadcast Star Academy Lebanese Btabath, and replaced by a local program under the name of the “Composed by young people” Lyric, because of the nudity scenes that were its contents.

Best reciter

The competition is a competition “Koran convoy”, Which aims to choose the best reciter in Algeria, which ends crowned the title of the Koran Fares on the eve of Eid al-Fitr, at the time been broadcast Star Academy on Algerian television screen in the month of January 2006 A wave of resentment by a large audience ended with the arrest of broadcast, on the background of scenes of nudity that shows young people in the program is broadcast in one of the peak hours of the Algerian TV viewers.

In the opinion of the Knights of the Koran program product, Solomon Bhalili, speaking for”Net” It (the program) “Aspires to meet the different tastes of viewers through this type of program, especially as it will be followed by other programs Kmsabakh Algeria poet contest the best television broadcaster and football talent contest”.

15 A candidate in the competition

Caravan Knights of the Koran has ended her days before, by choosing 16 Only competitors out of 15 A candidate competed from all states of Algeria, according to a member of the jury, spoke to”Net”, And refused to reveal his identity, the “The competition was very strong among the candidates, as there was a demand by the feminist element, which can help to customize the competition for them next year”.

The speaker noted that “Most of the winners of the first qualifying did not receive scientifically in terms of configuration and reading Quran, confirming the tradition of reading the Koran rooted in Algerian society”, Conceived.

The winners benefited sixteen visit the most important religious monuments that preserved the Qur'an bright and Maghreb, villagers Fez Moroccan collector, and the Mosque of Kairouan in Tunisia, and the Mosque of Al-Azhar in Cairo.

Competition System

And on the competition system, which is the largest in the quality Quran competitions in Algeria, it is similar to a large extent competition “Composed by young people” Local Lebanese Star Academy, where contestants will compete sixteen throughout the month of Ramadan, will be prime after Taraweeh prayers every Friday.

And during which the candidates by reciting verses from the Koran, is to make way for the viewer the public to vote on the best reciter, and at the end of the fasting month is selected Fares Quran contest winner”.

Knights of the Koran and the program hosts in each episode during the month of Ramadan, senior reciters in the Arab and Muslim world, from Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey and Indonesia, while television shows every evening of the holy month records of the candidates for the competition.

On the other hand, former Prime Minister Abdelaziz Belkhadem revealed the supervision of June last convoy on the launch of the Knights of the Koran, the government's intention to launch a channel of the Holy Qur'an, “Mainly based broadcast verses of the Koran, and supports religious media in Algeria”, Which counts a private radio channel Holy Quran, contributed significantly to persuade the militants in the mountains to repent and lay down arms.

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  1. Peace truth is the best Knight Hamedato or Chaouch

  2. In the name of God and prayer and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah
    I'm in my opinion is that the best Uwayr Abdul Jalil of Setif, and that's not just because he was born but my being proficient in reciting the Book of Allah its provisions
    And thank all those who participated in private messages Brother Khalid bin Walid, who was always faithful companion to the site and I wish the brother Seif El-Din refrain from such actions and return to his senses and take things hard
    Aaaeyeeyed happy and long life and health of the entire Arab, such as iron Muslim people
    I want to warn the organizers of the program to avoid falling into such special previous mistakes and that the program is broadcast on direct and spacecrafts Aldzaireeten,,,
    Here's a happy holiday my brother Khalid bin Walid, as well as my brother Saif al-Din Badr, despite what you shorten

  3. I was impressed by the competition of many Bha

  4. Peace assessment was not fair at all, the one who deserves to win is the one who goes out… And I mean the spring of Blida

  5. Peace be upon you and the mercy of God, and God did not like arbitration yesterday
    Openness should be said first of the migrant is excluded( Who came from Paris) God has nothing to do
    I do not know how originally qualified
    Second Alaguati was brilliant yesterday and after Bouyeri was my expectations
    They Atohla from the final
    But unfortunately there seems to be some kind of bias in arbitration and the chance they had Albassan the same dress
    A dress Shiite and this is probably the Aksu for him to do what dress?

  6. I can not find the word to express my admiration for these knights mean God bless

  7. لقد تأسفت كثيرالخروج الفارس الدح مع أنه كان جد رائع

  8. الحقيقة أفضل و أحسن قارئ في فرسان القرآن 2008 هو شاوش

  9. انا اردت ان اشارك و لكنني لم اعرف مقر المشاركة و ارجو منكم مرة ثانية عرض المقر على شاشة التلفزيون

  10. افضل قارئ هو من سطيف ومن شلف وارجوكم كم هو السن الاقصى للمشاركة في فرسان القران

  11. How to participate in this competition

  12. انا معجب بكم وادعو الله ليوفقكم للخير وان يرزقكم اتباعه واريد منكم امر ان تحضرو علماء ودكاترة من الجامع الازهري في مصر للقانة في الجزائر وارجو منكم ان توافقو الي القاء انا من المعجبي بكم

  13. Rani Mnah Fahim site Taash

  14. I want you to Tdaola the condition must be in the Knights of the Koran program today

  15. Long live my children and my daughters live …. Ehna children Algeria Khaoh in every country …

  16. شفتو يا عرب وش ممكن الجزائريين يساووا ؟؟؟؟؟؟؟ و الله ان برنامج فرسان القران لا يعكس الارقام الحقيقية لحفظة القرآن في البلد . تلك فقط ما استطاع التلفزيون ان يصلهم و آلاف آخرين لم يسعفهم الحظ في الظهور ……….

  17. Peace be upon you

    و الله كثير كثير متحمس بأن أشارك في هذه المسابقة

    أرجو المساعده كيف يمكن ذلك ؟؟

    And what is required to file so I could register in the competition ??

  18. Hello Please I want to know how to participate in the competition this topic

  19. أنا أملك صوت جميل أجيد الأحكام ومتحمس أن أشارك في هاده المسابقة في 2009 أدعو الله أنا يوفقني و إياكم.

  20. عبد الخالق

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله بصراحة هده مبادة جميلة من التلفزيون الجزائري لكن لايزال هناك نقائص كثيرة مثال حضور علماء القراءخاصة من بلاد الشام سورية وقراء من مصر لا يكفي قارء واحد كي يقيموا مستوى الجزائرين حتى لجنة التحكيم لنزع بعض التحيزات بكل صراحةوبي يوفقكم

  21. Good luck, God willing

  22. Hkuraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  23. بسم الله الرحمان الرحيم والحمد لله رب العالمين والعاقبة للمتقين ولاعدوان الا على الظالمين وبعد
    In fact, the Knights of the Koran program, which is broadcast across national television is really a beautiful initiative of God according to those who made it and hit your path ,God, it's really rare and few programs and ask God this time of grace on this country,May Allah reward you and God bless you and all Ovqkm O Knights of the Koran Almighty said (At that competitors Let the)
    Peace, mercy and blessings of God

  24. Peace be upon you and God's mercy and blessings I want to thank each member contributed to this competition and May Allah accomplish a thousand good and make it in the balance of good deeds, and I hope that Tencao more religious programs and God bless

  25. Peace


  26. Peace and mercy of God be upon
    Prayer and peace be upon the Seal of the Messengers either after
    This program of the most spectacular achievements of Algeria
    I wanted to participate in it
    But not friendly any information about the time of the bus and the start of the playoffs
    And I ask God to reconcile you and me

  27. نشكر القائمين والساهرين والأئمة والأساتذة المأطرين على إنجاح تلكم السنة الطيبة التي تبرز فحول التلاوة في الجزائر من خلال فرسان القرآن ونتمنى أن يؤلف المثقفون من الكتاب بحوثا عن عمالقة القراء في العالم العربي ليستفيد طلبتنا وأن يُكرم هؤلاء الكتاب تشجيعا لهم..

  28. I renew my heartfelt thanks to the supervisors, who defend, imams and professors also thank the faithful supervised our students keep the word of God glorious, and I wish them luck and Alnjeh and as long as the Knights of the Koran program.

  29. I Albranj shaft God very beautiful and the most beautiful voices
    We would like if the program expands and bring competitors from Egypt and the Levant and the land of Hijaz
    Hikon downright enjoyable and I wish the diversity of the country's rulers Kmalk
    Salami to the people of Algeria

  30. Peace be upon you the best reader for me is the book of Abdel Nasser Hanoun

  31. We have to must be one hand and follow our religion and understand it so well be one of the most powerful country, the Arab and Islamic

  32. So we do not overcome the West or the Jews