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wordpress content management system | Extras are needed

In the name of God the Merciful

The most important thing makes PHP and robust system in vogue – Without talking about the powerful blade – Are many and varied and mostly free addendums Unlike other systems as Joomla and Drupal.


These additions expand the sites possibilities even harder for you to identify them sometimes as based on PHP, seen a lot of these additions in the past few days and I saw that I share what I found of extras I think that that should be in any large site, you first part of the list:

Awesome Filterable Portfolio

In addition makes it easy to create a gallery for your business elegantly and easy

WordPress Catalog

In addition to help you create a list or “CATALOGUE” Products are easy and stylish.

BirchPress Scheduler – Appointment Booking & Online Scheduling

In addition the installation of a system for bookings and this helps service business owners .

Ajaxy Live Search

In addition you create a search feature similar to Facebook Annie and this research shows results directly under the search box.


An important addition purify and improve the site databases automatically without having to do so manually.

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