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The new victim to hacker team mafia Crow site Baraka Bank

In the name of God the Merciful again and always successfully managed a team Algerian hacker mafia crew led by hacker stroxo drop OSI-mail to Al Baraka Bank Algeria at the following address : http://www.albaraka-bank.com/ And with ease and reduce writing these lines, the site is still breaking and carries the following message :


Mr. Director Take 50 DA and left Algeria

To be continued ....

A strong message, but we do not know the meaning of the manager in this message

But certainly there is no Algerian government site is safe from hacker strikes !

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  1. Adhan it is not something heroic that the state and the people hacked institutions
    The victim is the only citizen who will enter the site to inspect their account or discernible About last summer offers for the loan “Alchrida”
    Another site infiltrated by the same group http://www.lequotidien-oran.com/

  2. A very strong message, frankly: “Nstaraf Behm”

  3. The meaning of the message

    The Almaqa director equals 50 Only dinars

  4. But Algerian security response to tighten control over the sites and follow the pirates so that the person who Qrsn Security site was arrested with the help of international .. I think that these attacks we will revert Nhsa These Bflon their actions and we probably we will be the victims and may even tighten controls on freedom of expression on the net and .
    My opinion / Algeria

  5. @ My opinion, maybe you are right my sister my opinion this has reflected on our freedom so the matter a little embarrassing
    You are excused my sister and Dmte faithful

  6. MaesTro-Dz From Dz-BoyS Team

    Peace be upon you
    First, congratulations to my friends in the Mafia Crew team this hack featured as usual and I would like to make it clear to the sister of my opinion it is not arrest any person whom they previously Achtrko several government sites as Poste.dz what can be the most serious breach + Who was arrested is the brother Indoshuka God called Sraho because of a break for the site, police

  7. Sllahitou dz

    Bank of Israel site exposed to piracy for the second time a team from Mafia Crew

  8. Toys … Akpro O generation General .

  9. Hello I congratulate my brother str0xo penetration

    But he said maestro dz

    No Caught one I do not think Sikdon ^^

    As for indushka of dz-ghosts group hacked the security device and this in their favor, especially when we penetrate the site manager to help overcome gaps and tinkering Amouka + ,We do not Anhzv grams only Alandquis are Ngraerha to Aspbab everyone knows and peace :p

  10. Fingering - Mafia Boys

    Peace Alikmo congratulate Brother str0xo on the beautiful Breakthrough
    And say that breakthroughs will never stop as long as we revive and thanks to my dearest friends crut $ y
    As my brother said kilwa we change the Index and in Hedda help for website owners to tinkering Tgrathm

  11. Congratulations to the Algerian brothers for this wonderful penetration and the establishment of God for breakthroughs

  12. Penetrate Algerian sites to show themselves
    That you want penetration Kahtrav and not a hobby Contact the Manager and patches gaps that best
    + It's not a loophole Adhan just move on the server, but not
    God will forgive you and us