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For all stand against the decision to extract shale gas from Algeria


In the name of God the Merciful The danger that began to threaten Algeria

Algerian private channels have not shown any interest in this matter

Dangerous : In order to awaken public awareness ( I wish to disseminate such information among Algerians )
France will soon begin drilling for shale gas operations in the Algerian desert after formal approval from the Algerian government …

Notes :

1- Algeria does not need to exploit or sell this type of energy
2- الى حد الآن لا توجد طريقة آمنة تضمن استخراج هذه الطاقة دون تجنب آثارها الجانبية الخطيرة جدا على البيئة و الانسان
3- France has extensive reserves of this energy in its lands, but it has not yet taken the initiative to extract it because of its danger to the environment. (Thus, they took the Algerian desert as a field of experiments until they reached a safe way )
4- It is known that the Algerian desert is rich in groundwater, and the extraction of this type of gas poisons this water and damages it. For a country that possesses natural gas and oil like Algeria, groundwater is much more valuable than this shale gas, especially in the desert.
5- الحكومة الفرنسية تتعامل مع الموضوع بحذر و سرية كبيرة ، بالتأكيد ليس خوفا من انتشار الخبر بين الجزائريين الذين تعتبرهم فئران تجارب و بشر من الدرجة الخامسة أو السابعة و هؤلاء البشر لن يهتموا بالتأكبد بالموضوع و ان اهتمو به فلا يهم موقفهم و انما السرية هي خوفا من المتاعب التي قد يسببها له حزب الخضر الفرنسي المهتم بالبئة داخل فرنسا بين الفرنسيين

مخاطر استخراج الغاز الصخري

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