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Steel Hearts

I wrote to you a dignified name of God the Merciful

Change heart As human Change Man himself, so we may be like the heart Metal , When born man is his heart the White Innocent at a young age Great , He loves genuinely And laughs Shades And do not disturb the temperament anything, it's permission from Go Do not erode and stainless and flawless .. And while progressing Age It turns a little heart to mine else…


Whatever Differed These types of minerals that Becomes The human heart, they all Share In being eroded and widen and narrow and prevail and covered by dust and Rust...

While not rust hearts Jinx To us Great Lord Created Devotees To worship and pray to him, and forgiveness and Him We feel While in all fsdtito And a second of our lives..

Corrode hearts when they are A son , And days pass a lot Forget to paint a smile On the face of your parents Kissed their hands or throw Salute Them or even ask about their condition and Their feelings

Corrode hearts when they are Pairs or wife And forget to Express Your feelings to a partner Your Life, Forget to express your thanks and Amtnank What does each lajlk

While hearts rust forget to Related Friends Only To ask for Their conditions Or while forget to Knock Door neighbor to share it lqmh Or tour …

Corrode hearts while each graduated Day To work, or pass by humans Intervention Shops without receiving Salute Them or Thank themOr hold back while Smile On others because they do not Auaqonk Opinion or doctrine…

Corrode hearts while Ignore Our emotions and forget that Display Love and concern for others is Ink Humanity, then lose the sense of Pulse Our hearts, not able to go back Obituary What Echtljha feelings…

And wear off the rust while Live All humanity Meanings, We perform our duties towards Our Creator And the direction of those around us,

And we nourish our communion and honesty and love…

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  1. God bless you my sister dignified
    We really reciprocated around us and reconsider our relationship with those who surrounds us and renewing our hearts to live again

  2. Peace be upon you

    Ratified my brother Khaled, I wish we only live our humanity in all senses .

  3. Peace, mercy and blessings of God
    Really wonderful topic worthy diving and consideration,We hope that our hearts always be healthy and be Madenna honesty and ethics.
    God bless you my dear sister

  4. Peace be upon you
    Thank you my sister Yasmin
    Good taste that rise to serious topics in life ..

  5. Dear dignified..
    We have said in parables ” Dimension Jaffa”
    Really staleness dimension.. Dimension most often leads to rust hearts..
    With its continuation may lead to death..
    The most difficult moments to kill Bbadk man was related to a large extent in you..
    As well.. Saab is a separation and harsh when leads to estrangement..
    Two weeks ago I called my grandmother, who abandoned her brother in the 48
    How was the modern Java.. You talk to your brother like you weird about the details of general
    Do not know about his life!
    God loved collecting all the best!!
    Long as you save God

  6. Peace be upon you

    Yes indeed, those things Shrug her body, Vogarbna are not passers-by in our lives, but they are part of our being and our identity and can not ignore their presence, no matter how they ..
    Thank you for your Holy

  7. Holy Prophet Muhammad said peace be upon him:(Smile in the face of your brother is charity).

  8. .. And also he said : Treatment of religion, and these are things that we should focus in our lives ..
    Thank you brother Ismail on the follow-up