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Strip sold traitors sold and turned their backs to celebrate Christmas

So, what is left for us to understand that our rulers are all alike traitors, traitors, traitors, and they have sold the sanctity of Gaza, they sold it cheaply, they sold it because the one who rules it is not a secular Masonic like them. The Arab is an Arab siege before it was a Zionism. I call upon the rulers who were too weak to withdraw


And leave the place for those who have the will and ability to resist …If the rulers had an atom of mercy in their hearts, their hearts would have moved after seeing the pictures of defenseless and vulnerable children being slaughtered randomly for no reason. I am certain that all our rulers are criminals. …We ask God to give patience to the Palestinians for their suffering, and we ask God to save us from our treacherous rulers, rulers of shame and cheapness, and to replace them with others that God will make them a reason to lift our humiliation, Amen.….Our dead are in heaven and their dead are in hell










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  1. With rudeness, Egyptian officials come and lie by saying that Hamas is preventing the wounded from crossing into Egypt …..ignobility

  2. They sold it for a cheap price that guarantees them a certificate of good conduct and behavior from America.
    God is enough, and yes, the agent.

  3. They sold themselves at a low price to America and Israel before selling Gaza, and what is left of this?
    Collaboration with the Zionists is a foregone conclusion
    And their cheese is painted on their cheese

    God ask forgiveness of God

  4. We see thousands of children being slaughtered, mothers being widowed and children being orphaned, but we do not know where they are. For the Arabs, everyone is terrified for their place. Rather, I feel ashamed when I hear that Israel is supported by Egypt and other Arab countries. Shame on us, but what we do we have nothing but prayers for them and God is enough, and yes, the agent

  5. Allah is my suffice, and the best deputy
    God waits but does not neglect
    There is no god but Allah alone with no partner
    ” And human beings who are patient . Religion, when a misfortune befalls them, they say: To God and to Him we shall return. Those upon them have blessings and mercy from their Lord. “

  6. لا يمكن أبداً ان يكون لدى الحكام العرب مشاعر إنسانية أمام هذه المناظر ، لا ادري على ماذا يخافون ، إذا كانوا يخافون على كراسيهم فهي لم تعد ذات معنى فهم فقدوا احترامهم من قبل شعوبهم العربية وبما ان الشعوب تطالب بفتح الجبهات للقتال غلى جانب غزة فهي تتحمل مسؤولية مايحدث لها من قيام الغرب وامريكا بالتدخل وضرب الشعوب بالسلاح النووي ثم إن الشعوب مستعدة للتضحية بثلاثة ارباع عددها على ان يعيش الربع الباقي بكرامة ، فيا ايها الحكام نحن نطلب منكم فتح الجبهات والقتال فلا لوم عليكم إن خسرنا الحرب او حتى تمت إبادتنا بالكامل نرجوكم نتوسل إلى الله وإليكم أغيثوا غزة ، ايها الحكام ماذا بقي لكم من القرار حتى قمة لم تستطيعوا عقدها فأين سيادتكم على قراركم إن لم يكن قراركم معلق بيد أمريكا حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل على حسني مبارك وكل عميل ووالي لصالح أمريكا وإنا لله وغنا إليه راجعون

  7. Bloggers should do more to lift the blockade of Gaza

    We should only write these days about Gaza

  8. In the name of God the Merciful
    (The gathering will be defeated and they will end up)
    To all the dogs that bragged on the side of the Jews and the infidels, which became valiant tigers in the face of the valiant resistance. .
    Listen, dogs, your Jews and infidels will not benefit you from God at all
    And God will humiliate you, and your turn will come .
    Know that the resistance is a resistance, by the grace of God, with it and the Arab and Islamic peoples with it, and it will be victorious
    But when you fall, you will not find even your dogs that bark at your side, for they will also be with the Jews against you, and their turn will come as well..
    What will you say to the Lord of the worlds when he asks you what you did with these martyrs, children, women and old people? .
    Your abode is Hell, and its fate is miserable, and he who laughs last laughs hard.
    And, God willing, it will be the turn of your children and your women .
    This talk is directed to traitorous leaders only, not to the people .
    Sorry, I said leaders, but you are not leaders, but the tails of Israel and America and its dogs