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Reached climax …Heck Per droopy victory for Palestine

Set fire under the feet of these Jews, O governments Ohaloha to Thompshawwa stigma that smile on Mahaakm all these years I ask any Islamic state to refund the punitive raids of the aircraft explosion of Israel's very good time America can not move Europe and powerless by the crisis

Economic plaguing them will not lose the thing as much as we Tkspon and God is with you in this to the last breath and you will see how smite them be impressive results … Odbohem stood pause one man smite them and people stand ready to mobilize and assume all the responsibilities of the Zionists do not want peace Zionists respond kicks dirty they want the behind Sfa want to torture uprooted, and we have a distraction… This is not a capricious …This we are experiencing has reached flood is enough, we can not promise never patience is not the meaning of life and our brothers butchered and do not want to kill so prosperous frees the Palestinians do not want the dignity of life we ​​want to live …Humiliation is not Cimena if God has only one country disciplinary movement to change the course of history forever in favor of Palestine

The primary objective and has a top priority is the liberation of Palestine do not want something else. Otherwise you will see the dire consequences of these Islamic peoples, God waits but does not neglect nor Talbwa on the nerves of Muslims nor Tnawroa we are steadfast, because God is with us and will help us God willing

Heck for all droopy droning Heck Heck not slept the eyes of cowards and traitors either you win Ootqlb your life a living hell Vkdbulg stream is enough Oh God, I reached…

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  1. Peace be upon you
    These defeatists who spoiled the case and then Horoa Arab national to a regional dimension is limited
    It was and Palestine still Circuit conflict raging between the regional and international powers, and this is what made it always burning
    Jews have proved their failure in all the conflicts that they have fought and always sheltering behind the back of the West
    First, I would like to acknowledge that it is unwise for the Palestinian people to be hit, particularly now
    But rather chooses the sudden time of his enemy and the people of Palestine Adre Bjunbadtha
    On the one hand either to stick to the fundamentals of the Palestinian cause is the inevitability of Palestine is the land of Velstiinyin and show us the need
    My brother Khaled These crimes must not pass so
    Almighty willing to show us the wonders of the will and sacrifice to teach Palestinians Liberal arts nations sacrifice and struggle
    Enough talk and embark on the work of

  2. barak alah fik akhi alkrim
    ini oia alah ohissou bi eljamra alty fi kalbik
    oi onashid kol hokam al moslimine an ioharikou aktafahom alsakinat

  3. May Allah help
    We all suffer from paralysis and Hedda terrible killer
    See and can not do anything
    Only the weakest of faith for us and for those who see God, and God Fletokl believers
    What we only pray for patience and prayer to God Atalakaf us either of these rulers do not wait for them nothing has accustomed us to disappoint our hopes
    Allah is my suffice, and the best deputy