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Paper fortunes of what Ogbana !

In the name of God the Merciful

This topic worries me a lot for a long time ... paper money which Ndolha a day between us and which many seek to treasure and collected and preserved what her secret? And how he appeared? And what the actual value? Though dollar The value really why lose once to overcome the limits of their habitat? Why increases and decreases its value as desired by the USA & EU? It is not just a colorful printed papers and do not exceed the value of the paper used for the manufacture of value?


Some not believed to be a global court trick to control the destiny of peoples and understatement property and wealth to get them cheaply !

Are not these banknotes and coins, rising largest Ruba descent and get it at all?

Where gold, silver and copper from all this? Who controls the wealth of this really? Why we are not dealing with gold and silver and thus avoid all the problems associated with global markets

I think the trick actually in it? 

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