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Series fishing heaven 1

  20r7d531In the name of God the Merciful This is a new series hunting process called Heaven where I will present the most important thing is in the hands of files, videos or pictures ,I get these files through a wonderful program for random download skygrabberddsrt5df48 The one who downloads it via a satellite card and a concave antenna .. I know that many are ignorant of this program, but you do not have to, in the coming days, God willing, I will explain the program. The important thing now is for you to have fun with this series


  • Video of a roof falling on a car at a petrol station

This video has been rejected on YouTube, I don't know why you can download it Henceddsrt5df48

  • Video of a large electrical cable falling off an escalator

  • Glory be to God, what is greater


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  1. Name of God.
    Peace, mercy and blessings of God Almighty

    Thanks for everything that you provide again in all areas, and I salute you for the changes that occur to your blog from time to time, this gives the impression that you are persistent and seek to spread the benefit and pleasure …
    May God grant you success, maintain your activity and vitality, and may God bless the youth like you
    Peace be upon you

  2. Karima @ Thank you very much, generous and loyal