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MBC Group channels channels nationality privilege calls for freedom and fighting Islam publicly

This study by the brother Abdul Karim Al Abdel Moneim shows the extent of the damage caused by Mbc channels pursuing a policy of sex, nudity and advocacy for freedom and away from the dogmas and constants and mocking honor group ..

Analytical Study of the channels of foreign mbc

He wrote the study / Abdul Karim Al-Abdel Moneim (Researcher and academic)
Considered channels of the MBC Group of the strongest channels in the Arab and Islamic space and the oldest age, so we see the growing number of its audience and its superiority over other channels in the media and professional experience, and with this literal and technical advances have raised wide fuss about its objectives and method of pluralism and spread, and many of these views are impression when watching the passing was not built on a realistic scientific study, and in this study, I wanted to know the truth of these channels a scientific and objective manner.
On Saturday 29 Jumada II 1428 AH, corresponding to 13 July 2007 began to record channels under study to analyze their content and study their content, ask God, sincerity and reconciliation and help in this study.

The emergence of Middle East Television mbc

It began Middle East Television Center MBC broadcast sent from London 18 September 1991 as the first independent Arab channel owned by the private sector among Arab television channels broadcasting via satellite, and was the capital of Middle East Broadcasting Center when it was created nearly 300 Million, the annual budget of nearly 60 Million dollars.

The group “votes” International which owns -oadha- News agency United Press, Radio ” Epktrom” From London which broadcasts in Arabic, Radio ” mbc FM” Directed the Arabian Peninsula, Inc. Ara Cable TV; the parent company of the Center .

Where this group began as a Saudi media specializing in television production, then took over the planning and preliminary study of the channel, which lasted technical testing experimental about three years, it has been a group “votes” It is entered into an agreement in London with the American company “United International Holndj” We specialized in the distribution of cable in the world to implement cable services in the Middle East and to secure the arrival of television signals to every home in the vast region in Saudi Arabia.
The previous table shows the ownership of the Middle East Center for corporate bodies and special distribution

Middle East Television Group mbc
Managed to Middle East Television MBC Group to attract a large number of viewers of the Muslim world and the Arab region of the primacy and expertise and contract with senior Arab and foreign companies producing, in addition to its commitment to the thrill and excitement without regard to the Muslim Muslim community, hear and be guided attracted a lot of young girls and to satisfy the latent desire in them.
Mbc group includes six television channels today are: mbc1, and mbc2, and mbc3, and mbc4, and MBC Action, and two radio stations are: mbc FM (Gulf music) , And Panorama FM (Modern Arabic songs) ; In addition to O3 Productions (Production unit specialized programs and documentaries) , and a company “Middle East News” MEN (Collection agency News) .
Also it emanates from several websites leading the group on the web include: , And , And .
Has broadcast channel mbc1 with the launch of Bidiyah this station began on 18 September 1991 AD after the liberation of Kuwait war and the victory of the joint forces led by America, which is the only channel of MBC channels of Arab origin, they broadcast films and serials and programs for artists and representatives of Arab.
In 1994, the radio station MBC FM made a world of Gulf and Arab music launched. In 2002, the headquarters of the Middle East Television Center moved to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, particularly in Dubai Media City. And it worked to expand its activities and the launch of new plants specializing in certain things .
in a year 2003 It was launched 2mbc, which still specializes in cinema and foreign films, especially American ones. It is now one of the most popular free stations specialized in that.
In the same year, specifically in 3 March 2003, launched the Arab satellite channel, a news station, broadcast around the clock, in addition to news bulletins presented analytical programs and meetings with senior political figures and non-political, as well as documentaries. He has appeared after its rival Al-Jazeera.
And soon it launched in 2004 New station specializing in software and cartoon series for children. It is mbc3, after the group realized that 40% Of viewers aged less than 15 Years . The station came to target the new generation of young viewers, through cartoon series broadcast new programs for children .
Among the most famous series in which he was: Yogi ( Yu-Gi-Oh )And Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Looney Tunes ( Looney Tunes), Vbatman ( Batman)And Astro Boy ( Astro Boy ).
in a year 2005 It launched a new channel dedicated mbc4 programs and foreign soap operas in general and especially the US. They are generally in English, but often translated into Arabic. Channel months offering entertainment programs such as Shaw Opera (Oprah)And Dr. Phil ( Dr. Phil ). And other soap operas such as Pepper Dennis ( Pepper Dennis ) Vmydym ( Medium ) And emergency ER room and many of the famous comedy series Calcsalh freinds .
In addition to news programs transmitted in the exclusive ABC and CBS such as Good Morning America (Good Morning America ), And 60 Accurate (60 Minutes ). Competitions like the famous Gioparda ( Jeopardy )And Wheel of Fortune (Wheel of Fortune ). In addition to “News magazines artists” Such as The Insider (The Insider) , And Inside Edition ( Inside Edition ). As well as the distribution of music and cinema awards concerts.
In the same year 2005 The station launched another radio channel, a panorama of FM, which target young people throughout the Arab world. Channel broadcasts talk shows, plus the latest Arabic songs.
Launched in 5 March 2007 A new channel, a channel Action mbc, where this channel specializes in films and serials thrill of foreign adventure ( ) .
The study questions
This study answers the two are two questions :
1. Do these channels intellectual and political direction specified?
2. Are the programs of these channels to condemn and fight against manifestations?
Channels under study
This study was conducted on three channels of this group is : mbc2, mbc4, mbc Action, and choose these channels to convergence in the means and the way they are all translated from foreign programs and movies channels, the channels MBC1, MBC3 The former rely on the programs of Arab films, specialized children's programs, and second, they had the field of search.
It was recorded eight consecutive hours per channel randomly, you choose eight hours to conclude what is going on in a third day in a scientific manner systematic, and many third.
The study in numbers
I will put the results of the study in three tables, each containing the study results for 8 Hours, then I set the approximate result for each item per day, week, month and year. And a request to leave a shortcut to comment on the content of these numerical results for the reader Karim .

I would like to clarify important things through these results and through monitored by programs and movies channels under study :

Through meditation numbers of each item we see the seriousness of this type of channels, and we can answer my question study the following:
1. Do these channels intellectual and political direction specified?
It is clear that these channels replace the US-made study of origin, which want to polish the American communities, and spread American values ​​in Muslim societies, in one year “The word America or one of its cities” It will be repeated in mbc2 (14040) Once, and in mbc4 (39960) Once, and in mbc action (20520) Time, and see the rest of the items relating to America find it reflects a dangerous reality of these channels.
2. Are the programs of these channels to condemn and fight against manifestations?
Previous figures show that these channels calls for freedom and evading values ​​and religious beliefs, based on the highlight of a society dominated by the moral decay, in one year may see ” Wine” In multiple images (44280) Once in mbc2, and”Discos Night” You'll see (31320) Once in the same channel, and hopes the rest of the relevant items find it is a war on religion and manifestations of religiosity in Muslim society.
After this whole answer questions of the study, I will talk about three axes :
Firstly: Corrupt beliefs
mbc channels have studied the number of deviations of belief, notably :
Reverence for the cross, and the use of him in the darkest of circumstances, it is the soldier who asked to progress on the battlefield and in the point of which killed many of his friends accept the cross and then escapes from certain death, the Christian manifestations clear in these channels by showing their churches and see them off to their dead and cemeteries that spread the Cross, in the film City hall shows the mayor kissing the small coffin, who was killed during an exchange of fire between the soldier and one of the criminals, then do the Christian prayer signal (The name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit).

The call for christ call hidden broadcast these channels and is more dangerous than the missionary satellite channels that guide her directly, and ideas you saw in this call for divination and magic channels. In a declaration of participation in the film Harry Potter This movie contains an explicit call for magic and sorcery, and learn and look ad text:

“Winners are lucky journeying (Jordan) Staying in a luxury hotel, will visit photography site and meet the heroes of the film.. To subscribe send the word (threader) ” And then announce to many countries, including Saudi Arabia figures, and ideas broadcast by these channels to maximize the idols and worship them and then getting down and believe it is the disposal of the universe as in the film The Ttiumph of love .

But we find that the call to deny the Almighty Creator is visible in some films Kvlm Quanfum Leap came in the introduction to the film as saying : ” The unknown force is going to change history for the better”.

Second : Americanization community

1. All the films that have been monitored is an American film and imagine if American society, and are trying through the dissemination of these films published American values ​​and ethics, and the venerated American policeman and his superior ability and fantasy on the achievement and overcome the crises and success causes a state of psychological defeat in the hearts of Muslims, and here I wonder do you become channels of mbc media tool driven the Pentagon?!

2. We note in the results repeat the American flag, and(a word) America or one of its cities, and the word CIA and detectives and federal police, say here (a word) Without pictures soldiers and American security, and this is clear evidence to maximize American security institutions and amplify their role, I do not know for the benefit of this is exaltation?!

3. What if an Islamic channel opened a dedicated broadcast in the old films of Islamic battles Is it just said films reflect the reality of America or put it on the list of terrorism and one of the axis of evil channels?!

What you do channels of mbc publication of murder, terror and disregard the spirit of human worth of every official and guardian to stand with them pause honest, if you want to granularity killing your children and make them Astassigouna and Astselonh what you'll only be exposed to channels mbc for one week you will notice the aggressive spirit that gained of these films .

Is it a terrorist American society as envisioned channels of mbc or Almjmta Muslim?! Not to mention the horror that haunt our children watch the frightening and terrifying movies, where children's rights institutions this means destructive?!

Third: Dissemination of obscene and desires

We saw those frightening numbers that have reached this study, I do not want to return here an application shortcut, but I want to emphasize that the goal of provoking the underlying desires and dissemination of obscene and explicit call for adultery clearly in these channels and I'll show some examples here:

– In the film Jake in progress urged outright adultery and forbidden to establish relations, even pregnant women in order to intercourse with her (Outdoor) It has to socialize with someone other than her husband, she said that the picture that brings the pregnant woman with the young man who invited him, has lived taboo relationship is disgusting and calls for obscenity and immorality.

– In the film Popular youth and girls competing for friendship forbidden relationship.

– In the movie Star Raving mad explicit call for obscene -oadha-, the girl says in her glamorous so strong man structure :” If you are allowed to commit sin is immoral and uncivilized, and the next day will not mention one so what do you do?! “, How are the young girls who are watching these exciting positions for them?!

– In the film we see Clook stoppers young man and he wants to identify the beautiful foreign girl and could not nail them, was their initial meeting, after which consisted of friendship between them so she accompanied him in his difficult and airports time.

– The basic idea of ​​the film The Ttiumph of love based on that love change everything, Vnchahd beautiful princess who took looking for her boyfriend even impersonated a handsome young man Vogrt priestess of love, and then went to the priest, learn the true character so seduced by love, until I got to her boyfriend who looking for, and then the girl said: ” Love can confuse the mind of any rational mind was so popular” .

In a close look at commercials we find shopping advertising material by raising the desires of the public, otherwise what would drink “Albseibesa” So exciting young girls dancing, and the link between the Declaration and the air between a fashion model, but we have seen in the Declaration (seven Up) Semi-nude woman lying on water and stagnant waterfall next to another bed comes personal “seven Up” And lie beside her and is looking at him with admiration and a tendency to look like a young man of great beauty.

We are facing an intellectual campaign softcore destructive need us to awareness and hard work to stand in front of this sweeping torrent of corruption on earth .


I hope that this study has given a true picture of the reality of mbc channels away from the suspicions and expectations, and ask the Almighty to bless their impact and make it purely for the destination of the Holy .


The question here is not to continue to believe that the owners of these channels, and those who want the good of the people of the Two Holy ???
When we wake up and realize what is being plotted for us ???????????????????? ?
Suffice God and yes, the agent

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