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Images of torture at Abu Ghraib, which Obama refused to publish

In the name of God the Merciful showed me my dear brother “Walker true ” By Twitter on site telefgraph News and presented for the first time images of torture at Abu Ghraib prison, which US President Obama refused to publish the ugliness of American soldiers and inflict torture to innocent Iraqi prisoners who have suffered two … Pictures show where prisoners SINS a very ugly so I would advise people with weak hearts avoid vision

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  1. God is enough and yes, the agent …

    Torture everywhere …

    Injustice despot ..

    Certainly it until …
    Patience and setting if ..

  2. God is enough and yes, the agent

    Torment from God on account

  3. Will not only harm Adharokm

  4. There is no power but from God

  5. One of the people

    Phew p Arabs

  6. Waits but does not neglect

  7. Mohamed Al-Masry

    You must fight and kill them wherever Americans did found

  8. Mohamed Al-Masry

    Allah suffices us from the Americans and the rulers of Islam

  9. الموت لولاد الكلب من الامريكان واهل صهيون المصرين قادمون ياولاد الكلب ويعرفو ياخذو حق الناس العزل الموت لكل امريكى لعين ابن كلب جبان انا اعلم ان اسرائيل بنت كلب يوم ما سنعود يااولاد الكلاب انا مصرى وكل واحد امريكى انا اشوفه انا على استعداد ان اقتله فورا واعذابه عذاب اقوى من الذى فى سجن ابو غريب اما اهل صهيون الكلاب احسن منهم مليون مره يوما ما سنعود وهما عارفين ايه هما المصرين الموت لكم يااولاد الكلب حتى لو انتهت الحياه انتم جبناء وكلاب وهل احد ينسى ما فعلتموه فى هوروشيما ونكزاكى فى اليابان وحرب فيتنام الموت لكو الموت لكم فى كل وقت وزمان ايها الملاعين

  10. God is enough and yes, the agent

    Aaoelhm of God

    There is no power but from God

  11. He gives Aehml and suffering and converting it Aballah Suffice God and yes, the agent of God angers you Akavar Aafjrh Aamlain Where are you, O Islamic nation from the spectrum of torture which Aaleg human O Lord, you Aaarb them and kill them

  12. God Eachdkm Aacfrh Aamlain O Islamic nation of Angzu in US prisons and the great God who created the heavens and the earth Hmae torture Alaeliq human ….And Icolo Lena human rights where this humanitarian Ayasheinh Aagesalh nation

  13. My heart with the suffering God released Krepetthm
    But I am an Iraqi and there was torture at the time of the criminal Saddam in the same place and in many parts of Iraq, including beheadings and appeared in court before the public, including deicing Baltezab and hashing humans and is alive and thrown in the Tigris and Almhie on Alujaj barefooted and sit on a bottle of glass naked etc. types of torment
    My question .. Where were you, O Arabs of these violations Why Sktm then even Daftm Saddam and wept when he was executed?!
    Are these human beings and those stone !!
    Is your zeal working once extinguished once
    If you want the face of God and justice, remember what Saddam did also

  14. God keeps the Mujahideen in order Amhok O America and Israel and Nehna will stay with the Iraqi people and we urge them patience

  15. ina lilah waina ilahi raji3on.7asbi allah wni3ma lwakil.mabidina 7ila .l7okam l3arab alah inazil 3alihom la3na.

  16. Witnessed the Egyptian

    To comment on this Aijud because he Aeogod talk until I am saying in a commentary on what I saw, which downright much less than the fact that they are martyrs of the God of suffering that one can not express it

  17. God's curse on them, O Lord, Secretary-General of God the most important victory to Muslims p enemies of religion and freed them from the hands Alangas and make Islam a religion above all religions and Nsil God pardon all Muslims and to be a mighty severe punishment p who harm Muslims and followers of religion and the Palestinian Proud

  18. As long as we in this koro Jzana but the day will come and win God but after cleansing our nation from Khountha

  19. where are you

  20. God take revenge on you and Abat Zlazelh and Brkinh on America and all the malevolent criminal Western countries

  21. God and yes, the agent for them God avenge them

  22. I say God and yes, the agent in the Arab rulers of all Americans Mesh !!!!!!

  23. And I say also God destroy your house, O Hosni Mubarak Iaally worked for Israel after the price of what God humiliated Sadat in the hands of 73

  24. Allah suffices us and we agent Ali Aldhalm and the Arab states to Pthtm Bshi ululation to mind loyalty Shi conduct in other

  25. Claim to humanity and commit the most heinous crimes against Arabs God and yes, the agent

  26. I swear by God a section that I may God days of one of their soldiers to Aqtanh asunder and eat of his flesh and drink of his blood will not have mercy on them one and the sanction of sex work and resort to God and yes, the agent in the rulers of all of our nation and cut off God, their bodies and their children and expose them to the heads aloud as Frtoa in support of the religion of God and the support of these heroes of prisoners who did not commit a sin, but they defended their homelands handed over by these treacherous rulers of these pigs, and God willing, on the unjust spin circles and this is what is happening to them these days already shamed God shamed God shamed God said :

  27. People voted with excellent Ashan showing injustice

  28. Oh God, do not let on the ground like Hola

  29. How these landscapes looked down upon you, Lord, they are not Jews Aadzonk Lord Itzhfm and destroyed them
    …….Abdullah Atil

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