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Find a program to record on Ubuntu?

In the name of God the Merciful This is a subject I write to try to codify a new program from the desktop to Ubuntu software system named Bilbo Blogger Beautiful program, but lacks a lot of private I use a program Features live writer Wonderful ,I could not run the writer using wine program and I can not return to use the text editor from on board my blog control because the Internet I have mood too, then I will this program only to bless God, we have a good program I read that there are serious attempts to develop a program for blogging from the desktop running on Linux to compete writer so I am very optimistic Perhaps the coming days come novelty wish I could not go on waiting for me ….

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  1. Well, we are waiting with you may be soon as we move to Ubuntu is important for us to achieve Maahakgah Aloindawz ……….Waiting in the long creative ..
    My mind / Algeria

  2. Name of God.
    Peace, mercy and blessings of God Almighty

    We wish you good luck with blogging programs, especially that we do not want your blog to lose its charm and luster ..
    After all creative is that my father can make a lemon drink sweet .. And you as a creative Ahdnak good…

  3. اظن ستبحث طويلا ولن تجد برنامج بنصف امكانيات live writer فهو مدعوم بشكل قوي خاصة انه واجهة مايكروسفت للتدوين

    مبروك ابونتو 🙂